Country holidays | Why take a holiday in the countryside?


"The Romanian village represents life in all its structural splendor of the free man, rising from the shadow of the stones." - Camelia Oprita

Leave in the country

If you are wondering why people choose to make their holidays in the country and you want to know if a Romanian village would suit you as a holiday destination, this article will help you.

More and more people are leaving rural areas to make a life in the nearest city.

Some choose to start a family even further away from the parental home because of a better paying job in a certain city or they leave to settle in the capital.

But not a few are those who, either out of a desire to recall certain childhood memories, or to escape to a quiet space, choose to spend their holiday in the country.

The list of reasons why a break in the countryside is so appealing:

You'll have the privacy and peace you've longed for

Cities have become extraordinarily crowded, it has become impossible to go out anywhere without being noticed or meeting someone you know, and this has become somewhat frustrating.

Besides, most cities, especially the big ones are lively even at night, you will never find a quiet place in the city.

In the country, you will experience the exact opposite of city life. You can enjoy privacy, and the constant noise from cars and other noise pollution will muffle you.

 More free space

It is already known that city dwellers suffer from a lack of open spaces and children, due to limited play spaces, choose to spend time on video games.

Choose a secluded village as your destination and you will enjoy so much open space that it will seem like you have reached the end of the Earth.

It's time to have fun, to learn to ride a bike, if you don't already know how, to play ball, to play games with your children without having to share the space with other people, as you do in the few small parks in the cities.

You are closer to nature

In the country, you're more likely to wake up to birdsong than to a car alarm or the horn of a hurried driver..

Rural houses have a lot of land around them, orchard, vineyard, flower garden, vegetable garden and greenery and all this space has a soothing effect on both mind and body.

You don't have to go far from your accommodation to feel close to nature, because nature comes to you.

It's quite common to see wild animals, right in your own backyard, such as the rarer birds, butterflies, hedgehogs, foxes, rabbits or even deer.

 Healthy food

In the country, with the owner's permission, you can pick fruit and vegetables from the garden to cook tasty food on the spot over a wood fire, or you can ask the neighbours if they have freshly milked cow's milk, cheese, sauerkraut or other foods they make, which you can buy more cheaply than if you went to a shop selling "organic" products.

You can also watch cows being milked, cheese being made, eggs being collected from the nest. There are many peasants who are happy to share with others the "secrets" of their work, and for you or your children it will be a unique and unforgettable experience. I personally still remember the Steluta cow from Sadova from which I drank fat and tasty milk, although it has been years since my last visit to that mountain paradise.

Fresh air

Due to the small number of cars and the distance from a factory you will not inhale noxious fumes in the country.. Fresh air is undoubtedly one of the main advantages of a holiday in the country.

Friendlier people

 In the countryside, when you meet a child or a person younger than you, even if you are unknown, you will be greeted. Rural communities are much smaller, but much more connected and open.

Rural people are more respectful and friendly, ready to jump to your aid without being asked or expecting a reward for their help, and their children are simpler and more sociable because they are not attached to technology like city children.

It's like time stands still

Time seems to pass more slowly in the country, which will help relieve a lot of the stress that comes with the fast pace of city life.

If you tend to be always in a hurry or always late or have something urgent to do, here everything can wait, now you are on holiday and this is your time - relax and enjoy the peaceful life of the Romanian village!

Nona Curalariu

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