Rapa Rosie, Sebes, Alba County - Unique location in Romania


Rapa Rosie or The Little Canyon of Romania is a protected area in Alba county that covers 10 ha, being the only geological formation of this type in the country. Located 3km from the town of Sebes, the Red Frog can also be seen from A1 motorway, however the area is still well preserved and unvisited by a large number of tourists.

Rapa Rosie | Unique location in Romania

Probably, besides the spectacular red rock walls, the place is also amazing in the fact that the nature in the area has remained intact, without man's intervention in a certain way. The landscape looks like something out of a painting and the quietness of nature makes you forget that you are just a stone's throw from the city. Without a doubt it is one of the most beautiful creations of nature in Romania. The erosions of the rains and winds have created "wrinkles" in the rocks over 120 meters high. Among them it seems that clumps of vegetation have been sprinkled, making this divine setting.

Once you discover this place, you will be irrevocably conquered. The plateau at the foot of the ravine is very wide, perfect for a picnic or camping on a beautiful summer day. Not far from here is a river, which you will see on your way to the plateau.

Rapa Rosie | Route and Activities

The location is also suitable for lovers of hiking. There are several trails in the area, some more accessible to everyone, others accompanied by all sorts of strange stories. However, the place is safe as long as you don't venture out too far and try to climb the sandy and slightly craggy rocks.

Rapa Rosie | Spectacular geological reserve

Geology enthusiasts should not miss such a fascinating place full of columns and ravines, known in the scientific world for its variety of late Cretaceous fossils. In addition, many species of plants protected by law can be admired here. It is said that the Sebes area was, millions of years ago, a dry area, cut by rivers and swamps, where many animals lived. The most famous and spectacular discoveries were those of dinosaur fossils.

How to get to Rapa Rosie

If we have made you curious, we must tell you that it is quite easy to get here, the attraction being near the A1 motorway, 60 km from Sibiu if 15 km from Alba Iulia. Sebes has more than 20 hotels and many more available nearby. The famous Castle of the Corvins is only 1h away by car, also nearby is also Alba Carolina Fortress (30 minutes), village Rimetea (1h and 15 minutes) or Turda Salt Works (1h and 30 minutes).

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