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Interrail Ljubljana, Slovenia | Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, a small country full of surprises. It's an ideal destination for a weekend getaway. Two days in Ljubljana are enough to see the main sights.

The Slovenian capital has a great atmosphere. Especially on weekends and holidays, the city fills up with people enjoying the monuments and outdoor spaces. It is one of the European cities with the best quality of life. Much of the fault is the restriction of traffic through the historic centre, which is completely pedestrianised. There's nothing better than renting a bike or walking to fall in love with Ljubljana.

Attractions and sights Ljubljana, Slovenia - What you must visit

Predjama Castle - a castle in a cave

This castle built inside a cave is a very amazing thing to see in Slovenia. This incredible medieval construction is hanging over a 100-metre cliff. It's hard to differentiate where the action of nature ends and human construction begins.

In its attic is an exhibition of medieval weapons that were essential in defending the area during some of the cruel battles of the 15th century. From May to September you can also visit the cave beneath the castle. Admission costs €13.80 and it's one of the most beautiful castles to see in Slovenia.

Annunciation Church

The most stunning building to see in Ljubljana, its special pink colour attracts a lot of attention and appears in all the most famous photos of Ljubljana. This Franciscan-run church was built in 1669, although in the past there had already been two churches on the same site.

It is inspired by Italian trends, specifically in the church of Il Gesù in Rome. Its interior is also very curious as the frescoes have been painted three times throughout its history.

Dragons on the Dragon Bridge

They say if you don't have a photo of one of the dragons guarding this bridge, you haven't been to Ljubljana. So run across the dragon bridge, which curiously should have been decorated with lion figures according to the original plans.

Tivoli Park

Don't forget to take a walk through Ljubljana's largest and most beautiful park. I was there on a Friday and there was a lot of atmosphere: people having picnics, a children's gym, and a few runners jogging along the paths.

The park is so large that it touches the centre of the town and at the same time the Roznik hill, an ideal area for hiking. Don't miss Tivoli Park's central promenade, it's used for outdoor photo exhibitions.

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