Aurora Borealis Season - Ideal locations to see the Aurora Borealis!


Aurora borealis | Witnessing the Northern Lights is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that many people dream of for years, if not a lifetime, as the conditions must be ideal for this spectacle to take place. However, there is some good news: to see the aurora borealis the ideal time is from December to March due to the extended hours of darkness.

You should plan your vacation to coincide with a new moon to increase your chances of experiencing this sight. Try to locate a location with a clear, dark, cloudless sky.

Here are the ideal locations to see the Aurora Borealis:

Aurora Borealis in Norway – Tromso, Norway

Tromso is located in the heart of the Northern Lights, anyone who has visited the city will tell you that there is more to it than meets the eye, with an active street scene and creative culture that reflects the brilliant colors of the Northern Lights.

Where to stay in Tromso?

Below are the best hotels to stay at:

  • Radisson Blu Hotel
  • Scandic Ishavshotel
  • Clarion Hotel
  • The Edge Comfort Hotel
  • Xpress Tromso
  • Thon Hotel Polar

Currency The novelty

Norwegian krone 100 NOK = 49.14RON

Food and drinks to try in Norway

Grilled stock, reindeer tenderloin, fish soup with lobster, rosefish and carrots

Important Note: Wear thick clothes!

Other things to do in Tromso:

  • Visit the Arctic Cathedral,
  • Enjoy the aurora borealis concerts in winter,
  • Say hello to the seals of Polaria
  • Visit to the polar museum The Polar Museum

For panoramic views of the city, take the cable car up to Storsteinen Mountain or get there by climbing the 1,200 stone steps on the Sherpa ladder.

If you like hiking, you can choose from hundreds of peaks, from family-friendly routes to more demanding hikes, and enjoy the unique experience from peak to sea.

Experience Sami culture with ancient traditions such as joik before going reindeer sledding.

Enjoy the nightlife, concerts, art exhibitions and festivals.

Aurora Borealis in Sweden – Swedish Lapland, Sweden

The northern lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, appear in and around Kiruna, in the far north of Sweden, in early September. As streaks of pink, green and purple dance overhead, the sky comes alive. By early winter, around January, the northern lights can be seen over Swedish Lapland, a vast region in the northwest corner of Sweden that takes up about a quarter of the country. You may not get the last glimpses of these wavy rainbows until late March or even early April.

How to get to Swedish Lapland?

Swedish Lapland is a remote place. It is a vast location. You can fly or take the night train from Stockholm to get here in a few hours. You could spend hours, if not days, hopping from bus to bus to go places where planes and trains don't fly. Alternatively, jump in the car and drive.

Where to stay in Swedish Lapland?

For an adventurous stay, you can consider the following options:

  • Ice hotel
  • Hotel in the tree
  • Låktatjåkko mountain station
  • Geunja the Sami Eco Lodge
  • Sápmi nature camp
  • Silver Lodge
  • Aurora Safari Camp

Other options are:

  • Loggers Lodge
  • Arctic retreat

Sweden currency

Swedish krona 100 SEK = 48.85 RON

Food and drinks to try in Sweden

Coffee cheese, reindeer, elk, arctic raspberry, Kalix löjrom, hot lingonberry juice, Västerbotten cheese, berries, arctic raspberry, Gáhkku

Other things to do in Swedish Lapland

  • Snowmobile on a frozen lake.
  • Cross an archipelago in a hovercraft

Aurora Borealis in Iceland – Reykjavik, Iceland

The season to see the Northern Lights in Reykjavik runs from September to April.

How to get to Reykjavik?

By plane, boat and cruise. All international flights land at Keflavik International Airport, which is approximately 30 minutes from Iceland's capital, Reykjavik. More than 25 airlines operate regular flights to Iceland.

Where to stay in Reykjavik

The best hotel in town: Heida's Home Center Canopy by Hilton Hotel Odinsve

Iceland currency

Icelandic krona 100 ISK = 3.35 RON

Food and drinks to try in Reykjavik

Reykjavik Hot Dog (or pylsur), Skyr, Fermented Shark Rye Bread and Butter, Seafood, Smoked Lamb, Lamb Soup, Atlantic Cod, Langoustine Soup, Fish Stew, Arctic Char, Brennivín, Flòki Whiskey, Opal and Topas.

Other things to do in Reykjavik

  • Visit Hallgrimskirkja Church.
  • Explore the city on foot.
  • Book a local activity such as whale watching, horseback riding, scenic helicopter ride over the city
  • Visit Viðey.
  • Experience the nightlife.
  • Explore public gardens and parks.
  • Visit the Harpa Concert Hall and the old port.

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