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Lapland is an unmissable destination that deserves to be visited at least once in your life! It is a location that any person will enjoy, from the youngest member of the family to the oldest. Your childhood dream will come true and you can reach his house Santa Claus! Doesn't that sound like a dream? Get ready for an unforgettable vacation and discover in this travel guide all the details necessary for planning: transport options, accommodation, tourist attractions, excursions and unique activities, shopping options, specific dishes and the locations where you can try them, but also a recommended minimum budget.

How do you get to Lapland?

Here are the options you have to reach the city Rovaniemi located at approx. 9 km distance from the airport:

  • Bus: The Rovaniemi Airport express buses reach the city center in about 20 minutes, and the price varies between 7-12 euros/person, depending on the location where you want to get off;
  • Taxi: The trip will take about 10 minutes to the center, and the average price of a ride is 25-30 euros.

What do you travel with?

In Lapland you can travel very easily with the public transport consisting of buses, trams and trains. Buses connect the cities in the region and are the most popular choice. Unlike other European cities, ticket prices in Lapland are higher. They start from 2 euros and can increase, depending on the distance you want to travel. Find details here.

You can also opt for taxis, which are a comfortable choice, especially when you want to get from one corner of the city to another. Average prices are 13 euros/3 km, 16 euros/5 km and 24 euros/10 km.

where are you staying

The accommodations are fabulous Lapland offers a wide range of options: from guesthouses to 5-star hotels or holiday homes. For example, the price for one night at a 3-star hotel starts from 140 euros. And if you want to stay at a 4-star hotel, you will pay at least 220 euros per night. Are you coming with your family or several friends? A holiday home can be the right choice, the price starting from 250 euros per night. Or maybe you want to opt for apartments, prices starting from 80 euros/night. And regardless of the chosen accommodation, the dream landscapes and wonderful atmosphere of Lapland will not disappoint!

Here are some recommendations at affordable prices and very good conditions:

  • Apartment Riistawalkea it is located only 500 m from the center of Rovaniemi and the units are equipped with a private kitchen, private bathroom, balcony and TV. The apartments are new and modern, and the prices for an apartment start from 88 euros/night 
  • Santa Claus Holiday Village it is located 10 km from Rovaniemi, right in the center of Santa Claus' Town. The accommodations are heated cottages equipped with a private sauna, private bathroom, private kitchen, TV, terrace, TV, WiFi, dishwasher and coffee maker. In addition, breakfast is included in this unique accommodation. The prices for a superior cabin with sauna - A (the most affordable, having 1 bedroom and 1 living room with 1 sofa bed) start from 240 euros/night. 
  • Lapland Northern Lights Cabin it is located 20 km from Rovaniemi and here you can live an unforgettable experience, specific to Lapland. In a wooden cabin equipped with 1 bedroom (1 double bed), 1 living room (1 sofa bed), private kitchen, sauna, terrace and barbecue area, the location is right next to Lake Sierijarvi. In addition, the location accepts pets. Prices start from 180 euros/night. 

Find other offers here

What are you visiting in Lapland?

Santa's town

A stay in Lapland means a mandatory visit to Santa's town - a unique and memorable experience especially for children and adults alike. This fascinating tourist spot offers the opportunity to visit Santa's Official Office where you can meet Santa in person, but also Santa's Post Box where you can leave letters or articles. The town is located in Rovaniemi, and from the city center to here you can opt for bus number 8. To visit this magical place, access is free! The town is open every day of the year.

Urho Kekkonen National Park

The northern lights are a magnificent spectacle of nature that can be seen in the Lapland sky between January and April. It is an unmissable phenomenon during your stay in the fascinating land of Santa Claus, especially if the sky is clear. And the aurora borealis can be easily observed from Urho Kekkonen National Park.

You can visit the park from Monday to Friday between 09:00-16:30, and Saturday and Sunday between 9-14. Access to the park is free and the park is located approx. 240 km from Rovaniemi. But it's definitely worth coming here to admire the aurora borealis! Takes bus F42 from Rovaniemi – Autoasema line up to Tunturikeskus Kiilopaa, a journey that will take approximately 3 and a half hours.

Ranua Zoo

The Ranua Zoo offers visitors the chance to admire Arctic animals in an environment as authentic as possible to their way of life. With over 50 wild species and 150 animals, the zoo park is open every day of the year and each season leaves its mark on your experience here, depending on when you visit the location.

Only a small part of the park's animals hibernate in winter, and if you wanted to admire the polar bears in their own splendor, winter is the perfect time. In the spring, most species reproduce, so the park will be full of life and opportunities to admire the animals at every step! In the summer you can enjoy the cuteness of the Arctic pups, and in the fall you can observe the change of the animals' fur.

So, any time is good to visit the park! You can buy the tickets online or from the entrance to the park (more expensive by approx. 2 euros). They start from 21.50 euros/adult, 17 euros/child between 4-14 years old, student or senior. The location is approx. 80 km south of the city of Rovaniemi. Take the bus Rovaniemi – Ranua – Oulu from Rovaniemi Station Autoasema Line and get off, after about 55 minutes of travel, at the Elainpuisto E station. Only 300 m from the station is the entrance to the park.

Oy Levi Ski Resort

Oy Levi Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in all of Finland and a place where you will surely create some memorable memories, especially if you are passionate about winter sports. Skiing and snowboarding are the most popular sports practiced here, with 38.5 km of slopes and 6.2 km of ski trails.

The resort is located in the north of Lapland and is perfect for those who want to combine a visit to Santa's country with winter sports. In addition, the view from here is unique among parts of Europe. The resort is located 170 km from Rovaniemi and you can get here by bus Rovaniemi – Levi – Enontekio in approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes. Take the bus from the station Rovaniemi Line-Autoasema and get off at Hissitie I station.

Prices start from 37.5 euros/person between 12-64 years old and 21.5 euros/person between 6-11 years old and senior over 65 years old for 3 hours. For 1 full day, you will pay approximately 45 euros/person between 12-64 years old and 27 euros/person between 6-11 years old or over 65 years old. You can buy tickets from here where you will find more details.

Arktikum Museum

Arktikum is a museum and scientific center where you can explore Nordic culture, history and environment in detail. Discover the past of the city of Rovaniemi and up to the north of Lapland from the prehistoric period until the 1970s. The exhibitions include both the culture of the region, as well as numerous researches of the Arctic, future plans, life in the northernmost regions of the world, the changes the region is going through and much more others.

You can visit the museum from Tuesday to Sunday between 10 am and 6 pm, and it is located near the center of Rovaniemi. Tickets start at 15 euros/adult, 9 euros/seniors and students, 5 euros/child between 7-15 years, and those under 7 have free access. You can buy tickets from here

Excursions and activities

1-day excursion to the Korouoma Canyon and the Frozen Waterfalls

In the Korouoma Canyon, which stretches for 30 km, there are the largest frozen waterfalls in all of Lapland, as well as panoramas that will leave you breathless. In a 7-hour excursion, you can discover this wonderful place with a tourist guide, including transport, the necessary equipment, snacks, drinks and any necessary tax. The price to live such an unforgettable experience starts from 130 euros/adult and 98 euros/child under 14 years old. You can book the trip directly from here.

Tour with BBQ and Northern Lights

Venture outside the city of Rovaniemi with an experienced guide who knows the places from where you can admire the Northern Lights in all their splendor. Right next to a lake, enjoy a traditional BBQ, drink a tea and get ready for an absolutely gorgeous landscape. The 3-hour excursion includes transport, tourist guide, winter equipment and traditional BBQ (traditional bread, pork sausages, salmon soup, blueberry tea and vegetarian/vegan options on request). Find all the details here. Prices start from 71 euros/adult and 41 euros/child between 3-12 years.  

Sleigh ride pulled by friendly Huskies and a visit to a Lappish farm

A little fun with the animals will definitely be a plus during your holiday in Lapland, especially if the little ones come too. Take a Husky walk through the snow with your loved ones and visit a Lapland farm to learn more about Husky puppies, while admiring the natural landscape that surrounds you. The 2-hour walk includes transportation, the tourist guide, the Husky sled ride over a distance of 1 km, drinks and snacks. Prices start from 95 euros/adult and 67 euros/child between 3-12 years. You can find details and book the walk here

Reindeer sleigh ride at a Lappish farm

A truly magical experience is visiting a reindeer farm where you discover their way of life, feed them and enjoy a ride on a sleigh pulled by reindeer through the forest. It will definitely be a unique vacation, right? The 2 and a half hour activity includes transport, tourist guide, visiting the reindeer farm, reindeer sleigh ride, snacks and drinks. Prices start from 91 euros/adult and 71 euros/child between 3-12 years. Find all the details here.

Snowmobile ride in the wilderness of Lapland

Add some adrenaline to your trip to Lapland, learn to drive a snowmobile and ride through beautiful areas with it on a different safari! The 2-hour adventure includes transport, equipment, instruction, snowmobile safari for approx. 20 km, the snowmobile itself, hot tea and biscuits. A driving license is mandatory, and the snowmobile can accommodate 2 people. If you come with friends, it will definitely be a fun memory together! Prices start from 105 euros/adult and 79 euros/child between 4-14 years. Find more details here.

What do you buy in Lapland?

In Rovaniemi you can find 3 shopping centers with shops and boutiques for clothes, sports equipment, as well as Finnish brands. You will find souvenirs, local handicrafts and handmade items in the center of Rovaniemi, as well as in Santa Claus's Town. But what is really worth buying in Lapland? The dwarf mulberry it is specific to Lapland, being among the few fruits that grow in this region and among the most popular in Lapland desserts. 

Kuks is probably the most famous souvenir, being a traditional wooden carved cup. Other souvenirs you can opt for are items with Moomin (popular character in Finnish children's books) for children, traditional bracelets Sami and traditional gloves.

What do you eat in Lapland?

Reindeer meat it is very popular in Lapland dishes. This is traditionally served in the form of saute, along with cranberries and mashed potatoes. Reindeer meat can be served in burgers, ribs, pizza and even sushi!

Lapland is famous for its pure, clean waters and for the high amount of fish in them. Taste the unique flavors of salmon, trout, salmon, arctic golden trout and grayling often found in Lapland dishes, such as the popular salmon soup or any form of smoked, fried or steamed fish from the area.

Barley is one of the few grains that survived the cold climate of Lapland. It has been used for centuries in baked dishes or even in stews, and it is one of the most popular snacks risks - o barley cake served with butter and milk, absolutely delicious! The dessert known as juustoleipa is also to be tried on holiday in Lapland. It consists of a specific type of fried soft cheese served with dwarf blackberries or dwarf blackberry jam.


  • Santa's Salmon Place it is located in Santa Claus's Town and you can taste hot drinks, desserts and traditional dishes (between 6-25 euros/preparation). 
  • Nili restaurant is located in the center of the city of Rovaniemi and offers traditional and European dishes (between 10-30 euros/preparation). 
  • At Ravintola Roka – Street Bistro you will find both complex dishes and quick snacks with traditional, American and European specialties (between 6-25 euros/preparation)

You can find other restaurants with reviews, prices and other details here.

Lapland is a unique location that cannot be compared with any other vacation! With indescribable landscapes, northern lights that offer a unique show and a perfect setting for a Christmas vacation (but not only), a vacation in Lapland will surely be impressive! We recommend that you visit Lapland for at least 4 days in order to fully enjoy its main attractions. The minimum vacation budget for 2 adults and 4 days is 850-900 euros. Below you will find a list of links for planning your stay.



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