6 Chalets for a "peaceful" weekend


What does "Biniște" mean?

The new word "goodness" can be defined as a positive state of mind, free of turmoil, of turmoil.

The word can also refer to the quality of a moment or a space to inspire a peacefulness that brings good. Created from good + tranquillity.

There is a Romanian saying that says that eternity was born in the village and that any thought there is slower. Nothing more true.

How would you feel about taking some time for yourself? Time to enjoy every single moment. Time all to yourself, to drink a hot cup of tea and enjoy everything around you.

And because we know how precious your time is, we've got six places for you that feel like something out of a fairytale. With views like these, we guarantee you'll never want to leave.

On Top Chalet

It's the ideal location to feel "on top". The cottage is located in Simon, Bran commune in Brasov county. Situated on a hill, the cottage is the ideal place for those who want to enjoy relaxation and the tranquility of nature. On top Chalet offers you an unforgettable experience, from a morning coffee enjoyed with a fairy-tale view to a movie night with your best friends around the fireplace.

Wooden nest

The retreat hotel is a bridge between local values, where time flies by less hurriedly and you can enjoy the much-desired tranquillity. With a thoughtful design that combines the traditional with the minimalist, this location breaks out of the mould. With everything from a sauna to a jacuzzi, the Wooden Nest promises a truly relaxing weekend.

Wherever of the two locations you choose to spend a few days' rest, there are plenty of other places in the immediate vicinity. tourist spots that you can visit.

Tourist spots

Bran Castle, Moeciu Bat Cave, Gradistei Gorge, Moeciului Gorge, Dambovicioarei Cave, Rasnov Fortress, Dino Park Rasnov, Zarnesti Uris Reserve, Bran ski slopes.

Montebello Cabin Villa

A fairy-tale setting in Porumbacu de Sus, Sibiu, which immediately gives you the feeling of "home". The location is so inviting, it will stay with you for a long time. If you are a hiking enthusiast, the route to the hut and the Negoiu peak starts from this small village, a place full of magic thanks to its landscapes.

Tourist spots

History of the Calendar and Castle of Lut, Cistercian Monastery of Cârța, Brukental Palace, Sibiu

Raven's Nest - The Hidden Village

The Raven's Nest - The Hidden Village project in Sălciua de Sus, the houses are true Transylvanian jewels. The atmosphere and landscape of this place takes you back in time. Set in the heart of the forest, this location is straight out of a fairytale. In addition to unconventional accommodation, at Raven's Nest, you'll find a restaurant with organic cuisine inspired by archaic recipes and a bar offering handcrafted drinks. Everything is designed to give you an authentic experience.

Tourist spots

Piatra Secuiului, Salina Turda, Trascau Fortress, Papara Cave, Vanatarile Ponorului Waterfall, Sipote Waterfall

Hut seven

If you love the mountains, wild nature and Scandinavian style, Chalet Seven is the place for you. This cabin is located in Breaza and has a panoramic view to the outside through the glass facade, so you can enjoy the peace and warmth of the fireplace in the living room. For the perfect setting, a hot tea or mulled wine should not be missed.

Tourist spots

Brancoveanu Gate, Breaza Gate, Princess's Beech, Basarab-Brâncoveanu Mansion

Montesse Chalet

Montesse Chalet, an oasis of peace and relaxation. Located in the middle of nature at an altitude of 1100 m, it is the ideal place to recharge your batteries. If you want to be undisturbed by anyone and your peace and quiet undisturbed by others, the good news is that this location is fully rented, so you can enjoy this location that is just for you.

Tourist spots

Horea Memorial House, Horea's Story Cottage, Poarta lui Ionele Cave, Scarișoara Glacier Cave, Pisoaia Waterfall, Vârtop Arieșeni Trail, Snail Hill

We hope our recommendations will help you choose the perfect location for you, so that your soul can enjoy the peace and quiet you've longed for. 

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