Ladybird invasion on the coast - What is the reason and when do we get rid of it?


Invasion of ladybirds on the Romanian coast, on the beaches of Mamaia, Navodari and Vama veche.

An unprecedented invasion of ladybugs has swept over the Romanian coast, literally covering a large part of the beaches, spoiling the fun of the tourists who are on the coast these days. They are everywhere, and people simply don't know how to get rid of these annoying ladybugs, most of them preferring to take refuge in the water, and even started to eat and drink in the sea, being almost impossible to stay on the beach / sunbed.

What caused this invasion of ladybirds on the coast?

Buburuzule, also known as mamarute or gargariteThere are predators that feed on aphids, they bring a lot of benefits to agriculture in general, but let's stick to our own, why did they appear on the coast?

Specialists say that the reason lies in the recent fickle weather, warm weather and heavy rains leading to the emergence of aphids which are the favorite food of ladybugs, so ladybugs clean the ecosystem of aphids. As a reference, a ladybird eats about 300 aphids per day.

Tips for seaside tourists

At the same time, specialists advise seaside tourists not to kill ladybirds, they do not cause allergies and are harmless.

How do blisters get into the sea? Simply because of the wind.

When do we get rid of ladybugs?

Experts also say that we should not worry, as it is a natural phenomenon that does not pose a risk to humans and this invasion will disappear within a few days, up to a maximum of a week.

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