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Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world, with a rich history of over 3000 years. Due to its location close to the seaport of Piraeus, this city has seen continuous development and today it has become a place full of treasures. Whether you come here for the ancient architectural masterpieces of Ancient Greece, the Mediterranean atmosphere, the exotic beaches, the beautiful scenery or even the famous dishes, the capital of Greece will offer you an unforgettable journey. To make sure you don't miss any of Athens' sights, we thought we'd help you plan your holiday!

Getting around Athens

Those who don't come by car will have to find other ways to get around. Public transport is a cheap but accessible option. You will be able to use the 3 metro lines, buses and trams that connect all areas of the city, as well as several nearby points of interest. A ticket costs €1.20 and is valid for 90 minutes, but you can choose a tourist pass valid for 3 days, with which you can travel as far as you like, and you'll also get a ride from the airport for €20. If you don't want the journey to the airport included, you can choose the normal 1 or 5 day passes for €4.10 and €8.10 respectively. Passes can be purchased from kiosks at the airport and other main stations in the city. 

If you prefer a taxi, you should know that in the city the fare is 0.74€ per km during the day, or 1.29€ at night.

Renting a car is another option, very convenient for families, groups or those who want to visit areas outside the city. Prices start from €20 per day, and you can find representatives right at the airport.


Athens has a wide range of accommodation on offer for tourists. Whether you prefer the comfort of a hotel or the freedom of an AirBNB apartment. Prices are great, and you can find deals from as little as €25 per night. However, we recommend choosing accommodation in the central areas of the city, even though prices may be a little higher, for easier access to Athens' main attractions.

Here are some recommendations of places that will not disappoint you:

  • Hotel Neos Olympos is a perfect option for those on a tighter budget. The 2-star hotel is in a great area, right next to the metro station, and for just €35 a night you'll stay in a gorgeous 2-person room.
  • Art Hotel Athens is a 4-star hotel for those who prefer a more luxurious option. The hotel is centrally located, and you'll have access to a pool, restaurant and modern rooms. You'll pay from €75 for a 2-person room.
  • In the apartments chapter, it ( ) is an option to consider for groups of 3 people. For €50 per night you'll have all modern accommodation in a good part of town.

Tourist card

You must also consider purchasing Athens Card. Depending on the package you choose (Bronze, Silver or Gold) you can benefit from free entry to certain sights, discounts, offers for guided tours, and free transport. The cards cost €62, €125 and €210 respectively. You can see all the benefits here:

Sights Athens

If you want to make the most of your time here, it's best to leave with a well-established plan of what you want to see. That's why we've put together a proposed itinerary for your 4 days here to tick off the most important and interesting places in Athens.

Day 1

  • Acropolis of Athens
  • Pantheon
  • Odeon of Herod Atticus
  • Acropolis Museum

Acropolis of Athens

Your first day in Athens should be dedicated to visiting the city's most important landmarks, which are already all too familiar. Acropolis of Athens is an ancient fortress on a rocky hill that rises above the city skyline on four hills (the Acropolis itself means 'highest point'). You can get there by the M1 and M2 metro lines, and the main points can be visited daily between 8am and 8pm. This citadel, the most famous acropolis in the world, contains several ancient buildings of importance to Greek civilisation, which you must take in at your leisure, and all can be included in a single ticket, valid for 5 days, for just €30 (included in each tourist card package)


These include ParthenonThe ancient ruins of the best-preserved Athenian temple, which will amaze you with its unique architecture and massiveness, located right in the middle of the Acropolis. Here you will enter directly into the atmosphere of antiquity.

Odeon of Herod Atticus

A few steps away you will also find Odeon of Herod Atticus, the imposing Roman theatre popular all over the world, and if you're lucky you can catch some interesting events here. 

Acropolis Museum

And after a day walking through the ruins you can sum it all up with a visit to Acropolis Museum, located at the foot of the hill. Here you will be able to admire even more elements of antiquity and works of art, all in a modern construction to intertwine the present with the past. Admission costs €5 in November-March, or €10 from April to October.

Day 2

  • Monastiraki Square
  • Athenian Agora
  • Kerameikos Museum and Archaeological Site
  • National Observatory of Athens

Monastiraki Square

I'm sorry because in Athens you can't tick off enough historical attractions ever, and on the second day we've prepared a whole route for you in the ancient air. It starts from Monastiraki Square, the historic centre of the city, named after the old Monastiraki church! We recommend you start your morning by slowly exploring the narrow streets and cafes here, and you can also stop by the souvenir stalls and handmade items, perfect for a souvenir for your return home. The streets adjacent to this square are lined with shops such as H&M, ZARA, NYX and GUCCI, so you can have a shopping session too. 

Now Athenian

From there you walk a maximum of 5 minutes and you will Athenian Agora, the gathering place in ancient Greece where people made public announcements and economic, political and administrative decisions were made. Basically, this was the centre of the city in ancient times. Admission is included with the ticket to visit the Acropolis area. 

Kerameikos Museum and Archaeological Site

It is another 10 minutes' walk away Kerameikos Archaeological Site and Museum intended for it. The site features the ruins of an ancient city dating back to 800 BC. Admission costs €8. 

National Observatory of Athens

And if you're here on a Wednesday, Friday or Thursday, visit at 8pm National Observatory of Athens (a 10-minute walk from Kerameikos) to enjoy a journey into the world of space. The ticket costs only €5, and you'll get a unique experience.

Day 3

  • Old Parliament & Museum of National History
  • Syntagma Square
  • National Garden
  • Temple of Zeus (Olympieion)

Old Parliament and Museum of National History

The third day can start with a visit to Old Parliament, where it is based today  Museum of National History from Greece. The building itself is an architectural treasure, and the museum offers a journey through the country's periods. You can visit between 9am (10am Saturday and Sunday) and 4pm, but be aware that it's closed on Mondays. Admission is just €3, and you can get there on the M2 metro line, or buses 025, 026 and 027.  

Syntagma Square

A few minutes away is Syntagma Square, Athens central square. A walk here can also be very relaxing, and you can admire the architectural beauty of the somewhat more modern part of the city. 

National Garden

And still on the subject of relaxation, set aside a few hours for National Garden (right next to the square), a picturesque park combining the beauty of nature with details of Greek antiquity, sculptures and marble monuments. Covering almost 16 hectares, it's impossible to get bored exploring the interesting places: lakes, pavilions, themed gardens and rustic lanes.

Temple of Zeus

And to the south of the park is Temple of Zeus, also known as the Olympieion, another imposing temple over 2500 years old, which preserves the ancient atmosphere of Athens. The horizon here is broken only by the marble that once made up the great temple, much larger than the Pantheon, but unfortunately not as well preserved over time.

Day 4

  • Port of Piraeus

Port of Piraeus

After 3 days full of demanding trails we advise you to choose the last day to relax in the breeze of the Mediterranean Sea. So, in the morning you should go to Port of PiraeusGreece's largest and most important port. You'll stroll past the beautiful ships, and have a cup of coffee in one of the sea-facing restaurants. You can get here most easily via the M1 metro line. 

Athens Beaches

And when the weather warms up you can spend a few hours on the BEACHES near town, because it's not for nothing that Greece is known for its turquoise water and fine sand, perfect for summer. A sun lounger in the area will cost you around €8.

Some popular beaches near the port of Piraeus are Votsalakia Beach, Freatida Beach, Kalamaki Beach and Glyfada Beach, all of which have fine sand and clear water and can be reached by bus. 


If you go to Athens, don't hesitate to try some of the area's unique dishes, such as:

  • Souvlaki (Gyros) - You've probably had this dish before, but cooked in Athens it will taste different.
  • Seafood - Due to its geographical position, Athens, like other major Mediterranean cities, has fresh seafood and seafood dishes are very popular.
  • Tzatziki - A sauce we love even if it's not ours. This sauce is found everywhere but for the original taste, try it in Athens!
  • Saganaki - Attention cheese lovers. Worth a try!

And when it comes to eating out, you can be sure to find good restaurants and terraces at every turn. For example, it's worth stopping at Liondi (a traditional restaurant right next to the Acropolis), Maiandros (in Monastiraki Square), Bandiera (very affordable), and in the evening Cinque Wine&Deli Bar. If you want a special (but slightly more expensive) experience, you can choose the elegant Thes "Greek Creative Cuisine". 

Athens is a city that travel enthusiasts will never have enough time to discover, precisely because it has an endless list of interesting things to offer tourists. If you decide that this is your next holiday destination, arm yourself with energy and an eagerness to explore! The rich history, nature, sea and romantic atmosphere make Athens a paradise for tourists!

In case you are thinking about a possible holiday in Athens, we will leave you a list of links to help you with the organisation of your trip:





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