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Budapest is among the most beautiful cities in Europe. The pearl of the Danube, as it is considered, offers a selection of museums, thermal baths, parks and buildings, the beauty of which has been recorded in the UNESCO heritage list. Hungary's capital is the perfect place to prove that a beautiful city can combine historical and cultural splendor with modern entertainment.

Public transport - Budapest

Public transport it is composed of buses, trolleybuses, but also the metro, and a subscription for 24 hours costs €4. You can find information here: You can also order a taxi or rent a car, and if you want a more ecological trip you can rent a bicycle. To walk on the Danube you can choose a boat cruise, with prices starting at €3.

Budapest card – Tourist card

One thing to consider is Budapest Card, a card that gives you free public transport, but also free entry to 19 museums, Lukacs Baths, and guided tours, along with a discount of up to 50% at other tourist attractions, and even restaurants and bars. This can be purchased online (, and costs €29 for 24 hours, but the price drops when you buy it for a longer duration: €43 for 2 days, €56 for 3 days, €69 for 4 days, or €82 for 5 days.


The accommodation offers in Budapest are numerous, and depending on the budget you can stay in apartments, hostels or 2-5 star hotels. The lowest prices for a hotel start from 35€ for a night in a room for 2 people, but for more facilities the prices change.

Here are some recommendations of places where you can stay during your vacation in Budapest:

  • Adagio Hostel 2.0 Basilica it's in the city center, and for €22 you get a bed in a shared bedroom. It is worth considering for those who want a different experience, or have a limited budget, and the location and facilities are a plus.
  • Thomas Hotel it is the option for those who prefer the classic hotel. A night here costs from €60 for 2 people, and the rooms have modern facilities. Moreover, it is located 200 meters from the Great Boulevard, and there is a metro station nearby. The hotel has 3 stars, which guarantees a quality stay.
  • Hotel Aquincum it offers guests a luxury experience, which is also reflected in the slightly higher prices, a night here costs from €120 for 2 people. You will be able to enjoy the sauna, pools with thermal water (including for children), fitness room, restaurant, bathroom and much more. In addition, the hotel is located on the bank of the Danube, so you will have a splendid view.
  • Good Vibes Apartments they are perfect for those who want more space, or travel in large groups. They can be rented for around €100 per night and are located on the outskirts of central Budapest.

Budapest tourist attractions - Itinerary

If you want to make the most of your time here, it's best to leave with a well-established plan of what you want to see. For this reason, I have prepared a proposed itinerary for a 4-day vacation, which you can follow.

Day 1

  • Buda Castle
    • Hungarian National Gallery
    • History Museum
    • Széchény National Library
  • Fishermen's Bastion in Budapest
  • Mátyás Church

Buda Castle

Although it's your first day in the city, we recommend that you don't stay in your room, but start exploring Budapest as soon as you get here. Buda Castle must be the first on every tourist's list of objectives, and you can get here by many means of public transport, the most accessible being buses 16, 105, and trams 19 and 41. The 12th century building combines a multitude of architectural styles (Romanesque , Gothic and Baroque) with a wide palette of vivid colors, and within its walls are several museums and tourist attractions. It is certain that you should not miss the Hungarian National Gallery, the History Museum, both of which are open from Tuesday to Sunday, between 10.00 and 18.00, and the ticket for each costs €6.40, but it is free with the tourist card, but also the National Library Széchény, with a program from Monday to Saturday, between 9.00 and 20.00 (on Mondays, however, the program starts at 14.00).

Fishermen's Bastion in Budapest

It is 15 minutes' walk away Fishermen's Bastion, open daily between 9.00-23.00, where you will be able to admire one of the most beautiful panoramas of the city.

Mátyás Church in Budapest

And because you are here, don't miss it Mátyás Church, located right next to the Bastion, a remarkable building that can be visited daily between 9.00 and 17.00, with free entry for holders of the tourist card.

In the remaining time of the day you can explore the streets of the Buda district, and stop in a few restaurants.

Day 2

  • The Danube cliff
    • Elizabeth Bridge
    • Chain Bridge 
    • Parliament House
    • Shoes from the Danube Embankment
  • New York Cafe

The Danube embankment in Budapest

To discover why the capital of Hungary is named The pearl of the Danube, you have to dedicate the next day for a walk on The Danube cliff. The centuries-old promenade stretches between 2 splendid must-see bridges (Elizabeta Bridge and Chain Bridge). Here you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the river, but also the architecture of the historical buildings. You will also get to Palace of the Parliament, a magnificent construction. We recommend that you not only be satisfied with its image from the outside, but also visit the rooms inside, and a visit costs €10. Right next to it is the memorial "Shoes on the Danube Cliff", dedicated to the Jews killed in the Second World War, a place that keeps alive the memory of the great tragedy of the 20th century and deserves a few minutes of attention.

New York Cafe

At the end of the day you have to spend a few hours relaxing in New York Cafe, recognized as the most beautiful cafe in the world. You will be able to enjoy a coffee in the historic building, which takes you to the past, to the rhythms of jazz, feeling like an aristocrat. Maybe you will be reluctant about the prices (because an espresso starts from 6€ and a lemonade from 9€), but the experience itself is definitely worth all the money. The easiest way to get here is with the M2 metro.

Day 3

  • Széchényi Thermal Baths
  • Budapest Zoological and Botanical Garden
  • City Park

Széchényi Thermal Baths

As Budapest is also world famous for its spas, you should reserve a day to visit the thermal baths, the most popular being Széchényi Thermal Baths. For €25 (with a discount of 20% with the Budapest Card) you will be able to spend a day relaxing in the warm water of the indoor or outdoor pools, with different themes, from the traditional ones to the special ones (adventure, hydromassage, swimming or drift ). The list of facilities is long, and tourists can enjoy saunas, steam rooms, and even masseurs. The building itself is one worth seeing, combining art nouveau and baroque elements. They are open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (except Sundays, when the schedule is 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.), and you can get there by metro M1. 

Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden + City Park

țNear it is Budapest Zoological and Botanical Garden (entrance costs €8), and then you can spend a few moments relaxing in City Park, in the center of which is the beautiful Vajdahunyad Castle, on the shore of the lake.

Day 4

  • The Great Synagogue
  • Boat ride on the Danube 
  • Large Commercial Hall ( SHOPPING )
  • leaving

The Great Synagogue of Budapest

Depending on the time at which you plan to leave Budapest, you can also visit some sights on your last day. The Great Synagogue on Dohany Street is a place that should not be missed, and for a €20 ticket you can admire the second largest synagogue in the world, an architectural gem. There is a museum, a mausoleum, a garden and several important monuments here. It was near the metro station of the M2 line. With the same metro line you can reach the bank of the Danube, and before leaving you can take a boat ride on the river that brought Budapest its fame.

Great Commercial Hall

If you don't want to leave the city empty-handed, you have to go in Great Commercial Hall ("Nagy Vásárcsarnok"), near the metro station of the M4 line. Maybe you won't find well-known chain stores here, but the stalls of the locals will attract your attention. It is the perfect place for handicrafts and handmade souvenirs, and even here you can enjoy the traditional food made by grandmothers.


Although the things we are going to recommend will sound familiar to you, we guarantee that they are worth trying, because their local version does not compare to what you tried in Romania. It is already understood that the first thing on the list will be goulash. In Budapest you will find it on the menu of any restaurant, and the restaurants even have their own recipes. The same can be said about the famous langoş, which you can find either in its classic form or reinvented, with diverse side dishes.


And to enjoy the dessert as well, the culinary rediscovery must necessarily end with a kurtoskalacs.

If you are also looking for some restaurant recommendations, we advise you to choose Beerstro 14one of Budapest's most popular restaurants, serving traditional food and craft beer for affordable prices. For those who prefer fast food, the burgers at Lucky 7 Burgers they can't be missed. It should also be mentioned that there are restaurants with Michelin stars in Budapest, and one of the most appreciated is Whoops! Bistro.

And for those who want to explore the city and the night, in Budapest they are popular Ruin Bar-s, quiet bars in abandoned buildings with colorful walls and friendly people. Worth visiting Szimpla Kert, UdvarRom and Csendes Vintage Bar & Café

So, just a stone's throw from us, Budapest is definitely worth a visit! The city has much more to offer than you might expect, whether you're looking for culture, history, relaxation or fun, at any time of the year!

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