New Year's Eve Sibiu - How to spend New Year's Eve with children in Sibiu!


New Year's Eve in Sibiu with children

New Year's Eve Sibiu - The New Year is getting closer and if you have decided that you want to stay in Romania for the holidays, then why not, go to Sibiu. The former European capital really has a lot to offer in the winter season, both in the city and in the surrounding area.

The hotels and guesthouses are ready to welcome guests with traditional delicacies and the specific hospitality of Transylvania.

If for adults everything seems settled, like many of us, we face the big problem: what do we do with the children? Normally you're looking forward to a few days of watching your child bored, sitting for hours on their phone or tablet, because let's be honest, our fun at the dinner table over a story and a drink is not their fun by a long shot.

That's why, in Sibiu, there is fun for them too.

Sibiu Paltinis - Ski and Snowboard in Paltinis

Even if you're staying in town, you can take a 40-minute drive to Arena Platos in the highest resort in the country, Paltinis. While the kids enjoy sledding, snowboarding or skiing at the ski school, parents can watch them from inside the après ski bar over tea. After the fun, you can dine together at one of the resort's countless restaurants.

For those interested in a high-altitude New Year's Eve, in Paltinis on Arena Platos, many go at midnight just to toast a glass of champagne in a unique way.

Balea Lac

About an hour and 20 minutes from Sibiu, there is the only ice hotel in south-eastern Europe, where children, and especially little girls will feel like in a fairytale movie with Elsa.

Every year, in less than a month, sculptors get together and manage to build an entire complex; hotel with restaurant and even a church. If you spend 4 days in Sibiu, it's absolutely worth it if one of those days includes a visit to the Ice Hotel at Balea.

Sibiu Christmas Fair

Luckily for all the holiday lovers, the Christmas Fair has just started. Located in Piata Mare, in the centre of Sibiu, the 24-metre high tree will be decorating the square and the houses full of traditional goodies and wonderful holiday ornaments.

While you sip a glass of mulled wine, the little ones can enjoy the ice rink right next to the tree. Access to the fair is only on the basis of vaccination certificates but don't worry, if you haven't managed to get vaccinated yet, there is a vaccination centre in Santa's House in Sibiu Fair.

The covered terraces of the Big Square and the Small Square are also waiting for you to have a meal together after the children are tired on skates.

Sanius in town

One of the oldest parks in Romania, the Sub Arini Park in the centre of Sibiu has been well protected and maintained over the years. An oasis of peace and greenery in the middle of the city's hustle and bustle, this park is very popular in all seasons.

With playgrounds, fountains and a dome where in summer you can hear fanfares and concerts, in winter it turns into a lot of fun and games made by children themselves. When you see the joy of the little ones on sledges, sani pallets or even plastic bags, you can't help but remember your own childhood, forget you're an adult and get into the game with your children.

If you have planned four days in Sibiu for New Year's Eve, here you have four days of fun for the kids too. Even if it is a small city, Sibiu keeps its traditions but has also evolved a lot, offering something for everyone who visits it, thus getting rid of the "bored child" syndrome on holiday.

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