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Often rated as 'the prettiest village in England', Castle Combe is in the southern Cotswolds. With a picturesque setting in a wooded valley, a river, a distinctive cross and houses that have not changed since the 15th century, these aspects tick off all the assets of the English village.

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Castle Combe is a small village that can be visited in one day, but if you choose to spend several days in this fairytale village, we recommend the following accommodations:

  • The White Gracet this traditional English hotel boasts old world charm but with modern luxury amenities. Local ingredients are used to create a monthly menu. You can enjoy delicious steaks cooked in a charcoal oven, fantastic sandwiches and a range of popular British dishes
  • The Castle Inn dating back to the 12th century, the historic Castle Inn has original features and an innovative restaurant. Located in picturesque Castle Combe, the Castle Inn offers stylish bedrooms and tasty British menus.
  • The Old House at Home this traditional ivy-clad house near Bath has beautiful boutique rooms and is just 2 miles from picturesque Castle Combe. The Old House at Home was once the winner of the National Pub Caterer of The Year award and now serves highly rated food.

Castle Combe tourist attractions - What to visit!

Castle Combe Village 

It is a small place hidden in a valley and a walk through it will take you less than 30 minutes. But, with every step you take here, you will discover something beautiful and we guarantee that you will fall in love with this village. Castle Combe has appeared regularly as a film location, most recently in The Wolf Man, Stardust and War Horse. It was also used in the original Dr Doolittle film. The village has a rich history and the houses are made of Cotswold stone, typical of a village in this area.

Pieta's Cross

In the center of the village, where the three main streets meet, is the 14th-century Market Cross, a reminder of when the town was granted the privilege of holding a weekly market. Next to it is one of the two pumps of the village of Castle Combe, somewhat disguised by the flowers growing around it. A few steps away, you will see what remains of the Butter Cross, a cross that marked the place where people from the surrounding villages gathered to buy locally produced butter, milk and eggs. Fresh produce was placed and displayed on the circular bases of the cross. Unfortunately, the Butter Cross was dismantled in the 19th century.

The Stalls of Castle Comble

Shop at the stalls set up at people's doors. The locals offer a variety of products that can be bought, from food to hygiene items or lavender bags. The whole transaction is based on trust, you simply pick up the item you want and put the money through the mailbox! It is one of the most unique and cute styles of shopping.

St. Andrew's Church

Combe Castle prospered in the 15th century through its wool trade. It was normal for wealthy merchants and farmers of the time to donate a large portion of their earnings to fund the church, believing that their generosity would secure them a place in heaven. These churches are known as "wool churches". St. Andrew's Church is an example of the most elaborate woolen churches you will see around the area. 

River Bybrook

The must-do activity in Castle Combe has to be a walk to the old bridge that crosses the River Bybrook. This is a popular point of attraction, considering that it is the best photo location in the area.

Castle Combe Manor

If you want to add a lush note to your visit, choose to enjoy an English tea at Castle Combe Manor. It was built in the 14th century and was famous as the residence of Sir John Oldcastle. Nowadays, it is the boutique 'Manor House Hotel' that will make you feel like a member of the royal family.


Gastronomy & Restaurants

Even if Castle Combe does not have a specific food, you can always try traditional English cuisine such as; fish & chips, english breakfast, stew.

  •  The Castle Inn the one mentioned at the beginning of the article, in addition to accommodation offers, also offers a variety of foods appreciated by all those who have crossed their threshold.
  • Bybrook Restaurant if you want to have a luxurious experience, you can choose this restaurant that fascinates both with its elegance and the perfect tastes of the food.

Not much to say about this location as the pictures say it all. We hope we have convinced you that this location is one torn from stories that you will not find anywhere else. Discover the magic of the place and let yourself be carried away by the energy that surrounds this wonderful village.

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