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This site aims to inform the public about educational aspects in various fields, of general interest through articles and materials written for the understanding of non-specialists.

All articles, materials, information and/or any other data available on this site, in our newsletters, on our social media pages or in any other product or service that is made or made available by DEFIO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS SRL does not represent consulting activity and cannot engage in any form and in front of any natural or legal person or authority the responsibility DEFIO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS SRL.

Our materials and information are made for standard situations and are not adapted to any particular situation. Therefore, before applying to your particular situation any information available on or made available by www.ghidultauonline.ro you must ask for the opinion of a specialist relevant to your activity.

Also, due to the specificity of what we offer to the public, ghidultauonline.ro cannot offer guarantees regarding the accuracy, correctness or current nature of the information or services provided by or through this site.

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Intellectual property rights

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The information and materials used on this site are reserved by DEFIO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS SRL The use of any text, image, material, file or construction object from this site for purposes other than non-commercial and those specified on the site, without the written consent of DEFIO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS SRL, is prohibited, all of which are protected according to the provisions of the copyright law.

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It is not allowed to use the site for the purpose of deliberately introducing viruses or any other program or material that may be technically harmful or destructive.

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Failure to comply with the provisions of this section will be reported to the competent authorities, according to the applicable legal provisions, in order to apply legal sanctions and will result in the immediate suspension of the right to use this site.

DEFIO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS SRL reserves the right to take action against all persons who are guilty of causing any damages DEFIO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS SRL. or the website www.ghidultauonline.ro, by violating the obligations contained in these Terms and Conditions.

The comments section and/or the discussion forum

www.ghidultauonline.ro can provide you with public discussion forums between you and other users.

www.ghidultauonline.ro does not select and/or modify the messages of its users.

However, we reserve the right to delete, move or edit these messages or to restrict the access of some of the users to any of the discussion forums offered by us, if the law, these terms or the rights and/or legitimate interests of DEFIO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS SRL or other people.

You are solely responsible for the content you provide. Posting or transmitting content through the discussion forums provided by www.ghidultauonline.ro is subject to the following limitations:

  • You may not publish, transmit or refer to any type of content that may include a form unanimously recognized in society as "advertising" for various categories of goods and/or services.
  • You may not publish, transmit or communicate in any way to users www.ghidultauonline.ro any kind of unsolicited commercial message, regardless of whether or not this submission is made through the discussion forums made available by www.ghidultauonline.ro. Moreover, the granting of access to your user account is conditional on its use only in accordance with the requirements of the law and the Terms and Conditions of this site.
  • You may not publish, transmit or refer in any way to content that contains recommendations to buy or not to buy a particular product or service. Also, you cannot publish or refer in any way to content containing confidential information, regardless of whether or not it is marked "confidential" or with any other mention of this kind, or to messages that have the role of affecting the price , image or market value of a product or service.
  • You may not collect personal data from users in any way www.ghidultauonline.ro.
  • You may not restrict or eliminate the access of other users to the discussion forums made available by www.ghidultauonline.ro.
  • By using the discussion forums made available by www.ghidultauonline.ro, you agree that you are solely responsible and will indemnify DEFIO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS SRL for any damage, costs or losses of any nature, direct or indirect, incurred as a result of your posting, transmission or reference of texts whose content violates the provisions of the law and/or these Terms and Conditions.
  • The forum contains texts posted by users, on which DEFIO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS SRL he has no control over which he does not select and/or modify. www.ghidultauonline.ro cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of these messages, nor the users' compliance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. As a result, some of the published messages may present a misleading, incomplete, incorrect or aggressively oriented reality towards other social categories.


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www.ghidultauonline.ro it can be closed at any time, there being no liability for the cessation of activity.

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www.ghidultauonline.ro has the right to determine the design, content, functionality, availability and opportunity of this site.


The terms and conditions of use are subject to Romanian legislation. In case of litigation, an amicable solution will be tried first, within 30 working days from the registration of the complaint at the headquarters DEFIO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS SRL If an agreement cannot be reached within the previously specified term, the conflict will be finally resolved by the courts of Cluj-Napoca