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The city lost and buried in the ash of the volcano Vesuvius is one of the most impressive and popular locations in Italy. Due to the ashes, some buildings have been preserved, offering tourists a small picture of the life of Romanians in the past. It is an ideal vacation, even with the family, for both educational and recreational purposes. The silence around the city, the ancient ruins and nature transforms the city of Pompeii in the choice of many families as a holiday destination. I have prepared a travel guide for you for 2 days! 

Transport and accommodation

Pompeii is located 28 km from the city of Naples.

You can take the train from Naples Central Station, the ticket price costs between 1.40-2.80 euros per person. The journey will take approximately 30-40 minutes and the first train leaves at 05:40. Another option is to take the bus to Pompeii with prices from 4 euros.    

In order to reach as many locations as possible easily, we recommend renting a car. Thus, you can walk with your partner, friends or family quietly in any nearby location. It is especially recommended for families so as not to tire the little ones with long walks. For vehicles with at least 5 seats, prices for 1 day start from 90 euros, and the cheapest rental vehicles start from 60 euros. 

If you want to fully discover the Roman architecture and historical buildings of ancient Pompeii, we recommend an accommodation in Pompeii located 1 minute from the archaeological site and just as close to the Pompeii amphitheater: Hotel del Sole of 4 stars. Prices for a triple room (with a bed and for children) start from 130 euros per night. You can also find accommodations with good conditions and at more affordable prices. In the center, prices start from 60 euros/night for a triple room and 40 euros/night for a double room. 

Are you dreaming of a relaxing vacation away from the city? You can opt for Resort & Winery Bosco de Medici – 4 star hotel. Located at a distance of 700 m from the ruins of Pompeii, the hotel offers a superb landscape over the Vesuvius volcano. Here there are activities for family members: a large swimming pool with a view of the mountains, a mini zoo for children's entertainment, citrus fruits and wine tastings for adults. The price of the triple room is approximately 200 euros/night. The experience will remind you of the exotic hotels in Madagascar or South Africa! 

Day 0 

  • Arrival in Pompeii 
  • Check-in at the hotel 

Day 1 

  • Italian breakfast 
  • Forum 
  • Teatro Grande and Teatro Piccolo 
  • House of Menander 
  • Villa of Mysteries 
  • Dinner 

Start exploring this place full of history with a sweet breakfast at Pasticceria de Vivo since 1955. Coffee, muffins and other pastries specific to the Italian breakfast can be found here. Since in Italy many restaurants or cafes start their program after 10 o'clock, we recommend that you inform yourself in advance about their schedule. Here it is open from 6am to midnight, and the prices start from 1.5 euros for a croissant with a croissant and go up to 5 euros for cheesecake. 

Archaeological Site of the ancient city of Pompeii is right in the center. It opens at 9 a.m. and the last tour can start at 5:30 p.m. or 3:30 p.m. between November 1 and March 31. European citizens between 18-25 years old have a discount on the ticket, which costs only 2 euros. Otherwise, the tickets cost 16 euros per person. Tickets can be purchased online or at the entrance office. (link at the end) 

Give yourself at least 3-4 hours to visit the entire site, this way you will discover even more Romanian culture. Among the attractions on the site that you should not miss is Forum. This was the center of the Romanian city and the place where the most important events took place. From political discussions to religious rites, the Romanians also built some shops at that time. The place is full of sculptures and temples such as: Temple of Jupiter, Temple of Vespasian and Temple of Apollo. One of the largest and oldest temples is the Temple of Apollo which is surrounded by 48 columns. 

Teatro Granda and Teatro Piccolo

It is approximately 400 m away Teatro Grande, and next to this is also Teatro Piccolo. These 2 theaters used to be among the busiest areas in Pompeii. Romanians used to come here for shows and musical concerts. Teatro Grande could receive 5000 spectators, while Teatro Piccolo only 800, being smaller as the name implies. They represent an image of the civilization of that time. The Teatro Grande was among the first stone theaters built by the Romanians, being a truly incredible place. 

House of Menander

House of Menander it is only 200 m from the 2 theaters. It belonged to one of the greatest Romanian aristocrats at that time. With a splendid architecture and spread over an area of 1800 m, the House shows the value brought to art by the rich at that time.  

Valley of Mysteries

Valley of Mysteries it is located in the western area of the Archaeological Site. This is a villa from Roman times where valuable frescoes and paintings were well preserved. Important faces were painted on the walls of the building. 

Once you have entered the archaeological site of the city of Pompeii, the only restaurant there is Excavate Cafe Pompeii. Here you can find Mediterranean dishes, salads such as Capri and, of course, pizza. The prices are quite high being a tourist place. You can also opt for the food stands around town. Here you can find paninis, coffees and other snacks. 

If you want to save, we recommend you to have dinner at one of the restaurants near the site. Le Delizie Pompei Via Roma 83 it is only a 2-minute walk from the site. You will find Italian food, seafood, as well as vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. The prices are lower than those inside the site, a pizza starting from 5 euros, and an appetizer, main course and a drink for one person starting from about 12 euros.  

Day 2 

  • Italian breakfast 
  • Vesuvius National Park 
  • Vesuvio Winery of the Russo family 

Have a hearty breakfast at Hermes Cafe located near the eastern area of the Archaeological Site. The location opens at 10 a.m., and prices vary between 4-40 euros. You can find appetizers, seafood specialties, pasta and other Mediterranean dishes. 

Vesuvius National Park 

It would be a shame to come on vacation to Pompeii and not visit the great place Vesuvius volcano. You can get here by bus from Piazza Anfiteatro, the ticket price is about 2-3 euros. You can buy tickets from tobacconists. The first bus leaves at 8:30 a.m., and the last bus from Vesuvius returns to Pompeii at 4 p.m. The journey will take about 50 minutes, and from the alighting station you will have to walk about 400 m. We do not recommend coming by car because you can go up to a point and you will have to pay the parking fee of 5 euros per hour. From there, you will have 1 km to climb. Access to Vesuvius is 10 euros/adult and free for those under 1.2 m tall. You have the chance to admire a unique panorama over the city of Pompeii. The terrain is rocky, so opt for light shoes. 

Vesuvio Winery of the Russo family

After a walk in nature, we recommend a visit to the Russo family's Vesuvio Winery, located right at the foot of the volcano. You can taste unique wines, visit the vineyard and have a meal. The duration of the visit is 2 hours, and the prices start from 35 euros/person, which includes the guided tour, a meal with local specialties and a tasting of their classic wines. You can book tickets on their official website (link at the end), and if you want a vegetarian or vegan menu, it's good to book your tickets a few days before.  

Day 3 

  • Check out 
  • Departure from Pompeii 

Depending on how long you stay on vacation with your family in Pompeii and how you organize yourself, the above tourist attractions can be visited in approximately 2 days. Although the city was covered by lava, it was preserved quite well, giving us today an image of those times. It is a holiday full of history that will show you part of the glory of the Roman era. 


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