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Billund is a small city in Denmark, an ideal destination for a city-break, the city became famous thanks to LEGO games and the Legoland amusement park. Besides this attraction, Billund has a lot to offer. With a rich history, the city was mentioned for the first time in 1510, at that time being just a small settlement with few inhabitants. Since then, the city has evolved and transformed, reaching today a pleasant destination with picturesque streets, an ideal destination for a few days of relaxation.

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Accommodation - Where to stay in Billund 

Being a small town, there are not so many accommodation alternatives, but you can find rooms that offer excellent conditions located in the central area with prices starting from 112 euros per night for a double room. Below you will find some of our recommendations for a sensational vacation. 

  • Rosengren Residence, Fireplace & Jacuzzi located in the central area, this apartment complex has a modern, minimalist, typical Scandinavian design and is equipped with everything you need from wifi to air conditioning and even free bicycles to explore the city. The price of a two-room apartment starts from 112 euros.
  • Billund Center Apartment an apartment for 4 people, decorated in Scandinavian style that offers all the necessary facilities for a successful vacation. The rooms are spacious, there is a terrace ideal for a BBQ and the parking space is secured. The price of an apartment for one night is 148 euros.
  • Hotel Svanen Billund located 500 m from Legoland, this 4-star hotel has a modern design and is equipped with everything you could need for a memorable vacation. The price of a double room starts from 174 euros and breakfast is free.

Billund tourist attractions - What to visit in Billund

Billund is a diverse city that offers many interesting activities. Here you will find something for all tastes from interesting museums to theme parks and you will definitely succeed in creating unforgettable memories. In the following you will find some points of interest that you should not miss.

Legoland Billund

A place with a story, the first park in the Legoland chain and was opened in 1968, being the main tourist attraction in Denmark after Copenhagen. Regardless of age, this place is fascinating and full of positive energy. The main attraction is Mini Land, here monuments and urban landscapes from Denmark and all over the world were built from Lego pieces at a scale of 1:20. The Statue of Liberty, the Acropolis and the Egyptian temples of Abu Simbel are just a few examples. During the winter the park is closed, the price of a ticket is approximately 50 euros and you can find more details on WEBSITE Legoland.

LEGO factory tour

For Lego lovers, a visit to this place will be a dream come true. Here you will see how the famous bricks and figurines are designed and produced. You can also visit the house of the creator of Lego, Ole Kirk Kristiansen, where there are LEGO sets dating back to the 1930s. An important aspect is that this tour must be booked in advance, and the experience lasts two days. During these two days, you will even have a discussion with the LEGO designers, who will provide you with information about how the toys are created. At the end of the trip, you will be given a specially designed LEGO gift, chosen by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen (grandson of the founder) as a souvenir.

Kongernes Jelling

An extremely interesting museum that has as its theme the Vikings and their life. This museum is a real sensory experience, with exhibitions that combine history with technology. Over time, the museum has won numerous awards and distinctions, being appreciated internationally. This is the ideal place for those who are passionate about Vikings but also for those who want a unique experience from which to leave with new information. The building that houses the museum was built near the places where two of the most famous Viking kings are buried: Gorm the Elder and Harold Bluetooth, the museum includes a generous collection of real goods. Entry is free and you can find details about the program here.

Givskud Zoo

A fascinating place where you can learn a lot of new things. Billund Zoo is the place where hundreds of interesting animal species are exhibited, in excellent conditions that perfectly imitate their natural habitat. Opened in 1969, the zoo is located on an area of 65 hectares and hosts dozens of more and more exotic animal species. Annually this place attracts over 350,000 visitors and the Danish tourist guide Jyllands Attraktioner gave it 5 stars as a place not to be missed. The price of a ticket for adults is 30 euros and for children 15 euros.


A place located in the middle of nature where you will be surrounded by art at every step. Located between Billund and Legoland, Skulpturpark is a natural park with a 1.3 kilometer route, along which you will see pieces of modern sculpture. A unique concept, here you will be able to relax while admiring the creations of modern Danish artists. The visit to the park lasts about an hour, you can stop on a bench to rest, and if you want you can take a snack with you to have a picnic in the middle of nature. 

Lalandia Billund

An aquatic and amusement park with a varied range of activities where you will definitely feel wonderful with your loved ones. The complex was opened in 2009 and offers a lot of alternatives from different swimming pools to water slides that will increase your adrenaline, but also sauna and spa areas where you can relax. The largest water park in Scandinavia is a destination that you should not miss, and if you have time, we recommend that you spend at least 3 hours in this wonderful place. The price of a ticket for adults is approximately 40 euros and for a child the ticket costs 33 euros.

Museumsgarden Karensminde

A picturesque attraction that will bring you close to nature and Danish heritage, Karensminde is a historic farm from the 18th and 19th centuries. You will see how the farmers worked the land in those days and you will be able to interact with the animals, which either roam freely or are kept in well-kept pens. If you want, you can opt for a horse or carriage ride, you can participate in creative workshops such as carpentry. This experience in the middle of nature will relax you and for the little ones it will certainly be memorable. The price of a ticket is 9 euros for adults, you can find out more details here.

Grindsted Kirke

This church dating back to the 1100s is a symbol of what Billund once was, a quiet rural town where people lived a simple life. Although it is currently a location that offers numerous activities that are full of dynamism, we recommend you to stop for a few minutes to admire the beautiful white-painted church with a special architecture and a centuries-old interior.

Vorbasse Market

An annual event that takes place in the 29th week of the year, in July, from Thursday to Saturday. Vorbasse, is where the famous market takes place. With a history dating back to 1730, this is the largest market in Denmark. Traditionally the market was established for the horse trade, nowadays you can find almost anything in this place from antiques to art objects and many other interesting things. This place is an unmissable experience, especially for those passionate about unique objects.


Vejle is a surprising city for Denmark, located near Billund, just a few minutes by car. This city is an oasis of peace, known especially for the fjord with the same name, Vejle, which is 22 km long. Here you will discover a diverse relief with deciduous forests, picturesque hills but also an urban beach where the atmosphere is vibrant and full of life. A walk of a few hours in the picturesque Danish city is an excellent activity in which you will enjoy the beauty of nature but also the atmosphere of the city. You can stop at a restaurant to try local dishes cooked with the freshest ingredients or if you want a challenge you can go on a trip on the longest cycling route in Denmark.


Only half an hour from Billund is the port of Kolding. At the edge of the city center is the former royal castle, Koldinghus. It was built in the 1200s by Christoffer I, but the oldest parts that you can see today were built during the reign of his descendant, dating back to the 15th century. The castle was a strategic military point in the Middle Ages, now it has been turned into a museum. Historical furniture pieces, ceramic pieces and art are exhibited here. All these pieces are from the reign of King Christian IV, an important personality for Denmark.


This fortress city takes its name from King Frederic III, being founded in 1650. At one point it was even considered the capital of Denmark for a not very long period of time. After a disturbing period, the 30-year war from the beginning of the 1600s, King Frederik IV decided that Jutland needed a strong military fortress, thus Fredericia appeared. Over the years, the city has evolved and developed, but the walls, bastions and old parts of the fortress are still there. They create a unique setting ideal for a walk in which to discover this city full of history. 


Also near Billund, on the west coast of Jutland is Varde. A small town, extremely welcoming and picturesque. Here you will be able to admire the local architecture, an unmissable objective being the Church of St. Jacob, which was built in the 11th century. Varde was an important strategic military point, if you are passionate about military history this is a place you must visit. Certainly most tourists are attracted to the Vejers holiday resort, an ideal place for relaxation but also to the city beach with a huge stretch of fine sand and spectacular dunes that create a dream landscape. 

Gastronomy & Restaurants

When it comes to Danish gastronomy, it is mainly based on simple and fresh ingredients. Most traditional Danish dishes are cooked according to centuries-old recipes.

Gastronomy - What to eat in Billund

  • Stegt flæsk is a very old dish considered the national dish of the Danes, based on crispy pork.
  • Meatballs meatballs made from pork or beef served with mashed potatoes and vegetables. A very familiar and absolutely delicious dish.
  • Potatoes these caramelized potatoes are often used as a side dish traditionally for Christmas dinner. In the past, this kind of food was considered a delicacy, being eaten only by those of the upper class because ingredients such as butter and sugar were not accessible to everyone.
  • Smørrebrød a diverse and delicious sandwich, with various ingredients such as raw herring or shrimp, smoked salmon, hard-boiled eggs, meat or vegetables.
  • Tarteletter delicious mini tarts that are filled with a mixture of chicken and asparagus. An ideal preparation for a snack that can be easily found and that you must definitely try.
  • Kanelsnegl a fluffy, delicious and very aromatic snail with cinnamon.
  • Risalamande this rice pudding with almonds is a light and delicious dessert and if it is served with a warm cherry sauce it becomes even more sensational.

Restaurants - Where to eat in Billund

  • Hovborg Kro Restaurant an elegant restaurant with traditional dishes but also with a carefully selected selection of dishes from European cuisine. An ideal place for a memorable dinner, the atmosphere in this restaurant is quiet and the prices are moderate, a main course costs around 36 euros.
  • REFBORG Spiseri / Eatery an ideal place for both brunch and dinner, with a minimalist Scandinavian decor and a welcoming atmosphere. Here you will find a diverse menu that includes fresh dishes and friendly alternatives for vegetarians and vegans. Prices for a starter start from 15 euros and for a main course from 30 euros.
  • The Leaf with an extremely balanced menu, here you will be able to try delicious traditional Danish dishes that you will surely fall in love with. With an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, we recommend this place for a memorable dinner

Billund is a city full of unique experiences, where you will charge your batteries and have unique moments. An ideal destination both for adults and especially for children, a few days in the small Danish town will certainly be memorable!

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