Aarhus, Denmark Travel Guide | The second largest city in Denmark

Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark, is an ideal destination for a getaway of a few days. One of the European Capitals of culture, a vibrant city full of activities, Aarhus manages to perfectly combine historical and cultural heritage with modernity. If you want a quiet vacation, where you can avoid the hustle and bustle specific to all capitals, but where you can enjoy culture, art, the cosmopolitan atmosphere, all perfectly combined with varied nature, Aarhus is the ideal vacation destination.

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AccommodationWhere are you staying in Aarhus?

  • Danhostel Aarhus City a modern hotel located in the center of Aarhus, with a nice view of the city's buildings. The property offers free WiFi, a restaurant, the price of a double room starts from 69 euros with the possibility of serving breakfast for an extra fee of 10 euros.
  • Wakeup – Aarhus this modern hotel in the heart of the city offers rooms for two people with a minimalist design at the price of approx. 100 euros. You can opt for a room with a view of the city from where you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise or admire the lights in the evening.
  • BOOK1 by Brøchner Hotels located in an area full of tourist attractions, just 700 m from the City Hall, the hotel offers comfortable rooms at an affordable price. The price of a double room starts from 77 euros and for 10 euros you can have breakfast directly at the hotel.

Aarhus tourist attractions - What to visit in Aarhus

Den gamle by (The Old Town)

An open-air museum, where you can admire old buildings, in their original form, which come from all over Denmark, not just from Aarhus. Opened in 1914, this museum was the first of its kind focusing on urban architecture as opposed to rural architecture as we are used to. The museum is laid out exactly like a town, with a commercial street, the central square with the town hall headquarters, canals and bridges. Most of the houses have their interior furnished and equipped according to the customs of the period they come from, and on the streets of the town you meet people dressed according to the fashion of the respective times. Currently, the museum hosts 75 buildings from 20 Danish cities. Ticket prices vary depending on the period between 13 and 19 euros, you can find more discounts here

Moesgaard Museum

The Moesgaard Museum, a unique place both in terms of location and modernist architecture. Surrounded by forests, located on the side of a hill, the museum invites you to discover it and admire the picturesque landscape. Inside you will be able to discover various exhibitions with interesting archaeological pieces dating from the prehistoric era, but also the best preserved human body of the Iron Age, the Grauballe Man. The price of a ticket for adults is 20 euros and you can find more details here


A museum dedicated to art, from 20th century Danish art to contemporary art, this is the ideal place for you if you are passionate about this field. A colorful and vibrant place, with many interesting pieces made in various techniques and styles. Here you will be able to see paintings by famous artists such as Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein. What makes this museum unique is Olafur Eliasson's Rainbow Panorama, a circular walkway built above the top floor. From this point you will be able to admire a sensational view and the play of lights is charming. The price of one ticket for adults it is 21 euros.

The Iceberg

Iceberg – It is a unique apartment district in the harbor area, located close to the city center, where the newest district in Aarhus called Aarhus Ø saw the light of day.

Tivoli Friheden

This amusement park is an ideal place both for adults who want to relive the happiness of childhood and for the little ones who will enjoy every carousel. Here you will find more than 40 attractions from carousels to roller coasters and other activities that will surely excite you. Located 2 km from the city center, the amusement park has an interesting history, being built in 1903 in an area where the locals used to go out for picnics, being close to the forest. The price of a ticket is approximately 15 euros, they can be purchased online, you can find more information here.

Botanical Garden

Located in the Old Town of Aarhus, the Aarhus Botanical Gardens are some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces in Denmark, attracting over 70,000 visitors every year. They cover a total area of 0.2 hectares, offering an ideal place to relax for both locals and tourists. The beauty and uniqueness of the plants make this place a location you should not miss. Entry is free and you can find details about the program here.

Aarhus Cathedral

The Cathedral of Aarhus is an imposing building located in the city's Main Square. It is 93 meters long and 96 meters high and is the tallest church in Denmark. Dedicated to Saint Clement, its construction began in the 12th century, but the current church dates largely from the early 1500s. Built in Gothic style, here you will be able to admire unique frescoes and paintings in Denmark, such as the vault painted in the 15th century, on which a representation is illustrated of Saint Clement. This place is one that you should not miss and that will surely impress you and the entrance is free.

Musikhuset Aarhus

Musikhuset Aarhus is the largest concert hall in Scandinavia that offers numerous concerts and unique shows as well as unique sensory experiences. A completely unique place at the international level, besides concerts and shows, music courses are also held here. The building was designed by the architects from Aarhus Kjær & Richter and was inaugurated in 1982, currently representing a key point in the cultural life of the city. We recommend you book a ticket to one of the concerts that take place here when you visit the city of Aarhus, it will definitely be an unforgettable experience. Entry to some events is free and you can find the program here.

Latin Quarter 

The Latin Quarter is the oldest and one of the most charming quarters in Aarhus, built at the end of the 14th century, after the old Viking fortifications were demolished. On the narrow and charming streets of the neighborhood you will find numerous welcoming cafes and restaurants, the vibrant and romantic atmosphere, the small and chic shops outline the ideal space for a walk of a few hours.

Aarhus Rådhus

 Aarhus Rådhus or the Aarhus City Hall building has become a symbol for it. With a modern design, built between 1937-1941 by the architects Arne Jacobsen and Erik Møller, the building is clad in Norwegian marble being a representation of Danish design and architecture. An interesting aspect is the fact that the town hall tower, which has become a symbol for the city today, was not included in the initial sketches from 1930, being built later. You can opt for a guided tour of the town hall where you will learn more about its history but also about the history of the city, you can find more details here.


Dokk1 is more than just a library, a cultural hub that opened on June 20, 2015. A place that wants to make culture accessible through multi-media for both locals and tourists. Being located at the meeting point between the city and the port, at the mouth of the Aargus river, Dokk1 is the largest public library in Scandinavia, award-winning and a place with an incredible view. Concerts, events, plays take place here and it is an ideal place to spend a few hours to relax.

Marselisborg Mindepark

The Marselisborg Memorial Park is a destination you should not miss, inaugurated in 1925 as a park with an area of 15 hectares. Here you will be able to walk in the beautiful gardens, you will be able to admire the diverse flora and you will have a sensational view of the Aarhus bay. It is an ideal place to spend a few hours, to relax and if you want you can even have a picnic here in the landscaped areas. Another attraction for which this park is known is the cherry garden, which is spectacular in the spring months. Here is also a memorial dedicated to the 4144 soldiers from South Jutland who had to fight in German uniforms and later died in the First World War.

The Infinity Bridge

Imagine a bridge on which you walk and walk without ever reaching the end. That's exactly what you get when you visit the wooden pier and work of art, the Infinity Bridge on Ballehage Beach in Aarhus. Whether you feel like putting on your bathing suit and jumping into the water or just walking around and enjoying the view of the sea, beach and forest, the Infinity Bridge is an amazing place to spend the day with family and friends. It is temporarily closed but starting with April 2023, it can be visited again.

Egå Engsø

A beautiful place for a trip where you can connect with nature. Egå Engsø is the perfect place for nature activities. You can have a meal here, a picnic, you can sleep in the free shelters in the middle of nature. For the little ones there is also a Stone Age themed playground. The area is marked with trails around the lake and is perfect for a hike on foot or by bike. The longest route is 5.2 kilometers, but you will find numerous benches where you can stop to rest and admire the enchanting landscape. 

Ovartaci Museum

The Ovartaci Museum in Aarhus is a museum with a unique theme. This museum is dedicated to the history and works of art created by the patients of the Risskov Psychiatric Hospital. The psychiatric history museum is located on the first floor and presents pieces of furniture and equipment used since 1852. In the first years, the hospital was divided into social classes with considerably more comfortable facilities for the upper classes, this aspect is illustrated in the exhibitions in the museum. Currently, the museum offers social programs and creative workshops addressed to patients with psychiatric conditions. The museum is currently closed but will reopen in the spring of 2023.

gourmetse & Restaurants

When it comes to Danish gastronomy, it is mainly based on simple and fresh ingredients. Most traditional Danish dishes are cooked according to centuries-old recipes. With fish, seafood and fresh vegetables as the main ingredients, Danish cuisine is diverse and full of at least novel combinations. The humorously named "Land of 700 sandwiches" is worth trying at least a few of the traditional Danish dishes.

  • Smørrebrød - a diverse and delicious sandwich served especially at lunch. Having various ingredients such as raw herring or shrimp, smoked salmon, hard boiled eggs, meat or vegetables, you just need to be able to choose your favorite option. 
  • Meatballs - a kind of meatballs made of pork or beef, mixed with onions, eggs, milk and breadcrumbs, served with mashed potatoes and vegetables. A very familiar and absolutely delicious dish that you must try.
  • Stegt Flæsk - a kind of traditional food whose main ingredient is pork seasoned and fried until it becomes juicy but crispy on the outside. Served with mashed potatoes and an absolutely delicious herb sauce.
  • Tarteletter - a kind of delicious mini tarts that are filled with a mixture of chicken and asparagus. An ideal preparation for a snack that can be easily found and that you must definitely try.
  • Risalamande - this rice pudding with almonds is usually served during the cold season. It is a light and delicious dessert and if it is served with a warm cherry sauce, it becomes even more sensational.
  • Rødgrød med fløde - a traditional Danish dessert made from red fruits and served with whipped cream. This pudding is ideal for hot summer days, being a refreshing and delicious dessert.

restaurants Where do you eat in Aarhus?

  • Klokken Aarhus – an elegant restaurant with a varied selection of dishes from traditional dishes to delicious burgers. Here you will find delicious dishes, especially based on meat. With a quiet atmosphere and a classic decoration, this restaurant is the ideal choice.
  • Raadhuus Kafeen this restaurant with traditional Danish food is the ideal place to discover dishes specific to the area. With traditional dishes, but also with a variety of craft beers, this restaurant is an ideal place to get in touch with the local atmosphere. The prices are extremely good, starting from 12 euros.
  • Restaurant Kohalen - a select place with delicious and diverse dishes, both traditional and international. A dinner at this restaurant will definitely be a memorable experience. The prices are reasonable compared to the quality and sensational flavor of the food.

Aarhus is the ideal destination for those who want peace and relaxation but also to discover a place with a vast history and cultural life. A few days in this city will help you charge your batteries, you will learn new things and you will see a different perspective of the world. You will definitely return home happier and calmer and you will not soon forget this vacation.

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