The most beautiful beaches in Andalusia!

Andreea Negulici

The beaches of Andalusia are spectacular, first of all, because they are at Atlantic ocean! They are huge and very well-kept, with that fine sand that we generally look for at any beach.

Another criterion that I'm looking for and that I found here is that you don't have anything set up. Most beaches in Andalusia do not have sunbeds. I'm free, for free people! And to make everyone happy, you will also find areas where surfing or bodyboarding is practiced. That means more crowded places and people having fun! 

Playa Fuente del Gallo

The beach is near the town of Conil de la Frontera, a few minutes away by car, in Fuente del Gallo. The beach impressed me. It was wow at first sight! I did not expect to find such immensity! The fact that you look into the distance and all you see is sand and water, it really seems incredible. You will also find some bars and restaurants here, but they are at a distance from each other, and this does not alter the image at all.

The beach is not equipped with deckchairs and umbrellas, so take a towel and possibly an umbrella with you because you don't really have anywhere to shelter from the sun. It is ideal to have something to drink with you so that you don't have to buy from the restaurant. Also here there are some undeveloped parking spaces, in the field, somewhere higher, from where you can look at the majesty, and to get to the beach you will go down a slope and down some steps, this is just so that it is not so accessible a place with so much beauty.

Playa de Los Canos de Mecca

In Los Canos de Meca there is this beach where we even stopped twice. The first time I arrived it was almost sunset when the atmosphere was one of vacation, people dressed nicely and two bars at the entrance to the beach. The whole situation was one with the air of Old Customs. The beach has many sand dunes, which gives the place a special charm. It really looks spectacular and if you go for a walk among those dunes you will find a lighthouse. Trafalgar Lighthouse! It's a picture of a painting. I admit, I had a dreamy moment here. State until sunset! It's my first recommendation. The sunset is seen as a spectacle by everyone who gathers every evening! He applauded! Yes, for the show of nature. It was really something new, to be part of the audience! A memory to frame!

Also at the entrance to the beach we found a small vintage market that we really liked! We also bought some very nice things. I looked for him the second time when I arrived here, but I couldn't find him again.

If you want to spend a day on this beach and obviously want to eat, you will find, as I said above, two very chic bar-type restaurants, right at the entrance to the beach. We also ate there and it was very good. I recommend!

Paya Del Palmar

Not far from Conil is this beach much desired by surfers. Here you will find all water sports lovers! It's a very cool atmosphere and not only for athletes but also for those who just come to watch or try bodyboarding for the first time.

If you like adrenaline, the waves are a bit bigger than on other beaches. I admit that I tried a bodyboard and it was very fun. I stayed in the water for several hours during which all I did was throw myself into/on the waves trying to catch the wave that would take me to the shore. I caught a few. It was cool! 

On the other side of the road, opposite the beach, you will find many clothes shops, restaurants, bars, cafes and places where you can rent surfboards or bodyboards. It is a lively, fun place where you can never get bored. We spent a day here, we liked it a lot, we had fun and got super energy!

Playa del Castillejo

Walking along the coast towards Barbate, you will find a small, charming, paradisiacal beach. It is simply that kind of beach that amazes you and makes you stop just to look at it. It's like you don't even dare to sit down somewhere. That's exactly what I did for a good few minutes. I took many photos until I ran out of phone and then I just looked around. It's a beach gem. If you come by car, most likely it will be like that, you will need to pay for a parking space in one of the arranged places, not very far from the beach.

On the way to the beach, you will struggle a bit to go down, on some steps and rocks. At some point you will have one superb view point with all the scenery and stay there, the pictures will follow! You go down those rocks down to the beach.

I inform you that nudism is practiced, the beach being quite hidden, it is suitable for lovers of this kind of thing. Just so you don't get surprised! Nudism is practiced on many beaches in Andalusia. It's something I discovered on vacation, I hadn't read about it anywhere. It doesn't even matter anymore, as long as everything looks wonderful, when you don't huddle to put on a towel, when every man on the beach is in his movie and doesn't bother you at all, you don't feel watched, analyzed, it's perfect!

Playa de la Isla de Tarifa

In the city of Tarifa, there is this beach that separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Mediterranean Sea. This demarcation is very nicely arranged with a promenade where you can walk between the two big ones. If you look towards the horizon you will also see Africa. This is the closest point to Morocco. Only 14 km distance. Interesting, right?

The beach is quite lively, with restaurants and bars and entire beaches for kitesurfing. There are even some campsites specially set up for kiters, which look fabulous. I would like to stay in such a campsite next time. This area between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic seemed very interesting to me.

The beach is quite free, despite the fact that I saw the most tourists here. I spent only a few hours but I would have liked to stay longer. Especially since behind the beach is the city of Tarifa, which has all kinds of attractions! Full of day and night bars, flamenco shows, karaoke, restaurants, terraces and generally full of life! Lots of fun and that kind of group tourism. Groups of girls and boys come to the terrace directly from the beach. In order to better understand the atmosphere of Tarifa and to enjoy its beaches, I think you need to spend a few good days here.

If I convinced you to go and relax on the beaches of Andalucia at Ocean, I'm sure you won't regret it. Everything is pleasant, the people are cool, the water is very clean, the wild beaches, the wonderful sunsets. Enjoy!


In our journey on the ocean coast we were accommodated in Conil de la FronteraFountain of Gallo, at the apartment complex – Piedramar ApartmentsIt is a complex located very close to Fuente del Gallo beach, in a quiet and chic neighborhood. We had an apartment with two rooms and a fairly large terrace where we spent our last moments in the evening before going to bed and of course in the morning with coffee.

The apartment is fully equipped, it has a living room with an open space kitchen, an extendable sofa and a bedroom with a double bed. Also in the complex there is a very nice swimming pool, which we did not use, but which seemed very well maintained and also, an important and useful aspect is that this accommodation also has an underground parking lot where you can leave your car. 

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