By train through Europe - Interrail, the perfect solution!


By train across Europe | Travelling by train is a magical, fantastic and exceptional experience, for those who don't know it, Interrail is a European programme in which many railway companies cooperate, offering tickets in which the traveller can take all the trains in Europe he wants in a given time, and all this at a very reasonable price.

To take an Interrail trip through Central Europe, it is advisable to plan a route in advance, but without having expectations to necessarily meet it, because as we already know in travel, everything is always changing, and this is one of the main advantages of Interrail, you do not have to plan your route, you can catch the desired trains as you go.

Interrail offers several packages for travellers such as:

Five days unlimited train travel

Ride as many trains as you like from midnight to midnight on each of your travel days.

A month-long adventure

You can use the travel days anytime within 1 month from the start date. Activate your pass when you want to start travelling, then start adding journeys to your pass as you go.

Additional benefits and discounts

Save while you travel with discounts across Europe on everything from top attractions to ferry trips and hostel stays with Interrail's 100+ partners (

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