Minimalist luggage - Take only the essentials with you!


Surely, you've gone on holiday many, many times with lots of things, especially clothes, but you've only actually worn a very small part of them. Or with many other things that you didn't even take out of your bag during your holiday.

How do you get rid of the burden of big, heavy and unnecessary luggage? Here are some simple but effective steps.

Plan your daily outfits

So many vacation days, so many outfits. All that extra stuff you might not wear. Going away for three days? Pack three head-to-toe outfits or combine items together: three T-shirts with a pair of jeans. Or a dress over which you can layer a sweater.

Weather - the key element of a perfect minimalist luggage

Before you go on holiday, it's a good idea to have a look at the weather websites. Are you going away for three days, two of which are rained out? Well, you know what to do! Make sure that two of your chosen outfits are suitable for rainy weather.

Pack only the cosmetics you need

As far as cosmetics are concerned, it is advisable to choose only those you really need. In this respect, basic skin care products for the skin and body and essential products for basic make-up should be included in your luggage.

Also, as far as cosmetics are concerned, they are also available in travel size. Or you can use or reuse small containers for them. Keep all perfume samples. They are indispensable for a minimalist holiday bag.

Choose the right footwear

If you are not attending a business meeting or a wedding during your holiday, it is advisable to give up the shoes that you will not use. Comfortable shoes or trainers are the ideal choice for any holiday. Maximum two pairs.

Choose clothes you normally wear

Surely, you have clothes in your wardrobe that you don't wear. Why would you pack them, hoping to wear them for the first time on holiday? You're pretty sure that won't happen, and yet you pack them. No!

Minimalist luggage is all about practicality.

What do you take with you on holiday?

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