Romance and art in GENT, Belgium |Sightseeing|


Ghent is the city that any lover of peace, beauty, art and romance must visit! The city in the northwest of Belgium stands out for its aesthetics, combining Belgian constructions with canals that seem detached from Venice and with numerous historical, cultural or artistic attractions.


In the city you can travel by public transport, taxis or you can rent your own car. You can also consider renting a bike, to experience Belgium to the fullest!

The offer of accommodation in Ghent is quite extensive, so there is sure to be something to suit any preference or budget! A double room starts at €40 per night, but prices can go up during busy periods, so it's a good idea to check the sites ahead of time.


Gravensteen Castle

Gravensteen Castle it dates from the medieval period, from the 12th century, and has become the main tourist attraction in Ghent. The place will take you to the time of the knights, in rooms with an amazing history, and you will be fascinated even by the simple walls inside. Entry costs 12€.

St. Bavo Cathedral

St. Bavo Cathedral is another imposing place that will amaze you. The Gothic-style building is a true edifice of art, both due to the interior details (vaults, domes, stained-glass windows, marble details) and the famous pieces: sculptures, the Great Organ, paintings (among which Athe ltar of Ghent, considered worldwide one of the most beautiful works of art).

Graslei and Korenlei

To enjoy the beauty of the water you have to take a walk along the canals of Ghent, and the most suitable ones are fat and Korenlei. You will be able to admire the beauty of the buildings, some of them real historical emblems, all in a quiet romantic atmosphere. We recommend taking a boat ride (for which you will pay from €10), and even being accompanied by a guide ready to tell you the history of the places seen.

Ghent museum tour

And because Ghent offers a large selection of museums, on various themes, you must include one in your visit! Fans of contemporary art can visit SMAK, Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art, for those who want a foray into all periods of art there is Mthe use voor Schone Kunsten, those who want to know more about the city must visit STAM Museum or Van Alijn Museum.


When we think of Belgium it is inevitable that it does not come to mind the beer and Chocolate, so don't leave Ghent until you try something local. A lesser-known dish is stacker, a beef, beer and onion stew that Belgians have been eating since the Middle Ages, perfect for a traditional experience! And the waterzooi soup, made of fish or chicken, vegetables, eggs and butter, is worth trying, and if you want something more popular try the Boudin Blanc sausages, also found in France.

*Bridge: In Ghent you can purchase one CityCard which offers tourists free public transport, renting a bike for the day, but also free entry to many tourist attractions (including those presented above) or discounts to others. A card with a validity of 48 hours will cost €38, and for 72 hours €44, and will certainly reduce the total costs of your holiday.

So Ghent is itself a work of art that takes the breath away of tourists! The scenery you will see from the canals full of clear water, the medieval air and the imposing constructions turn the city into a paradise of romance and tranquility, where everyone should spend a few days!




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