New Year's Eve 2022 - Where do we spend New Year's Eve? TOP Destinations Europe


New Year's Eve 2022 - The New Year is one of the most exciting events celebrated by every person globally. Millions of people anticipate the arrival of the new year to forget all their troubles and wait for something unexpected to happen in their lives.

Enter the new year with a glass of champagne, countdown parties, sparkling fireworks and more.

For those who are vaccinated and want to party abroad but still stay close to home to celebrate this epic event with friends or family, a good idea is to head to one of the best New Year's Eve 2022 destinations in Europe.

Cities to spend New Year's Eve 2022:

1. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the ultimate party city, popular for the annual New Year's Eve pancake race.

With a plethora of international food stalls, unique New Year's Eve parties, amazing laser shows, DJ performances, live music, exciting fireworks and more, tourists can have a great time in Berlin. People can attend one of the biggest street parties held in Berlin between the Victory Column and the Brandenburg Gate. Millions of party lovers gather in one place to enjoy the 12-hour party.

Berlin is one of the best cities in the world for New Year's Eve. Enjoy delicious food at a variety of food stalls and sample the best drinks at Berlin's popular bars. Take part in the free, open-air New Year's Eve celebrations powered by an exceptional fireworks display, live music concerts, DJs, laser shows, etc.

2. Paris, France

Enjoy a special dinner with your partner at the Eiffel Tower restaurant for a memorable night in Paris before the New Year's Eve party. Some of Paris' iconic attractions on New Year's Eve include glittering street dance performances, colourful light shows and more.

If you want to stay up all night partying with your friends, go to the Champs Elysees or the Sacre Coeur square in Montmartre. Witness the grandeur of the Eiffel Tower on New Year's Eve; popularly known as the City of Lights, Paris offers tourists a delightful New Year's Eve celebration. Watch the world's best cabaret show at the Moulin Rouge in Paris while enjoying the spectacular fireworks display.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the most amazing places to visit on New Year's Eve in the world. Tourists explore some of the city's popular public squares to enjoy memorable New Year's Eve parties 2022.

Some of the places include Rembrandtplein, Dam Square or Nieuwmarkt. The places mentioned above have the particularity that all parties held here are free of charge. One can visit this place with friends and family to have wonderful entertainment all night long.

The Amsterdam Light Festival is one of the events that takes place in the city, hosted between December and January. Visitors can really enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and enchanting views of the whole city. People can get out on the Amstel River to watch the fireworks countdown on the night of 31 December.

To get a clear, elaborate and compact view of Amsterdam's fireworks, head to one of the city's popular bridges. Taste the best drinks, enjoy live music and dance the night away on this special occasion.

4. London, England

London is one of the best places in the world to spend New Year's Eve ringing in the new year with your friends. Go for a walk across the Thames to witness the fabulous fireworks display that lights up the London skyline.

You shouldn't miss the popular marching parade and other interesting events held along the river. Join the locals as they march through the streets of London the following day. With a brilliant light show and an excellent fireworks display, Big Ben becomes stunning on New Year's Eve.

After you're done sightseeing and witnessing the beautiful fireworks, head to one of the famous restaurants to enjoy a delicious meal on New Year's Eve.

5. Vienna, Austria

To get an amazing New Year's Eve 2022 experience, head to Vienna City Hall, which offers plenty of mulled wine, delicious food and more. Party at a gala with friends and family here and celebrate the arrival of the new year.

Vienna is the most charming city known for its historic balls, and on New Year's Eve, this place is famous for its caramel apples. Tourists will be delighted to spend the New Year in this city.

Some of the exciting features include a fun ride on the majestic Emperor Train. It is also known as the palace on the tracks. To enjoy the best time on New Year's Eve in Vienna, visit some of the perfect destinations such as Silversterdorf and Neujahrmarkt.

6. Edinburgh, Scotland

Every year, Edinburgh transforms into a joyous destination as the 2022 New Year's Eve celebrations begin. With abundant fireworks, a lively atmosphere, special musical performances, plenty of whisky flow, stunning views of the fireworks and much more, Edinburgh is the most exciting place in Europe.

Romantic couples can enjoy a mix of joy and romance in Edinburgh on New Year's Eve. Edinburgh's Princess Street Gardens is one of the best New Year's Eve destinations in the world, with crazy dance performances in the streets, amazing firework shows, live concerts and more.

The Hogmanay celebrations run for about 3 days starting on New Year's Eve. Every year, millions of people visit Edinburgh from all over the world to enjoy the 2022 New Year's Eve celebrations. It's a busy place, so make sure you book your tickets in advance.

7. Madeira, Portugal

Do you want to live an unforgettable experience on New Year's Eve? Madeira is a beautiful island, decorated with twinkling lights across the streets on New Year's Eve.

The charming flowers on this island are placed in different parts of the city to ring in the new year in an exceptional way. Head to this romantic spot with your partner to relax in the winter sun and watch the first sunrise in the new year. Go on a romantic boat ride to see the wonderful views of nature in the evening. Madeira is world-renowned for its breathtaking fireworks display at midnight on 31 December.

8. Dubrovnik, Croatia

People don't have to worry much about their New Year's Eve 2022 celebrations in Dubrovnik. Croatia's Adriatic pearl is the perfect place to start the new year with friends and family.

If you want to celebrate this Christmas Eve in a calm and serene atmosphere, go to Dubrovnik. Some of Dubrovnik's streets are hosting a variety of New Year's Eve 2022 celebrations, including free live concerts, DJ shows and more. The Symphony Orchestra features performances by international artists, brass bands, Croatian carols and more.

The New Year often offers immense joy and fun, whether you spend it at home or exploring the beautiful cities of Europe. The best thing about New Year's Eve is that people can spoil themselves with fun-filled family activities and adventurous events with friends in places full of merriment and good cheer.

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