The most beautiful lakes in Romania


Romania is a country that has enormous tourist potential, with tourist destinations that seem to be taken from stories, that take your breath away. A country where you can relax by the sea, or you can explore extraordinary mountain trails, with places and landscapes that are just waiting to be discovered. And if you want to enjoy nature, clean air and peace, in a perfect getaway for the weekend, below you will find the most beautiful lakes in our country. From natural, glacial, mountain lakes, lagoons, to karst lakes, each of them having a special beauty that will conquer you. 

Transylvania region

Balea Lac

Located in the Fagaras Mountains, at an altitude of 2,034 meters, Lake Balea is one of the most visited and admired glacial lakes in our country. You can get here in the summer by car on the Transfagaras road, and in the rest of the year by cable car from the "Balea Cascada" cabin. Lake Balea is truly a natural gem, in a fairytale setting that deserves to be visited at least once in a lifetime. 

Accommodation Balea Lac - Where we stay

  • VILLA SWE SAR is located in Curtea de Arges, with prices starting from 260 RON / night for two people.
  • Santa's house is located in Cartisoara, with prices starting from 350 RON / night for two people.

the Red lake

The Red Lake is located in the Cheile Bicazului-Hasmas National Park in the Carpathian Mountains, approximately 33 kilometers from the town of Bicaz and 27 kilometers from the town of Gheorgheni. Formed following a landslide in 1837, it is a natural dam lake, where the trees swallowed by the water still appear on the surface of the lake. Here, you can relax in a relaxing boat ride surrounded by an amazing landscape. 

Accommodation Lacul Rosu - Where we stayed

  • LOLO Park Resort, with prices starting from 750 RON / night for a cabin for 10 people.
  • Vila Bradul, with prices starting from 250 ron / night for two people.

Muntenia region 

Lake Paltinu

Also called Lake Paltinoasa, it is one of the most beautiful reservoirs in Romania. It is located in the town of Dofteana in Prahova county, approximately 112 kilometers from Bucharest and 80 kilometers from Brasov. It is a unique lake in the country, surrounded by deciduous and conifer forests, which, in the summer, takes on an enchanting emerald-green color. 

Lake Paltinu - Where we stay

  • Luxury Lake House & Glamping, with prices starting from 1800 ron/night for a villa with breakfast included for two people.
  • Villa Nura, with prices starting from 2000 ron/night for a villa for eight people.

Lake Scropoasa

Lake Scropoasa is a natural gem hidden in the Bucegi Mountains, at an altitude of 1197 meters, in a picturesque area, ranking among the most beautiful lakes in Romania due to its enchanting beauty. Once you arrive here, you will be greeted by a stretch of water that has the color of emerald, and one of the most instagrammable places in the country, a perfect weekend destination. 

Scropoasa Lake - Where we stay

Banat region

Lake Ochiul Beiului

Lake Ochiul Beiului is one of the most important tourist attractions of Caras-Severin county, a unique lake, which has been declared a natural monument. Although it is a relatively small lake, it has a special color, blue-green, which places it in the top of the most beautiful and special lakes in Romania. You can find the lake in the middle of a forest in the Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park.

Accommodation Lacul Ochiul Beiului - Where we stayed

Devil's Lake

Located in the Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park, it is the largest karst lake in Romania. It is a mountain lake, which, despite its name, offers a unique view, with green-blue water, in an exceptional natural setting, which makes this place perfect for relaxation. 

Maramures region

Blue Lake

Located on the administrative territory of the town of Baia Sprie, at the foot of the Gutai Mountains, Lake Albastru is a unique lake in Europe and Romania. It was declared a natural monument due to the way it was formed and the fact that the water changes color depending on the season. In spring, the lake has a dark and light blue color, in summer, an emerald green, and in autumn its color is dark green and sometimes brown. 

Blue Lake accommodation - where we stayed

Lake Buhaescu

Lake Buhaescu is a glacial lake and is located in the Rodnei Mountains, at an altitude of 1905 meters, and is part of the "Pietrosu Mare" nature reserve. The colors, the clean air and the natural setting make this place unique and place it in a perfect weekend destination, a place that, once you get here, you will definitely fall in love with. 

Lake Buhaescu accommodation - where we stay

Moldova region

Lake Izvorul Muntelui

Lake Izvorul Muntelui is the largest artificial lake in Romania, with a surface of 31 square meters and a maximum depth of 97 kilometers. It is located on the Bistrita river, and is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the country due to the extraordinary landscape you will find here and its uniqueness. Also, here you can relax on a boat or steamboat ride, admiring the beautiful nature. 

Accommodation Lacul Izvorul Muntelui - Where we stay

Black Lake

In Vrancea county, more precisely, in the Narujel basin, at an altitude of 1250 meters, there is one of the most beautiful and well-hidden lakes in Romania. It attracts more and more tourists every year due to the crystal clear water, the landscape and the clean air. It is the perfect place to visit when you want to get away from the urban chaos to relax and enjoy nature. 

Black Lake Accommodation - Where we stayed 

  • Pension Tara, with prices starting from 110 RON / night for two people.
  • Hotel Kristal Focsani, with prices starting from 420 RON / night for two people with breakfast included.

Dobrogea region

Lake Iacobdeal

Lake Iacobdeal is a unique lake in Romania, a lake with an emerald sparkle that offers an extraordinary view. It is located at the foot of the Macin mountains, near the town of Turcoaia, in a wild place, which creates a unique image because it is surrounded by glazed granite walls, with steep banks, being considered a lake of rare beauty. 

Accommodation Lacul Iacobdeal - Where we stayed

Lake Sinoe

Lake Sinoe is one of the main attractions in the Dobrogea region, which is located in the Danube Delta. It is part of the Razim-Sinoe Lagoon Complex, and conquers with its uniqueness and the special view it offers. Also, after a walk on the lake, you will notice on its shore the ruins of the ancient fortress of Hristria. 

Accommodation Lake Sinoe - Where we stay

  • Pension Palaghia, with prices starting from 250 RON / night for two people.
  • Hotel Mondial, with prices starting from 310 ron / night for two people with breakfast included.

Oltenia region

Lake Otter

Otter Lake is a jewel of Romania, located in the Lotru Valley. It is located at an altitude of 1289 meters and is the largest lake within the Lotru-Ciuget hydropower development. It is an anthropogenic lake that is located in a special natural setting and that offers the perfect opportunity to escape from the urban chaos and enjoy the fresh air and relax on its shore. 

Lacul Vidra accommodation - where we stay

  • Pension Edelweiss, with prices starting from 330 RON / night for two people with breakfast included.
  •  Hostel Voineasa, with prices starting from 160 RON / night for two people.

Lake Balota

Located at an altitude of 1200 meters, in the Capatanii Mountains, the lake is also called the lake of the outlaws due to the multiple legends it is connected to. It is a jewel of the country, located in a place full of special landscapes, and which will certainly rise to the expectations of every person who arrives here. 

Balota Lake Accommodation - Where we stayed

Crisana region

Lake Lesu

Lake Lesu is a reservoir located on Valea Iadului in the Apuseni Mountains in Bihor county. It is a jewel, which offers an extraordinary landscape to all who visit it. The lake stretches over an area of 148 hectares, in a unique natural setting. 

Lake Lesu accommodation - where we stay

The lake with water lilies

In Oradea, at the Baile 1 Mai resorts, there is a unique place in Europe and Romania, namely, the Water Lily Lake. The popularity and uniqueness of the lake is brought by the fact that it is the only place in Romania and Europe where the thermal water lily grows. Although these water lilies are in bloom all year round, between June and August they offer an extraordinary show to visitors. 

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Bucovina region

Lake Iezer

Located in the Rodna mountains, below Pietrosul peak, at an altitude of 1,825 meters, Lake Iezer is a glacial lake and a natural jewel of the country, a destination that will impress you and that you will surely fall in love with. Here, in addition to this beauty, you will be surrounded by nature, fresh air and high mountains that together offer an exceptional natural setting, with a fairytale view. 

Accommodation Lake Iezer - Where we stayed

  • Hotel Ivascu, with prices starting from 330 ron/night for two people.
  • Voda's stopover, with prices starting from 350 ron/night for two people.

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