The most Instagrammable cities in Europe during the winter


During the winter, organizing a vacation may seem more difficult, the cold weather is perhaps the biggest impediment, but this should not scare you. Nature, snow-covered parts, hot drinks and frozen lakes can convince you to go at least on a city-break where you can relax for a few days. Here are some proposals Instagrammable destinations for an unforgettable vacation from which you will surely return with the most beautiful photos and memories.


Located in the region Alsace from France, Colmar, is a picturesque town known for its colorful houses, refined wines and unique gastronomy. Being located on the border with Switzerland and Germany, the city offers a rich multicultural experience being a place full of history. The city is also known as Little Venice thanks to the channels that cross it far and wide. Surely the vacation in this place will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale.

How do you get to Colmar?

Once you arrive at the airport you can take one bus which will let you straight in Colmar. The trip lasts around 1 hour and 10 minutes and the price of a ticket starts from 9 euros each way. If you want more freedom and flexibility, another alternative is to rent a car, prices vary, but if you opt for this option, you will be able to visit the surroundings of the city.

Where to stay in Colmar?

There are numerous accommodation alternatives, whether you want a more luxurious alternative or a friendlier one with your budget, in Colmar you will certainly have a choice. A room at a 3-star hotel starts from 60 euros/night. Below you have some recommendations from us that offer comfort at a good price:

  • Ibis Budget Colmar Center Gare – This 3-star hotel is located in the central area. Located in the Colmar Center Ville district, 300 meters from the Maison des Têtes and 600 meters from the Saint-Martin Collegiate Church, the hotel offers all the facilities for a relaxing holiday. For only 7.50 euros you can have breakfast directly at the hotel and the price of a room for two people starts from 55 euros.
  • Hotel Saint-Martin - With a vintage air, as if torn from the past, this three-star hotel is located right in the city center. The price of a room starts from 72 euros, and if you want to have breakfast directly at the hotel, it costs 12 euros.
  • Suites Residences Spa – This 5-star hotel is the ideal destination for those looking for relaxation. Located in the central area, with access to the spa and breakfast included, it is the ideal option for a dream vacation. The prices are affordable for the quality offered, starting with 96 euros for a double room.

What can you visit in Colmar?

The main attraction and the most charming part of Colmar is the old town itself, amazingly beautiful. You should reserve a whole day to walk the old streets of Colmar. You can admire the charming architecture, the multicolored houses with wooden facades dating from the 17th-18th centuries. You can stop at a local cafe and try some of the local dishes. Every corner in the old center is extremely accessible, so don't forget to take some pictures.  

You can also take a walk in Krutenau district, known as Little Venice due to the houses built right on the edge of the canal the river Lauch, this romantic place is full of peace and a special beauty. If you want a boat ride on the canals, this is possible. This way you will discover the city from a different angle, exploring every corner in a moment of total relaxation.

You don't have to pass by the majestic the church of Saint-Martin without stopping even for a few minutes, an ancient cathedral from the 13th and 14th centuries, with amazing Gothic architectural details. In the golden light, bathed by the sun's rays at sunset, the cathedral looks absolutely fabulous.

If you want to try traditional gastronomy and buy some local products, the covered market in the old town is the ideal place. Here you will be able to try dishes such as tarte flambée or the famous Alsatian pancake. You will also find delicious pastries and local wines for which the area is internationally known.

Last but not least, if you visit the city during the winter holidays The Christmas market it is an impossible destination to miss. There are six Christmas markets in total and they are set up in six different large markets. The operating hours are from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the week, and from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekends. Considered one of the most beautiful Christmas markets both in France and in Europe, this place will surely bring you the spirit of the holidays.


Strasbourg, the capital of the region Alsace, is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Located on the border with Germany, is one of the top European cities. It will impress you with the history it presents at every step and with the splendid architecture that combines both German and French elements.

A living city Strasbourg it is famous for its particularly romantic historic center, Grande Ile, which has been classified as a world heritage site. Later, the whole city was included in the world heritage Unesco. Every street is magical, the city being the ideal destination for photography lovers.

Where to stay in Strasbourg?

The city offers alternatives for all tastes and all budgets, whether you want a simple and cheaper accommodation or a more luxurious hotel. Below we recommend some accommodation options from which we hope you will find a suitable one.

  • Hsteel often Arts - Located in the central area, this hotel has a modern, minimalist design and is equipped with everything you need from wifi to air conditioning. The price of a double room starts from 88 euros and access with pets is allowed.
  • Odalys City Strasbourg Green Marsh – Located 10 minutes' walk from the La Petite France area. This hotel offers a 24-hour reception and numerous facilities, including a swimming pool and a hammam. If you want to have breakfast at the hotel, this is possible at the price of 16 euros and a double room costs 92 euros.
  • Hotel Vendôme – Located in front of the Strasbourg train station, this 3-star hotel offers a 24-hour lounge bar and comfortable rooms. Prices start from 94 euros for a double room.

What can you visit in Strasbourg?

You can start your adventure with a walk in the romantic and picturesque Le Petite France neighborhood which is as if detached from a story. Here you will be able to admire the old part of the city, which has a special magic, especially through the special architecture of the centuries-old houses. The narrow streets crossed by canals are an extremely photogenic place where you can immortalize magical frames that will remind you of this adventure. A special aspect is that the island is reserved exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists, therefore you will be able to enjoy the calm of the place, far from the noise of cars.

The Covered Bridges are another unmissable objective. These have kept their name despite having lost their roofs since the 18th century.

It is located nearby Vauban Dam, built around 1690. At the top, from the panoramic terrace of the building, you can admire the old town Petite France crossed by the superb canals, a place where you will definitely be able to take some wonderful pictures.

A special and unmissable attraction in Strasbourg is famous Notre-Dame Cathedral which is perhaps the most famous monument of the city. A gem of Gothic art, Cathedral it is a masterpiece that amazes you with its greatness and height. It was the tallest building in the world until the end of the 19th century. Inside the cathedral, next to the stained glass windows from the 12th and 14th centuries, you can admire the famous Astronomical clock.

It is just a few steps from the Cathedral Market Gutenberg, former administrative and political center of the city from the Middle Ages to the 18th century. It is also the ideal place for a short stop at one of the many outdoor terraces.

Rohan Palace is another historical monument on Grande Île and one of the main attractions in Strasbourg. Here you can visit three extremely interesting museums The Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Decorative Art and the Archaeological Museum.

If you want a boat ride on the canals of Strasbourg there are several tours available. The prices are between 10 and 15 euros and you can find more details here.

Last but not least, if you arrive in the city during the winter holidays, you must stop by the Christmas Market. The oldest market of Christmas in Europe, with a unique atmosphere. This place is full of magic, handicrafts and unique activities.


Hallstatt, the Austrian village located between the mountains, on the shore of the lake with the same name, is definitely a perfect location to visit during the winter. The nature, the landscapes, the picturesque houses will impress you from the first moments and once you start to discover the beauty of the place you will be speechless. If you want peace and relaxation, this is the ideal place, time seems to stop, and every moment spent in this place charges you with energy.

Where are you staying in Hallstatt?

The accommodation options are diverse and quite affordable for what they offer. Whether you prefer a more picturesque or a more modern accommodation, here you will find something to your taste. Most of the accommodations have a sensational view directly to the lake, a view that will leave you speechless.

  • Gasthof Simony Hallstatt B&B – Housed in a historic 15th-century building in the center of Hallstatt, Pension Simony offers a panoramic view of Lake Hallstatt and the mountains. The rooms are decorated in a rustic style and offer the comfort you need. Breakfast is included and the price for a double room is 115 euros.
  • Weisses Lamm – This modern accommodation is located near all points of interest in Hallstatt. Prices for a double room start from 128 euros and breakfast is included.
  • Pension Cafe zum Mühlbach - Pension Cafe zum Mühlbach is located in the center of Hallstatt, 800 meters from the Salzbergbahn cable car, with a sensational view of the lake, this accommodation has prices starting from 140 euros per night.

What can you visit in Hallstatt?

You can start your visit at Skywalk, a funicular railway with a sensational panorama point located 360 m above the ground, where you will be able to admire a sensational view. The entire lake will be shown to you in all its splendor, surrounded by majestic mountains, at the base of which Hallstatt the place you are about to discover. From this panoramic point you can take some extremely instagrammable pictures. The price of a climb is 18 euros, but it will definitely be worth it.

To discover the city, you can go for a walk along the picturesque streets, where you can admire wooden houses specific to the Austrian mountain area. You can enter local shops with all kinds of souvenirs, but also small cafes and bakeries. In Zare you will see a beautiful waterfall springing from the mountains.

If you are passionate about winter sports, the area is famous for skiing, but if you are not passionate about this, you can go on a hike to discover the wonderful nature.

To discover the city, you can go for a walk along the picturesque streets, where you can admire wood houses specific to the Austrian mountain area. You can enter local shops with all kinds of souvenirs, but also small cafes and bakeries. In Zare you will see a beautiful waterfall springing from the mountains.

During the winter, the city is decorated with lights that will take you to a fairy tale world, so if you are a lover of winter holidays, you will definitely love this place. You can enjoy a glass of mulled wine while admiring the beauty of the lights and the city at night.

Hallstatt it is perhaps one of the most photogenic places in Europe, every corner seems detached from a story and if you are passionate about photography, this place is definitely the right choice.


A city that has a lot to offer a curious traveler, from gastronomy to cozy cafes, historical sites and art museums. Bergen was the home of kings in the Middle Ages, once the largest city in the Nordic countries and the capital of Norway, today Bergen is the second largest city in the country. Dubbed the capital of the fjords, Bergen has preserved the atmosphere and charm of a mountain town, where history and very old traditions are harmoniously intertwined with vibrant cultural life. The Hanseatic heritage reflected in the urban landscape determined the granting of the European City of Culture status in 2000.

Where to stay?

Like any other big city, Bergen offers many alternatives when it comes to accommodation. Prices vary according to everyone's requirements, but there are hotels with an extremely good price-quality ratio. Below you will find some of our recommendations.

  • Magic Hotel Korskirken – This hotel is located in the central area. With a simple and minimalist design, it offers impeccable conditions and breakfast included at the price of 149 euros for a double room.
  • Fabryka - This hotel decorated in Scandinavian style, minimalist but with color accents, will offer you all the facilities for a successful vacation. Located in an area of interest, the price of a double room starts from 66 euros.
  • Citybox Bergen City - With prices starting from 113 euros per night, this hotel located in the central area is the ideal choice if you are looking for the best price-quality ratio. With modern facilities, free wifi and a welcoming space, this hotel is an ideal choice.

What can you do in Bergen?

The city offers a lot of tourist attractions and activities. You can start your journey at the pier Bryggen, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bergen, rich in restaurants, studios, workshops and boutique shops, and the charming narrow alleys and old wooden houses encourage you to explore the area.

Another attraction that will leave you speechless is Mount Fløyen, also known as Fløyfjell, this 319-meter peak offers magnificent views of the city and the surrounding area. If you don't like to explore it on foot, you can take it Fløibanen, an 844-meter-long funicular that will transport you to the top.

If you want to discover the history of the city and the area, you can visit the Hanseatic Museum. The beautiful museum building, with original interiors, is one of the oldest wooden structures in Bergen, documenting the 400-year history of the association of the German merchant guild with Bergen, between 1350 and 1750.

Bergen market, on its busy streets, local fishermen unload their catches every morning and, together with Piata de Peste Torget, 700 years old, offers a fascinating show. Here you can try various local products, traditional dishes and feel the pulse of the city.

If you want to see more of what nature has to offer, a trip outside the city is the solution. To admire the magnificent Norwegian fjords there are several day trips from Bergen. The landscapes will take your breath away and the experience will definitely be unforgettable. Prices vary depending on the chosen tour, but you can find more details here.

So what will your next Instagram photos be?

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