Vacation in Europe - ROME! Travel guide and daily itinerary


Romance, history, shopping, the most beautiful sights and good food? Where else can you get it all than in famous Rome. Italy's capital is currently one of the most affordable destinations in Europe, and is suitable for couples, families with children and groups of friends.

Transport and how to get from the airport to the city

Since we can fly from 2 airports in Rome, Ciampino and Fiumicino, there are several options to get from them to the city centre.

From Ciampino Airport:

  • there are bus services from Ciampino airport to Termini station Terravision or Sit Bus Shuttle. A one-way ticket costs €6 or €11 return, and the journey takes around 30-45 minutes.
  • a taxi ride will cost you at least 30 euros.

From Fiumicino Airport:

  • there are bus services from Fiumicino airport to Termini station Terravision. A one-way ticket costs €6 or €11 return, and the journey takes around 45-60 minutes.
  • a train journey to Termini Station takes approximately 50 minutes, and the ticket will cost 8 euro/way (standard), respectively 14 euro/way for first class.
  • a taxi ride will cost you at least 40 euros.


Accommodation options are varied, with numerous B&Bs, apartments and luxury hotels. Compared to other European capitals, Rome is very accessible in terms of accommodation and transport.

B&B recommendation: The Center Of Rome B&B

Apartment recommendation: St Peter's View


Who doesn't like pasta? Who doesn't enjoy a good pizza? We assure you that in Rome your taste buds will be satisfied. Besides these classics, we also recommend lasagna, arancini, or tiramisu. We also guarantee you will eat the best ice cream here.

Activities and sights by day in Rome

As Rome is a historically charged city, you will have a long list of places to visit. To make your holiday easier, we've grouped them according to the area they are located in.

Day 0

  • Venice Square
  • Spanish Steps

How can you take the pulse of the city better than right from the heart of Rome? After checking in take a walk to Piazza Venezia and have a good ice cream. About 1km away you'll come across the Spanish Steps, as well known as it is crowded, but it's a perfect place to fill your instagram with photos.

Day 1

  • The Colosseum, The Romanian Forum and Paladin Hill
  • Trajan's Column
  • Arch of Constantine

Not only are they very close in terms of distance, but a ticket for Colosseum it also guarantees you entry to The Romanian Forum and Paladin Hill for 24 hours. Because Rome is a favorite city for tourists at any time of the year, we recommend you to opt for purchasing tickets online, to avoid the enormous queues at the entrance. The price for adults varies from 14 to 18 euros, and for young people between the ages of 18 and 25, it starts from 4 euros.

If you did not manage to find accommodation near the center or you are simply not fond of walking, you can get here by metro (line B, "Colosseo" station) or by bus lines 75, 81, 673, 175 or 204.Depending on how much time you spend in the 3 places and how much energy you have left, nearby you can also visit Trajan's Column, Venice Square, Capitoline Museums or Arch of Constantine.

Day 2

  • Vatican
  • Castel Sant' Angelo
  • Pantheon
  • Navona Square

For a complete "analysis" of Vatican  you should allocate at least 3 hours to it. It would be ideal to consult an interactive map beforehand to make a visit plan, so as not to miss any of the famous attractions such as The Sistine Chapel, Art Gallery (where are his works Leonardo da Vinci or Rafael Sanzo), inner yard or St. Peter's Basilica. Do you think there are few tourist attractions for 3 hours? Just think that the basilica of San Pietro is the largest in the world, and the feeling you will have once you enter there will be overwhelming. If you still have fresh strength left for "caroling" around the Vatican, you can still visit The Egyptian Museum, The Vatican Library, St. Peter's Square or Niccolina Chapel.

We also recommend purchasing tickets online, which range from 8 euros for young people up to 24 years old, up to 17 euros for adults. This will save you from the queues at the entrance. Obviously, the price can increase if you want a guided tour.

Not 1km from Vatican you will be greeted by another representative building of Rome namely Sant'Angelo Castle, a former mausoleum of the Emperor Hadrian, later transformed into a castle by the popes, and can now be visited as a museum, housing numerous historical collections such as objects of the Italian army, paintings and sculptures. Prices range from €8 to €20, depending on age. The location is also perfect for great photos, for example on the castle's bridge over the Tiber.

In the evening you can stop at Pantheon and in Navona Square, because it will be freer, these two tourist spots being very crowded during the day. Don't be afraid if it gets dark, the Pantheon is much more beautiful in the evening, being lit up.

Day 3

  • Villa Borghese
  • Historical Centre
  • Trevi Fountain

Villa Borghese it is the largest park in Rome including a lake, museums, temples, fountains and statues. Until you get here you can go through Piazza di Spagna or Piazza del Popolo. You can visit Villa Borghese at rush hour in the city as a shelter from congestion. Prices for young people start from 2 euros, and for adults from 13 euros.

On the way back to Treve Fountain, one of the most famous sights in Rome you can take at a walk Historical centre full of terraces and shops. Take your comfortable shoes and explore every corner!


Whether you have a limited budget and don't spend a lot of money on clothes or you are targeting the products of international and renowned designers, Rome can offer you choices for all budgets and tastes.

The place where all the brand-name shops, even the most prestigious ones, can be found in abundance is the street Via del Corso. The street starts from Piazza del Popolo and ends at Piazza Venezia. For those with a more generous budget who prefer established designers, we also recommend going to on Via dei Condotti . The street starts from Spanga Square and is the "home" of designer shops such as Armani, Prada, Versaca, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and much more. The place is also full of terraces and restaurants.

In case you are thinking about a possible holiday in Rome, we will leave you a list of links to help you with the organization of your trip.

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