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When you think of a complete holiday, your mind will run to Tenerife, this amazing destination, perfect for both relaxing and being active or discovering and exploring a multitude of breathtaking places. The island whose mother tongue is dance, invites you to rekindle the passion and the flame of romance through kizomba, salsa, flamenco, paso-doble, cha-cha, bachata and other dance styles for which Spain is known as a passionate country. In this travel guide you will find all the details you need: transport, accommodation, restaurants & food, the most beautiful beaches and sights.


There are 4 bus routes to each of the 2 airports connecting the southern and northern areas and vice versa. Tickets cost between 2-14 euro/person, depending on your destination. Taxi fares start at 0.55 euro/km and can increase depending on the number of passengers, luggage and time of day. Find more details on Tenerife South Airport official website or of Tenerife North Airport.

Getting around Tenerife

Tenerife public transport bus line (TITSA) is very well organized and you can reach most of the island's cities easily. The buses are modern and almost always on time. They generally run between 6-23:00, but there are also some night buses in the main towns. Fares vary between 1-4 euro/trip within towns, and between towns can be up to 20 euro. You can also find details on the official website of the TITSA public transport line.

Depending on the areas you want to visit, take into accountl renting a car which gives you more freedom of movement and the ability to go anywhere. Prices start at 15 euros per day for a 4-seater car, while a family car with at least 5 seats starts at 18 euros per day. You can compare prices of rental companies and find details on . In the popular areas of Tenerife you can easily find free parking, which is marked with white lines.


As far as accommodation is concerned, the choices are endless. We recommend that you choose accommodation with a swimming pool because the waves can be very high on certain days and access to the water may be prohibited. Depending on your preferences, we recommend the following areas:

  1. Costa de Adeje and Playa del Duque (south-west) for those who prefer luxury: Vincci Seleccion Hotel - 5 stars, from 160 euro/night, SPA, 5 swimming pools, terrace, 2 restaurants, near the beach
  1. Puerto de la Cruz (central area, near the coast) for a wide range of prices, and here you will find famous black sand beaches: Puerto Palace Hotel - 4 stars, from 55 euro/night, 3 swimming pools, private balcony in each room, SPA and fitness center, mini fridge, close to the beach
  1. Las Americas Beach (south-west), suitable for those planning a family holiday: Mediterranean Palace Hotel - 5 stars, from 100 euro/night, breakfast included, 1 huge swimming pool, SPA & sport center, hairdresser, restaurant, private balcony
  1. The Christians (south-west), recommended for families as well as couples or groups of friends, with beautiful beaches, but also crowded enough: Hollywood Mirage Hotel - 4 stars, from 90 euro/night, bar, terrace, breakfast, 1 huge pool, microwave, close to the beach
  1. Santa Cruz de Tenerife (north), a city more modern than exotic, full of sights and elegant places, suitable for shopping, but also for the beach: Hotel Colon Rambla - 4 stars, from 70 euro/night, 1 swimming pool, exotic garden, terrace, restaurant

Top 6 Beaches in Tenerife

Las Americas Beach

Las Americas Beach is probably the most famous beach on the whole island. It is divided into 4: Las Americas, Tierra Negra, El Bobo and Troya. All these beaches that form Playa de Las Americas in the resort of the same name are located in the south-west (between Arona and Adeje) and stretch for almost 1 km.

It's an ideal beach for a family holiday in Tenerife as you can choose from activities by age group. Here you will find numerous water sports, as well as water parks, boat and camel trips and golf. The daily rental price of a sun lounger starts from 6 euros. If you choose to travel by car, you can easily find parking with a fee nearby. In Parkia Valle Menendez prices start from 11 euro/day.

Las Teresitas Beach

Las Teresitas Beach is located in the north of the island and has an extremely fine golden sand in contrast with the turquoise water. Gorgeous palm trees and exotic shrubs surround the beach for about 1.5 km. There are plenty of activities for adults and children, as well as an inflatable water park.

The beach is about 10 km from Santa Cruz De Tenerife and can be reached in about 30 minutes by bus 910. You will have to get off at Las Teresitas stop, and from there it's a 500 m walk to the beach. The price for a sun lounger starts at 4 euros per day. Coming by car? The beach has its own parking lot with about 1000 free spaces. 

Tejita Beach

This gorgeous natural beach comes with a dreamy landscape: the volcanic amber cone of Montana Roja, azure water and fine sand. Tejita Beach stretches for 1 km and prices for sunbeds are quite low here too - only 4 euros per day. You won't find many facilities in the area, but the area is perfect for surfing as the waves are often very high.

Tejita Beach is located in the southern part of the island, just 8 km from Tenerife South Airport and 2 km from El Medano resort. By bus 470 you can reach La Tejita stop in about 15 minutes, from where you have about 800 m to the beach. And if you arrive by car, parking spaces are free.

Duke's Beach

Duke's Beach is located in the south-western part of the island and has one of the whitest sands in Tenerife. You have many facilities near the beach and on the beach, such as water sports activities, restaurants, bars and terraces. It stretches for 400 m and the water is calm and tranquil.

The cost of a sun lounger for 1 day is about 6 euros, and for 3 sun loungers and an umbrella you will pay about 25 euros. The beach is located in Costa Adeje, and you can get there in 25 minutes by bus 467 from the Costa Adeje bus station. You'll have to get off at Bahia del Duque station, and from there it's about 600m to the beach. If you have rented a car, you can easily find parking places next to the surrounding buildings, as well as at the underground car park next to the beach. (the first hour is free)

Bollullo Beach

Bollullo Beach is located on the north coast of the island and is a lesser known natural beach. It has some of the darkest sand on the island, and is one of the few in Europe with such a landscape. The beach is not crowded and is a perfect place to relax for friends or couples. Because the waves can be very high and because there are no lifeguards here, don't venture into the water with children.

The beach is about 8 km from the centre of La Orotava, and you can get there by bus 376. Get off at El Rincon (T) station, from where you'll have about 25-30 minutes to walk. You won't find many facilities as the beach is quite secluded. But you will find a bar with a terrace where you can get some snacks.

If you rent a car, you will reach the beach in about 20 minutes from La Orotava. It is good to know that the road to the beach is very narrow and can only fit one car. Watch out for curves in particular, and if you meet a car on the road you will have to find a place of refuge on the side. The nearest car park starts at 3 euros per day and has less than 50 spaces.

Los Cristianos Beach

Los Cristianos Beach is just 3 km from Playa de Las Americas, where you will find the clearest and cleanest water accompanied by almost white sand. It is almost 1 km long and has numerous bars and restaurants around it, as well as water sports equipment rental locations.

From Playa de Las Americas you can get there by bus 447, 467, 471 or 473 in about 20 minutes. A sun lounger costs about 5 euros per day and it is recommended to arrive as early as possible so you can settle in as you wish. It's a perfect beach for a family holiday in Tenerife! Apart from free parking spaces which you may not find at certain busy times, you can choose underground car parks with prices from 10 euros per day. 

Tourist Attractions Tenerife

Loro Park

Loro Park Also called "El must de Canarias", it is the headliner of Puerto de la Cruz attractions. It was founded on 17 December 1972. It was originally created as a paradise for parrots but over the years it has been transformed into a place that hosts a diversity of endangered animals. 

If you drive, you will find parking for about 5 euros. If you choose public transport, you can take bus 381 from Puerto de la Cruz and you will arrive in about 10 minutes.

In the park you can admire:

  • The largest collection of parrots in the world, the giant tortoises of the Galapagos Islands, the largest dolphinarium in Europe and the largest penguin sanctuary in the world;
  • The botanical garden is home to over 8000 palm trees and a multitude of exotic plants;
  • Orchid garden;
  • Koi fish pond. They are beautiful and interestingly coloured Japanese fish, which symbolise health, happiness, well-being, endurance and strength for the Japanese people;
  • Chimpland;
  • Katandra Treetops, the place where you can enter and see more than 1000 birds of different species flying freely;
  • Tiger Island
  • Orca Basin;
  • Also in the park you have the opportunity to watch the extraordinary parrot, dolphin and seal shows.

Address: Avenida Loro Parque, 38400, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain


Prices: 42 euro/adult and 29 euro/child

Siam Park

Siam Park was opened to the public in 2008 and boasts the most spectacular water park in Europe. It covers an area of 200,000 square meters and is built entirely in Thai style. The park was officially opened by Thailand's Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. 

The park is located in Adeje, and if you travel by public transport, then you can get there by bus 447, 471 or 473 in about 30 minutes. The park has its own parking lot for 4 euro/day.


  • Tower of Power - is the most representative attraction of the park, a slide with a free fall of 28 meters high, recommended for thrill seekers;
  • Mekong Rapids - the slide for speed;
  • The Giant - a slide with a lower difficulty, the descent is done on a one or two person slide;
  • Wave Palace - a swimming pool surrounded by sand. Here you can see the largest artificial waves in the world, reaching a height of almost 3 metres;
  • Jungle Snakes: the place where slides and tubes wind through the lush vegetation of the park;
  • Naga Racer - here you can slide on your belly on several slides glued together forming a single very wide slide.
  • Mai Thai River - is a river that surrounds the entire park. Here the less brave can float on one or two person boats, admiring the vegetation on the bank;
  • Lost City - the area of the park for children. Here you will find bridges, waterfalls and water slides.

The park also offers options for the less brave. You can stroll through the park's tropical gardens or along the banks of the river that runs through the area. You can also dine in one of the park's 5 locations: Thai House, Thai Bar, Tea House, Beach Club Restaurant, Beach Bar or do some shopping in the shops built within the floating market.

Address: Lugar de Caldera, 38670, Adeje, Tenerife, Spain


Prices: 40 euro/adult and 28 euro/child

You can opt for the Twin ticket which includes entrance to both parks: Loro Park and Siam Park (70 euro/adult, 49 euro/child). You can buy it on .

Masca Village

Masca Village is one of the most beautiful places on the island, being surrounded by mountain peaks and forests. To get here you have the following options: by rented car, by a guided tour available at hotels or travel agencies on the island or by public transport, with 2 lines (355 and 365) available from Santiago del Teide and Buenavista del Norte. If you are confident in your driving skills, we recommend renting a car to fully enjoy the spectacular drive to the village.

Once here, enjoy the rural atmosphere of a village with just over 100 inhabitants. Don't forget to try the fresh cactus and the fresh and tasty food. We recommend Chez Arlette restaurant.

Teide Volcano

Teide Volcano is included in the "National Park of Santa Cruz de Tenerife". With a height of 3,718 m above sea level and about 7,000 m above the ocean floor, it is the highest peak in Spain and all the islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The park attracts by the diversity of its flora and fauna and by the challenges generated by its geological structure.

Teide National Park It is also home to a number of species (mammals) that have been brought here over time: the mouflon, the rabbit and the Algerian hedgehog.

It is possible to climb the mountain by cable car from 2,350 m to 3,555 m, at the resort called La Rambleta, the ascent on foot to the top being allowed only with a special permit from the National Park administration. Once at the top you will have an impressive view of the landscape and somewhere in the distance you can see the ocean. On a plateau of the mountain there is a museum. In the museum hall you can watch a film about Teide. Right at the base of the mountain, before you take the cable car you will find plenty of parking spaces.

Address: 5, C. Emilio Calzadilla, 4th floor, 38002, Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain



  • Teleferic - 21 euro/pers
  • Museum - free

Anaga Nature Park

Anaga Nature Park occupies a significant part of the north of the island, including both mountainous and marine areas.

If you love nature, love taking pictures or are passionate about geology, this place is a must for you! Because the main activity here is hiking, your first stop should be at the Cruz Carmen park information point.

Here you will receive a map of the park, accompanied by additional information from authorized staff, all free of charge.

There is the possibility to cross the park by rented car or public transport. The infrastructure is well developed, the roads even have viewpoints. Parking spaces at the entrance are free, but limited, so we recommend you to arrive early to leave your car safely.


Like any island, seafood and fish are among the local specialties. Sancocho is a stew of salted fish, sweet potatoes, parsley and olive oil - a true harmony of flavours and one of the most delicious dishes. Try also Wrinkled Potatoes (almost black potatoes grown on the island) or Ropa Vieja (a kind of chicken, pork or beef stew with naut and potatoes). Bienmesabe is probably the most delicious dessert in Tenerife with almonds and lemon. 

Where do you eat in Tenerife?

If you are in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, try the restaurants The Seve Diaz Workshop (Mediterranean and European dishes, prices between 8-48 euros) or Julian Winery (Mediterranean and vegan dishes, prices between 5-30 euros).

You preferred the southern part of the island and ended up in Adeje? Try Sebastian Restaurant (Mediterranean and European, prices between 5-45 euros) or Carlos Restaurant (international and Mediterranean, prices between 5-25 euros). 

Tenerife is definitely a destination you must visit at least once. And chances are that after you've been once you'll want to go back again! If you want to explore the mountains and wilder parts of the island, we recommend doing it in autumn, winter or until April, as the weather is a bit cooler then. And if you want to make the most of the beaches, visit Tenerife in spring or summer. Below are some links to plan your holiday in Tenerife!

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