7 The most beautiful wild beaches in Romania

The seaside resorts on the Black Sea coast are the perfect refuge from hot summer days. Their sandy beaches, fresh coastal breezes and blue waters are a magnet for summer tourists.

Vadu beach

An hour's drive from Constanta, at the end of a road that will test your driving skills, Vadu beach is one of the last clean beaches on the Romanian coast at the Black Sea. Fortunately, its azure waters will act as an incentive, as well as the prospect of lying on a patch of golden sand while listening to the sound of the waves and nothing else. The beautiful poppy fields will keep you company until you reach your destination.

Corbu Beach

This wild beach is easier to reach than Vadu, because it is located close to the popular resorts of Mamaia and Navodari. Perfect for escaping the crowds, it's also a great place to try snorkeling as the water is exceptionally clear. Many come here to practice water sports, such as kitesurfing and windsurfing, at the school in Lacul Corbu.

The area around the beach has many other attractions. At a short distance you will find the ruins of the Enisala Fortress, built in the 13th century by Genoese merchants and those of the Histria Fortress, founded by Greek colonists in the 1st century BC.

Agigea Beach

Found near the village of Agigea, established on an old Greek settlement, Agigea Beach is perfect for two things, namely the beach and snorkeling. In this area you can observe many of the fish species that live in the Black Sea, such as the red snapper, anchovy and Pinchuk's goby.

On the shore, you will meet several species of crabs and in slightly deeper waters you will be able to find Rapana venosa, a type of sea snail that is served at most restaurants along the Black Sea. And speaking of food, on the beach you will find some of the best fish restaurants on the Romanian coast.

Gostinu beach

Just a short drive from Bucharest, this clean beach on the banks of the Danube is an excellent alternative to the Black Sea. A thin patch of gray sand, it is perfect for bird watching and spending a day in nature. The water is perfect for swimming, while the surrounding forests will provide the much-needed coolness on hot summer days and evenings.

Saint George Beach

Accessible only by boat and part of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, Sfantu Gheorghe beach is the ultimate wild destination. Located a few steps from the village of the same name, it is one of the largest clean beaches. The only inconvenience is that, sometimes, you will have to share the sand or fine with the wild horses that use the area as a playground. The marshes that surround it are full of wild life, so keep your camera ready, because you will find many opportunities to observe many species of birds.

Sulina Beach

If your idea of paradise is to go to a wide beach, mostly empty, with fine white sand and clear blue, warm water, Sulina is the best choice. Only two kilometers away from the town of Sulina, it is an excellent option if you are traveling with children, because the water is shallow for a very long stretch. Also a UNESCO protected site, just like Sfantu Gheorghe beach, Sulina Beach is yet another wonderful place for bird watching.

Gura Portitei beach

Also found in the Danube Delta reserve, Gura Portitei Beach is a stretch of sand that borders the fishing village of the same name, separating the Black Sea from Lake Golovita. Access to the beach is possible either by boat, from Jurilovca, the largest fishing village in the country, or by bicycle, from Vadu-Periboina. Here you will find a lot of accommodation options, including iconic wooden houses with reed roofs painted in white and marine blue, a typical combination found in the Danube Delta.

Wherever you want to go to the beach in Romania, you will definitely find many options. Whether you want a quiet beach, a hidden one or a luxurious and populated one, our country has something to offer for everyone.

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