Travel guide Bratislava, Slovakia - Castles, landscapes across the Danube and culinary delights


Do you dream of a stay away from everyday stress? visit Bratislava and in just 3 days you will fall in love with the castles as in stories and their tasty food the capital of Slovakia! The city is open to both couples through the romantic landscapes and those who travel with friends, there are numerous places where you can take great photos or have fun. In this travel guide you will find the means of transport, average accommodation prices, 3-day itinerary, restaurant options and minimum budget recommendation. 


Bratislava is only 80 km away from Vienna, so you can take the bus with FlixBus at prices starting from 7 euros per person. You can book tickets directly from FlixBus! 

You can travel through Bratislava by bus, tram or trolleybus which operates between 4 and 11 p.m. Tickets cannot be purchased from the driver, so you have to buy them from the yellow machines in some stations, kiosks and tourist information offices. There is only one type of ticket for all means of transport, but their validity differs, some tickets being valid for only 15 minutes (less than 1 euro) or even 72 hours (8 euro), the last option being the most convenient for a 3-day city break in Bratislava. Remember that the ticket must be validated as soon as you get on the public transport, otherwise you can receive a fine of up to 70 euros from the controller who checks the tickets. 


Once you arrive in Bratislava, you will find many affordable accommodations. The prices per night start from 25 euros, and for a 3-star hotel in the city center you will pay approximately 60 euros. Or you can look for the accommodation that suits you on AirBnb with similar prices and even in the city center. Compared to other European capitals, accommodation in Bratislava has lower prices and often includes breakfast. However, the landscapes that you can admire even from the central guest rooms will amaze you just as much! 

We recommend you 7Days B&B, a 3-star accommodation located 300 m from the city center. Whether you came with your partner or as a couple, you can find double rooms from 60 euros, but also triple and quadruple rooms. You have offers with breakfast included and being so close to the center, you can easily reach some of the city's attractions. 

Bratislava Card 

Just like other European capitals and other big cities, you can buy the Bratislava card. It offers you free access to some of the city's attractions, free public transport (tram, trolleybus, most bus lines and the S line train) and discounts up to 50%. The card has very affordable prices starting from 20 euros/day, 25 euros/2 days and 28 euros/3 days. You can easily purchase the card online (link at the end to the official website) and it must be activated at one of the available locations. 

Top attractions that you can visit in just 3 days 

Day 1 

  • Old Town 
  • Presidential Garden (Grassalkovich) 
  • The Blue Church 

Old Town

How else can you discover the culture and beauty of Bratislava if not through a walk in the Old Center? Start from the north of the Old Center and discover its attractions. You will be able to admire Old City Hall from the 14th century, St. Michael's Gate also from the 14th century and many other buildings with historical significance and custom architecture. You can also find a lot of cafes and small terraces. 

Old City Hall

The Presidential Garden

Walking south, you will de The Presidential Garden (Grassalkovich) located in front of the Presidential Palace. The Grassalkovich Palace has been the residence of the President of the Slovak Republic since 1996. The garden is a serene and peaceful place in the bustling capital, and access is open to the public. Decorated in French style, sometimes events take place here. The garden is open between 8:00-22:00 in the summer months, between 10:00-20:00 in April-May, and 10:00-19:00 the rest. Fountains, colorful flowers and statues liven up the place every day for the tourists who visit the garden. 

The Presidential Garden

The Blue Church

Bratislava is a city full of colorful buildings, too The Blue Church is among them. About 1 km from the Presidential Garden, you can reach it on foot or by tram 1 from Postova station to Centrum (2 stops). The journey will take approximately 10-15 minutes. 

The Blue Church

The church is as blue as the clear sky, both outside and inside it has an Art Nouveau style architecture. The attention to detail and the mosaic resemble his great architecture Gaudi, resembling the buildings in Barcelona. Access is free! 

Day 2 

  • Bratislava Castle   
  • SNM Historical Museum 

Bratislava Castle

In the southern area (Podhradie) of the Old Center is the pearl of Slovakia - Bratislava Castle.This is often referred to as the "jewel of Bratislava" because it is located on a hill from where you can see the capital, Vienna and part of Hungary when the weather conditions are good.  

Bratislava Castle

Between November 1st and March 31st, the castle is open between 9am and 5pm, and between April 1st and October 31st it is open between 10am and 6pm. Access to the castle courtyard is free, and to visit the interior, the towers, the 2 museums and the treasury, you will need to purchase a 10 euro/adult ticket. Access is free if you have a Bratislava Card.

Museum of Natural History houses important collections from the Ancient Era to the Middle Ages from all over Slovakia. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Access costs 2.40 euros per person, and on the first Sunday of every month, access is free. The location is in the southeast of the Old Center and you can reach it by tram 1 in about 15 minutes from the Centrum station. With the Bratislava card, access is free.

Day 3 

  • Devin Castle 
  • UFO tower 

Devin Castle

Devin Castle located on a rock will make you think of medieval stories with princesses, knights and duels. It is located approximately 12 km from the city and you can reach it by bus 28 or 29 from the Most SNP station in the Ufo bridge area. The trip will take about 20 minutes. Get off at the Devin station, and from there you only have to walk for 5 minutes. Located at a height of 212 m, the castle offers you a spectacular picture: the Danube flowing smoothly and the Baunsburg mountains in Austria. 

During the months when most tourists come (April-October) old fencing shows are organized. On Mondays the castle is closed, and the hours it is open vary: 10-17 (Tuesday-Sunday between October and April); 10-18 (Tuesday-Friday) and 10-19 (Saturday-Sunday between May and September). Access costs 3 euros/adult, but there are also family packages: 2 adults and 1 child under 14 - 6 euros. If you have the Bratislava card, access is free.

UFO tower 

UFO tower is one of the main attractions of Bratislava because it is located on top of a bridge over the Danube. Why does it have this name? Because it even has the shape of a UFO! A lunch with a wonderful view over the entire capital? Yes, because there is a restaurant at the top! It will surely be an unforgettable experience. To get to the restaurant you have to go up with 2 elevators, the access to them being 6 euros, but this cost is deducted from the payment note at the restaurant. It is a place you cannot miss if you come to Bratislava! The location is in the south of the Old Center. You have 20% discount at the tower and 10% discount at the restaurant with the Bratislava card.

UFO tower

Local preparations 

Soups are indispensable in almost all restaurants with a Slovak specialty. Soups in bread crust are among the most popular, especially the creamy garlic soup. The intense flavors of this soup merge with the crispy bread so that you'd think you've never tasted soup before! And meat dishes are among the specialties found in Bratislava, there are a few dumplings with pork and cabbage, schnitzels and jittery (a special recipe for sausages with rice). 

Soups in bread crust

Attractions to visit in one day in Bratislava

Whether you are doing a tour of European cities or staying in Bratislava for just 1 day, there are numerous attractions that you can reach in a few hours. Many of them are located in the center within a radius of approximately 2-3 km, so you can travel on foot or by public transport.

  • Bratislava Castle - not to be missed
  • Old Town where you can admire buildings or monuments of historical and social importance, such as St. Michael's Gate or the Old City Hall
  • UFO tower from where you can see the panorama of the city and the Danube
  • Grassalkovich Palace and the Residential Garden – the residence of the president of the Slovak Republic since 1996
  • The Danube that crosses the city center and where we recommend a pleasant 1-2 hour boat ride for 12 euros/adult

Restaurant options 

Try a healthy breakfast at Five Points Bistro from the southern area of the Old Center and prices between 2-10 euros or drink a tasty coffee at Zlyinder from the same area with prices between 3-15 euros. 

For a tasty lunch, try the restaurants Divni Janko from the Presidential Garden area with Slovak dishes, but also burgers and prices between 3-15 euros or so Mondra Hviezda with local dishes and prices between 5-25 euros from the southern area of the Old Center. 

Have a traditional dinner at U Sedliaka from the Presidential Garden area with prices between 9-15 euros or transform the Bratislava dinner experience into a luxury one at the restaurant at the top of the UFO tower with prices between 10-50 euros. 

The minimum budget for a weekend 

If you choose to visit Bratislava in April together with 1 other person, the recommended minimum budget is 300 euros from Friday to Sunday. Thus, you can enjoy accommodation in the city center at an affordable price, enjoy the local delicacies and visit the tourist attractions. Bratislava is the city where, even for a weekend, you can feel like in the stories of old. 



Tourist attractions 

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