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At the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain is the city Granada, known for its historical constructions that combine the Moorish period with the Gothic and Renaissance. Lovers of architecture or those who prefer historical tourist attractions will be instantly won over by this Spanish city, which still carries a historical air and oriental influence.

What do you drive in Granada?

When it comes to getting around the city, public transport remains one of the best options. The network consists mostly of buses, along with a few urban trains, covering all areas of the city. The ticket for one trip costs €1.40 (and can be purchased directly from the bus), but the pass is a more advantageous option, and you will be able to buy a card of 5, 11 or 24 trips for €0.87 each.

If you prefer the faster and more comfortable option, the taxi is what you should use, and the rate for one km traveled is €0.82.


When it comes to accommodations, the options are even more numerous. Depending on the type of accommodation preferences, our recommendation is AIRBNB if you opt for an apartment (the best choice for groups larger than 3 people), or BOOKING if you prefer the comfort of a hotel. The fact is that it would be good to choose a place in the central area of the city, to have much easier access to the tourist attractions. As for prices, accommodation in Granada is much more affordable than in other areas of Spain, and you will find options starting from €30 per night for a room for two people.

Here are some recommendations of places that will not disappoint you:

  • Pension Matilde is the answer for people who don't want to allocate a large budget for accommodation, because prices start from €40 for 2 people, even with breakfast included. Although the room is not very big, you will not have a TV, the location of the guesthouse is in the center is a plus.
  • OYO Hostal Austria it is a place adored by tourists, with a rating of 9.6 on The rooms are modern and neat, with many amenities, and are right in the heart of the city. A night here costs only €50 for 2 people.
  • Barceló Granada Congress it is the option for those who want a luxury vacation. For €78 you will stay in a 5-star hotel, in a room that exceeds all expectations, and you will have access to the pool, restaurant, minibar, gym and much more. 

Tourist card

In this city, your tourist card offers benefits that cannot be ignored, so consider purchasing it Granada City Card. It offers 9 free journeys on public transport, as well as free entry to a list of up to 15 tourist attractions. It can be purchased for a duration of 24h (€36.50, but without free entrance to the Alhambra), 48h (€40) or 72h (€43), and you can find more information here

Granada tourist attractions | route

If you want to make the most of your time here, it's best to leave with a well-established plan of what you want to see. For this reason, I have prepared an itinerary proposal for 2 days spent here, which you can follow.

Day 1

  • Historical centre 
  • Granada Cathedral & Royal Chapel
  • Palacio de la Madraza
  • At the Alcaicería

On your first day in the city, we recommend you to choose the sights located in the central area, in order to get comfortable with the scenery, without exhausting yourself.

Historical centre

The markets of Historical centre of the city can be the best place to enjoy the amazing buildings here. We recommend you to take a trip, on foot, between Plaza Nueva, Plaza Isabel la Catolica, and then Plaza de Bib-Rambla, and maybe even join the tours that take place here daily. You can reach the area with lines 4, 9, C5 and C35. 

Granada Cathedral

From the last suggested market you can go on the game another 4 minutes to get to Granada Cathedral, a grand Christian-Moorish church. whose construction lasted 180 years, today being an emblem of the old Spanish empire. Its construction began in 1503 and is the perfect example of mixed architecture, reflecting the combination of Gothic and Renaissance styles, which will take your breath away. Entrance costs €5 (free with the Granada City Card), and you can visit the cathedral daily between 10:00 and 18:15 (on Sundays, however, the program starts at 15:00)

Royal Chapel

Right next to it is also Royal Chapel, an equally fascinating place, where you will see the tombs of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, two prominent figures in the history of Spain. Entrance is included in the ticket for visiting the Cathedral, and the program is identical.

Palacio de la Madraza

Right in front of the Chapel you will find Palacio de la Madraza, a building where you can observe the oriental influence on Spain. The building is currently home to an Academy, but for €2 you can go inside to admire the Islamic decorations, monuments and artefacts. It is open daily, between 10:30 and 20:00.

At Alcaiceria

And if you want to end your day with a shopping session in authentic style, go 2 minutes and don't miss it At the Alcaicería, a bazaar market where you will find local vendors, souvenirs, handmade things, rhythms of music and traditional dishes.

Day 2

  • Alhambra
  • Mirador de San Nicolas

For the next day in Granada, we have prepared a slightly more demanding route, but in which you will see the most famous places in the city.


Located on top of a hill, the complex Alhambra it is the symbol of Granada and the most important Islamic monument in Spain, with which you must start your day. You will be able to get here with lines C30, C32 and C35. The Alhambra is a complex of buildings from a fortress that dates back to 1238. Once you arrive here you will be impressed by the whole place, by the palaces, gardens, fountains, but above all by the view. From here you can also see the Sierra Nevada mountains. The price of a ticket starts from €7, depending on the areas you want to visit (and among them you must definitely include the Nasrid Palace and the Alcazaba fortress, both free with the Granada City Card).

In high season, a ticket should be purchased a month in advance to ensure you still get seats, and opening hours for most areas are 8:30-20:00. Set aside a good few hours to explore the place!

Mirador de San Nicolas

And at the end of the day enjoy an amazing panorama of the sunset in Granada from the terrace Mirador de San Nicolas, located just 11 minutes' walk away.

Day 3

  • Albaicín neighborhood 
  • Sacromonte

Albaicín neighborhood 

From Mirador de San Nicolas, where the night before you enjoyed a sunset with a panorama like a story, head towards Albcin, a neighborhood known for its white houses and cobbled and narrow roads.
Here you will find numerous points such as Mirador de San Nicolas from where to admire the city and Alhambra from all angles. Some of these are: Morente viewpoint, Mirador de Santa Isabel la Real, Mirador Ojo de Granada or Mirador de la Cruz de Rauda.


From here, on foot or by bus C34 you will reach Sacromonte, known as the neighborhood of the Roma community. The place is recognized for its original dwellings, dug inside the mountain, like caves. Here the traditions, the lifestyle and the specifics of the community are preserved. You can discover the place through the Museo Cuevas del Sacromonte, a complex of 10 houses, which can be visited daily between 10:00 and 20:00, for a ticket of only €5. 


Granada is the city of tapas. The prices here are very affordable, each place has different offers such as drinks + snacks (sandwiches, mini pizzas, mini burgers, cakes, etc.) from 1.5-2 euros. Other offers specific to the area are the menus of the day which cost around 10 euros per person and include appetizer, main course, dessert and a drink. Even if the city is not one with access to the sea, seafood will not be missing from the restaurant menu.

And if you're looking for some good places to eat, we recommend you to stop in Tablao Flamenco Jardines de Zoraya, a Mediterranean restaurant with moderate prices, very frequented by tourists. If you want a cheaper but equally satisfying option, you can go to Chaco & Pepe, right in the city center. In the evening you have to explore the world of tapas, too Bar Ávila II it is an excellent choice. 


You can't leave Spain without a shopping session. It would be a shame not to enter the famous centers El Corte Ingles. You can find them on Calle Arabian at the intersection with Calle Canaveral or on Calle Acera del Darro. You cannot miss the Nevada Mall, which, in addition to numerous shops, also has a huge terrace with a view Sierra Nevada.

So, Granada is a city that will not disappoint any tourist! Two days here will give you the opportunity to relax in a fascinating setting, sprinkled with history, art, oriental influences and tradition, and in the evening you will discover a modern place, perfect for young people. It's a great option in any season, no matter what your budget is! 

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