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Seville is the perfect place for a trip any time of the year, enjoying the Mediterranean breeze! The southern Spanish city awaits tourists with a variety of attractions, suitable for all tastes: culture and history, nature in all its splendour, oriental influences, and fun. In this travel guide you will find all the information you need to plan your holiday!


You can get downtown by bus (35 minutes - 4 euros) or with taxi (15 minutes - 20-30 euros) The bus stop and taxi line are located just outside the main arrivals terminal. You can also find information on the official website of Seville Airport - .

What do you drive around Seville in?

The easiest way to get around Seville is by bus. A ticket costs 1,30 euro and can be purchased from the driver or from newsagents. Buses C1, C2, C3 and C4 are the main lines running through the centre (between 6-23).

The other 2 options are the metro and the trambut the areas you can reach with them are limited. At the moment there is only one metro line that generally connects the suburbs with the city via 22 stations. A one-way ticket costs €1.35 and you can travel between 6:30-23 (Monday-Thursday), 7:30-23 (Monday-Sunday), 6:30-2 (Friday) and 7:30-2 (Saturday). You can also find details on

The tram line (hours 6-1:30) covers about 1.4 km of the city centre and connects Plaza Nueva de Avenida de La Constitucion, next to Seville Cathedral. The €1.20 ticket is purchased from machines at each station and is validated once you board the tram. 


For accommodation, if you want a central place, both to admire the city and to be close to the places you want to visit, you will need to pocket at least 45€/night for a room for 2 people.

Hostel Sol 4 is located right in the Old Town and has prices starting from 55 euro/night. With terrace in some rooms, private bathroom and Wi-Fi, the location is modern and located near buildings of historical importance.       

Sevilla Tourist Cards

The most popular and convenient card choices for tourists are Super Seville Combi and Sevilla Pass. Super Seville Combi gives you free access to certain sights (Seville Cathedral, Real Alcazar, Iglesia Colegial del Divino Salvador) and discounts of 10% on other sights for only 36 euros. Plus, you get a free audio guide of the city.

Another option is Seville Pass 59 euros with free access to certain attractions (such as Seville Cathedral, Real Alcazar, Iglesia Colegial del Divino Salvador), 5 different tours, 1 day Hop On Hop Off bus, audio guide and 10% discount at other attractions. Find more details about both on

Tourist Attractions Seville

Royal Alcazar

The list of things to do or see in Seville is long, but definitely at the top of the list are Royal Alcazara corner of paradise. The palace, built in the 10th century, is as impressive for its interior, inspired by Islamic and Oriental architecture, with ornaments, domes and inscriptions, as for its garden. Here you can relax amidst palm trees, orange trees, roses and fountains in an Edenic setting. 

You can purchase tickets online from the venue's official website -  . The entrance fee is €14.50, but it will definitely be worth it! Children under 13 have a reduced ticket of only €1. The palace opens at 9:30 and closes at 17:45 (29 October-March) or 19:45 (April-28 October). The location is in the Murillo Gardens, very close to Seville Cathedral. With the Seville Pass and Super Seville Combi, you get free access!

Seville Cathedral

Another place where Eastern influences have made their mark is Seville Cathedral(Saint Mary of the See). It is the largest Gothic-style cathedral, and the 90-metre tower La Giralda, both of which are UNESCO-listed. Here you'll find a wealth of historically significant works of art, as well as a chapel, which is said to contain the remains of Christopher Columbus. 

To visit everything the location offers: The Cathedral, La Giralda Tower and the Salvador Church, the ticket costs 12 euros and children up to 13 years old pay only 1 euro. Buy tickets online at to avoid the queues at Puerta del Principe where tickets are physically purchased. So you can enter Puerta del Lagarto with your tickets online. The cathedral can be visited from Monday to Saturday between 10:45-18:30 and on Sundays between 14:30-18:30. With the Seville Pass and Super Seville Combi, access is free.

Triana District

If you want to discover more diverse places, you should set aside a few hours to stroll through the narrow cobbled streets of the Triana district. Here you can admire the colourful houses and ceramic details (where the traditional pottery style of the area originated), and feel the warm spirit of the locals.

Museums in Seville

In Seville you will also find a large number of museums, some of which are quite unique. For Latin dance enthusiasts, for example, Flamenco Dance Museum (€10/adult, €6/child aged 6-12, open 11-18) presents the history of flamenco dance. You'll experience it all through costume exhibitions, videos, educational workshops, and even live dancing. Bullfighting Museum (€7/adult, €3/child aged 7-11, open 9:30am-7pm between November-March and 9:30am-9pm between April-October) is another interesting venue, showcasing the area's traditional sport of bullfighting (corida), right in the arena where bullfighting used to take place. Also famous are Museum of Fine Arts and Museum of Archaeology (free admission for European citizens, open 9-15), both featuring Spanish artists. 

Spain Market

Spain Market houses an architectural complex designed by Anibal Gonzalez in the 1900s. With Art Deco, Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Baroque and Neo-Moorish styles, the square is the most famous in all of Seville. It is a superb place to discover the pearl of the city and to take pictures. The location is in Maria Park Luisa south of the central area.

Gold Tower

Gold Tower was a military watchtower, its construction beginning in the 13th century. The view from the top of the tower over the city is unmissable, especially as next to the tower is the Alfonso XIII Canal of the Guadalquivir River. The tower is very close to the Real Alcazar. 

The ticket costs 3 euro/adult, 1,50 euro/person between 6-14 years, +65 and children under 6 years are free. You can visit the tower from Monday to Friday between 9:30-18:45, and on weekends between 10:30-18:45. You can buy tickets on the spot.

Royal Maestranza de Caballería Bullring

In the Plaza de Toros in Seville one of the most famous bull festivals is held annually. This arena is one of the largest in Spain, with 12,500 seats. In addition, it is the oldest bullring in Spain. 

The ticket per adult costs 10 euros and includes access to the museum with a tour guide and in the arena. Children between 7-11 years old pay 3,50 euro, while children under 7 years old are free. Students and people over 65 have a reduced ticket price of only €6. Details are also available at . Plaza de Toros is located near Torre del Oro. 

Las Dueñas Palace

The palace was built in the 15th century in Renaissance style, with slight Moorish and Gothic influences. This palace is the emblem of Seville's nobility and is an important heritage building. The palace is open from 10-20 (April-September) and 10-18 (October-March), and the last entrance to the palace is 45 minutes before closing time. 

The ticket costs 12 euro/adult, 10 euro/child between 6-16 years old, and free for children under 6 years old. It is well known that in winds over 50 km/hour, access is forbidden to keep visitors safe. You can buy tickets on the official website of the palace ( or from the ticket office at the entrance. The palace is located north of the centre, in the Regina district.

College Church of the Divine Saviour

College Church of the Divine Saviour is a baroque church and a former mosque. It is the second most important church in the city after Seville Cathedral. The present church was built at the end of the 17th century. With a sophisticated altar, frescoes and numerous gold objects, the church is a place worth visiting because of its architecture and its historical & cultural importance. 

It is right in the centre of town, close to the Museo del Baile Flamenco. The ticket costs 5 euros, and with the 2 tourist cards (Super Seville Combi and Seville Pass) you have free access. You can visit the church from Monday to Saturday between 10:15-17:30.

Triana Bridge

Triana Bridge or Puente de Isabel II crosses the Alfonso XIII Canal and links the Triana district with the centre of Seville. You can walk across the bridge in a beautiful walk between the 2 districts. Plus, it's a great place to take pictures.

Shopping and souvenirs

As one of Spain's largest cities, you'll find plenty of places to buy souvenirs. However, it is worth mentioning Las Sierpes Street, a street known both for its shops and terraces, either part of the big global chains, or handicrafts, with traditional things made by locals, but also for the artists who offer genuine moments here. It's also worth spending an evening here if you want to explore the city's nightlife.  


The cuisine of southern Spain is notable for its multitude of tastes and influences (from Mediterranean to oriental). Everyone will find something to their taste here. Locals love cold soup salmorejomade from tomatoes and olive oil. This is eaten with eggs and ham, and after a hot day will be all you need. If you want to try something fresh from the sea, you can also serve  stuffed mussels (stuffed clams), lace (fried squid) or snails (snails with hot sauce).

You may also see the term tapas. You should know that this is not actually a dish, but a traditional dish containing a variety of appetizers (from olives to cheeses and seafood).

Where do you eat in Seville?

Some restaurants where you can have breakfast and tapas in Seville are Restaurant Eslava (2-26 euros) in the north of the district Saint Vincent and The Tapas Passage (3-20 euros) in the Cathedral area. And for a delicious lunch or dinner, try Palo Santo Winery in the San Vicente district for traditional and Mediterranean dishes (3-22 euros).


So, if you decide to visit Seville, you won't regret it! The Spanish city will surely charm you, so be prepared for a few days in a splendid natural setting, on streets full of history and culture, surrounded by welcoming and smiling people. The place will be the perfect oasis of relaxation in a hectic summer! In case you are thinking about a possible holiday in Seville, we leave you a list of links to help you with the organisation of your trip.



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