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Spain is among the favorite destinations of many tourists. Beaches, fine sands and grand palm trees sound like a dream, right? And with so many attractions to visit, you can't get bored. Even the little ones can have fun, especially if you visit one of the famous water parks. In short, everyone in the family can have fun! One of the lesser known and not so crowded locations is Gijón. It is located on the northern coast of Spain, in the province of Asturias, opening to Cantabrian Sea and at Bay of Biscay.


Whether you have a higher or lower holiday budget, accommodation prices start as low as 40 euros per night. The prices of hotels with a sea view are also not so high compared to those in other cities. Just imagine what it will be like to wake up and admire the seascape right from your bed, next to your partner! Gijon it allows you to enjoy the beauty of the sea while exploring its surprising history that blends with marine fauna and nature.

The nearest airport is only 40 km (Asturias), so you can treat yourself to a beach holiday easily – it's worth it!


The city is the 15th largest in Spain, so you definitely won't be able to visit it all in one day. But here are some of the main attractions.

Cerro de Santa Catalina Park: where the sky meets the ocean

Close to the long and clean beaches is the Cerro de Santa Catalina Park. It is located on a hilly area, but when you reach the top you will not regret it. All the trouble of climbing up there will give you a panorama of splendor Cantabrian Seas. Here, the waves gently crash against the rocks and the breeze you feel will take your breath away. Time seems to stand still! It is a superb place where you can read, rest on the bench or just admire the beauty of the waves, nature.

Oceanographic Museum - discover marine life up close

After a walk through the park, a place where you can discover even more of the wonders of the Cantabrian Sea is Oceanographic Museum. Over 500 species you can admire up close, right in the depths of the sea during the 2-hour tour. There are themed halls that impress any tourist. Even children will be amazed by the sea creatures that are separated from them only by windows. Sharks, turtles, starfish and many other creatures will fascinate you.

Playa de Poniente and Playa de San Lorenzo

Unlike the beaches in other more popular areas of Spain, the beaches in Gijón are not so crowded. They stretch over a very large area, and the sand is fine, being the ideal place for relaxation. From the beach you can admire the view of the deep blue sea. The panorama is accompanied by a stretch of the coast with more and more colorful buildings, reminiscent of the views of southern Italy. Some of the most beautiful beaches in Gijón worth relaxing in are Playa de Poniente and Playa de San Lorenzo. They are close to each other in case you want to visit them both. Here, the blue of the sea almost merges with that of the sky.

Museum of the Asturian People

Discover the history of the region at Museum of the Asturian People! Folk elements and historical buildings spread over a wide area, both inside and outside. The local beauty is accentuated by a river, the place sending you to think of the old romantic Spanish stories. To admire the beauty of the whole city, they are available hot air balloon races – a romantic idea for couples. As the Asturias region is famous for its green and lively fields, you will be able to easily view them from the air. All the better you will be able to admire the color contrast of the intense green with the blue of the sea.


To end a great evening in Gijón, you can try the local food. The restaurants promote the traditional dishes of Asturias intensively, and the flavors are strong. One of the emblematic dishes of the region is Asturian fabada, a stew with large beans, specific meats such as chorizo and saffron. The fusion of flavors is memorable! You will see that the Asturians are very friendly and will help you find a dish to your taste if needed, if you do not know Spanish. But beware, many of the locals and even employees do not know English. A translation guide might be helpful.

What are you waiting for? The dream vacation is near!





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