TOP 9 The most important places to visit in Dobrogea!


Beach, delta, mountains, fortresses and archaeological sites, gastronomic past and present, viticulture and culture, all these define Dobrogea. Dobrogea is the 'oldest' region of Romania and this is one of the reasons why it is so unique and beautiful. It is rich in natural resources and picturesque scenery and is visited year after year by more and more tourists, both from home and abroad. It's a region you're sure to fall in love with, as it's the only region in the country with a "full menu".

The region boasts Romania's only coastline area with wonderful wild beauty, tourist spots și clădiri de patrimoniu cu o arhitectură fascinantă. Dobrogea este o regiune pentru fiecare! Indiferent că iubești soarele sau muntele, natura sau gălăgia urbană, că iubești pescuitul sau esti un aventurier pasionat de escaladat, cățărat, Dobrogea te va surprinde, având din fiecare câte puțin, sau mai mult, toate acestea definind această zonă ca una perfectă pentru un sejur de vis. 

There are endless reasons to visit the area, but it is also worth mentioning that here are the oldest mountains in Romania, the only delta in the country, and one of the most wonderful and unique gastronomies of the country. It's certainly not a region to visit once, the sights are so many and so captivating that you'll always want to come back, and believe me, once you're here, there's sure to be a second time. 

I would advise that when you start planning your holiday, you should set aside at least 5 days to enjoy the area to the full. To make your stay easier, I have prepared a list of the most beautiful and important places to visit in Dobrogea. 

Danube Delta

Definitely one of the most important tourist attractions in Dobrogea și din România. O vizită în Deltă este un „must do” cel puțin odată în viață deoarece cu siguranță te vei îndrăgosti imediat. Considerată una dintre cele mai frumoase și mari Delte din lume, ocupând locul 3 la nivel European și locul 22 la nivel Mondial, Delta Dunării impresionează prin ecosistemele naturale acvatice și tereste, biodiversitatea uimitoare și decorul fermecat. 

The Delta is a truly special place because it is one of the most preserved deltas in Europe and since 1990 has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage. It's a labyrinth of lakes and canals winding through the world's largest compact reed bed. Only 10% of its surface is land area. 

Here there are about 1200 different types of plants, 300 different types of birds, 54 different types of mammals and over 100 different types of fish. You can enjoy relaxing here as well as lots of activities such as fishing, boating and swimming. The gastronomy of the Danube Delta is also very popular and special, because the dishes here are usually based on fish.

The Romanian Coast

One of the most beautiful places in our country is certainly Lioralul. And the only Romanian coastline is in the Dobrogea region. The Romanian coastline is 245 kilometres long. It starts in the north, at the border with Ukraine, and goes south to the border with Bulgaria, and delimits the eastern part of Dobrogea from the Black Sea. The beaches stretch for 82 kilometres, with the rest of the coastline dominated by the Danube Delta.

The climate, water quality and beach orientation make it a great place to spend a summer holiday. The beaches on the Romanian coast are covered with fine sand and are very wide, sometimes reaching 150-200 metres wide. It is certainly the most visited area of Romania especially in summer, both by Romanian and foreign tourists. 

And for those who love adventure there are many places to practice water sports on the Romanian coast. Some resorts have modern leisure facilities such as tennis courts, football pitches and golf courses. There are also amusement parks and entertainment centres. The Romanian coast is made up of 12 resorts where you can enjoy a successful holiday: Navodari, Mamaia, Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud, Techirghiol, Costinesti, Olimp, Neptun, Jupiter, Cap Aurora, Venus, Saturn, Mangalia, plus 2 Mai and Vama Veche. A few days of relaxation on one of the 12 resorts is sure to be quality time spent, perfect for a stay with both family and friends. 

City of Constanta

Constanta is both an ancient and a modern city. It welcomes its guests with open arms and a lot of charm. It is a city with a multicultural spirit, where Eastern and Western cultures meet and mingle to create a lively atmosphere. Being located on the Black Sea coast, it is one of the most important cities, as it is a port city, it is very important economically for Romania and beyond. The city will surely conquer you, with its special charm, the night walks on the beach, and all the activities this wonderful city offers.

See here the most important tourist attractions in Constanta

Macin Mountains

As one of the strongest attractions on the map of Dobrogea, once you get here, it's the place where you walk, and step on rocks older than dinosaurs. The Măcin Mountains are the oldest mountains in Romania and have a maximum altitude of 467 metres. Although they may not sound so attractive at first glance, you will definitely fall in love with them, precisely because of their uniqueness. Once in Dobrogea, you must also include on your bucket list a visit to this creation of nature where you will discover the oldest rocks in the country, a unique fauna in Romania, 181 different species of birds (50% in Romania) and 1,900 different types of plants. The Măcin Mountains are also home to rare bird species that are protected by international law. 

Sphinx of Dobrogea

If you walk the route to the top of Pricopan Peak, you will find the oldest mountains in our country. There, you'll see a natural wonder called the Sphinx of Dobrogea. The Sphinx is a stone that has been polished by the wind and centuries. It looks like the face of a man who is thoughtful and has wrinkled skin. On the way to the Sphinx some rare plants and animals can be found in the nature park, such as the Dobrogen beech, gorun, hornbeam, silver linden, peonies, rock rockrose. As far as wildlife is concerned, the wild cat, the Dobrogea tortoise, deer, jackals and horned vipers live here. If you want to hike, you can choose from six official trails. The landscapes will be different from those of the Carpathians, but still beautiful.

Dobrogea Gorge

The Dobrogea Gorge is a canyon of Jurassic limestone. Its landscape is dominated by limestone rocks, towers, columns or peaks up to 40 metres high. Some of these rocks are actually atolls or coral reefs that were brought to the surface after the retreat of the Teza Sea. These structures are unique in Romania. There are 14 caves in the gorge, including Gura Dobrogei, La Adam and the Cave of the Bats. Inside them, archaeologists have found evidence of prehistoric people hiding from danger. Although there are no marked trails or tourist facilities, if you're a keen hiker you'll definitely enjoy a walk through the rounded cliffs. 

Lake Iacobdeal

Lake Iacobdeal is a lake located near the Măcinului Mountains. It is a beautiful place with clear, emerald green water. You must visit it if you are near the Macin Mountains. Lake Iacobdeal is a special place in Romania because it was formed without running water or runoff. You can get there by car or by taking a walk.

Enisala Fortress

Enisala Fortress is located in Tulcea county, in the village of the same name, in Sarichioi commune. The fortress offers a charming view. It was built by the Genoese in the 1200s for military, defensive and waterway surveillance purposes. From the fortress you can also see the Razim and Babadag lakes.

Histria Fortress

Histria Fortress is located in Istria, Constanta county. The fortress is famous for containing a lot of archaeological artefacts from different periods of history. One of the most interesting parts of the fortress is the Histria Museum Complex, which has a museum dedicated to archaeology and Greco-Roman ruins. Histria Fortress is a protected area of national interest.

Accommodation in Dobrogea - Where to stay in Dobrogea

  • Delta Boutique & Carmen Silva Resort is located in Crișan, in the Danube Delta, and offers a restaurant and an outdoor pool with children's area, as well as a pool bar. The property can only be reached by boat from Tulcea. On request, a transfer from Tulcea to the property can be provided at an additional cost. Public river shuttles are also available. Sulina Beach is a 30-minute boat ride away. Boat trips to the Danube Delta can be organised on request. The price of one night's accommodation here in a room for two people is 500 RON. The price may fluctuate depending on the booking period and the chosen facilities. 
  • Casa Chilia Resort&Spa Located in Chilia Veche, 500 metres from Știpoc, Casa Chilia Resort&Spa offers accommodation with restaurant, free private parking, garden and terrace. The price of a night's accommodation here in a room for two people is 600 ron. The price may fluctuate depending on the booking period and the chosen facilities.
  • Turquoise by the sea is located in Constanța, a few steps from Reyna Beach and 1.6 km from 3 Papuci, and offers accommodation with free WiFi, air conditioning and a terrace. This apartment is located in a building that was built in 2021. The price of one night's accommodation here for 5 people in the 80 m² apartment is 400 lei. The price may fluctuate depending on the booking period and the facilities chosen.

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