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Interrail Venice, Italy | Visiting Venice in one day is not impossible. The Veneto capital is a unique, authentic city and visiting it in a short time is possible. In fact, there are many tourists who decide to visit Venice in one day because they have been in Italy for a short time and want to visit other incredible cities like Florence or Rome. Don't worry, we've put together an itinerary so you can see all the highlights of Venice in one day.

Where to stay to visit Venice in a day

To do this route through Venice in a day it is advisable to spend at least one night in the city. Staying in Venice is expensive, so if you want to save money you can sleep in Mestre. Getting from Mestre to Venice is easy and can mean big savings.

What to visit in Venice - Attractions Venice

Start the day discovering Cannaregio

Cannaregio is one of Venice's most historic districts. People often fall in love with it because it is the entrance to the city and it is the first contact they have with Venice. It is a very prestigious district cut during the Silk Road, where there were many warehouses. Today many have become beautiful art galleries. Another essential place you can't miss in Cannaregio is the Ca'd'Oro mansion. Its famous and beautiful facade can be seen from the Grand Canal. It is the building that best defines the town's transition from Gothic to Renaissance. Today it is a museum where you will find art by great artists such as Titian. It's free on the first Sunday of every month. The ground floor with the presence of sculptures and a garden is beautiful.

Grand Canal

One of the best things to see in Venice in one day. As the name says, it's the largest canal in Venice. It is 4 km long and divides the city in two. No need to travel it by vaporetto or gondola, as it can be clearly appreciated through one of its famous bridges.

Cross the Rialto Bridge

It is one of the most famous bridges in the world. Although Las Vegas has a very similar replica at The Venetian, its beauty can't compare. It's the first bridge to cross the Grand Canal, so it's perfect to take this Venice itinerary in one day. As well as being the most famous bridge, it is also the oldest of those crossing the Grand Canal.

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