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A province that is part of Tuscany, Pisa is a fabulous location for your next holiday! The architecture that spectacularly adorns the panorama, along with the rich culture and remarkable history, present at every step, can convince any tourist to devote a few days to a vacation in the province of Pisa, and surely at the end of it there will be no regrets!

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 The good news is that the provincial airport it is right on the outskirts of Pisa, so the journey to the city will be very short, and the train, which leaves every 10 minutes, may be the best option, as the ticket costs €1.40 and the journey will only take 5 minutes. The E7 or E25 bus operated by VaiBus can be cheaper, costing €1.10, but the departure interval is 30 minutes. However, if you prefer a taxi, you will be out of pocket between €6-15, depending on the area where you want to be dropped off.

How do you travel in Pisa?

Transport in the city will be quite accessible, not having a very large area, you will even be able to walk the picturesque streets of Pisa. However, if you want to shorten the journeys, you can use public transport, with several routes available bus. A ticket costs €1 and is valid for 70 minutes, but you can buy a day pass for just €3, both of which can be purchased directly from the station. On the other hand, if you prefer a taxi, you must know that the rate is quite high in the area, and you will pay 2€ per km (to which is added an initial rate of 4.5€).

As for transportation between cities in the province, you can choose either the trains (the train station is in the center, and there you will find timetables and prices), or the company's buses Autolinee Toscana, with routes to major cities throughout the region, and fairly low fares. You can find more information (routes, prices, timetable) and even buy tickets here.

And of course, for transportation in and around the city it can be convenient to rent your own car for more flexibility. Prices start on average from €20 per day, and you can analyze the offers and choose your car here

Where are you staying in Pisa?

Accommodation prices in the city of Pisa start from 40€ for an average hotel, but if you want more comfort you can opt for a 5-star hotel, with costs starting from 120€, and for a Airbnb, prices will start from €95 per night. We recommend that you head for accommodation in the central area of Pisa for easier access to tourist attractions and transport links, both within the city and connecting cities in the province. However, be sure that regardless of the accommodation you choose, the views and the architecture witnessing the events of history will keep you company and guide you every step of the way!

Here are some recommendations of places that will not disappoint you:

  • You & Me it's a very affordable guesthouse, and for only €40 you'll spend the night right in the city center and you'll have a view of the Arno river. The rooms are simple, but for this price it is the best choice.
  • Hotel Terminus & Plaza is one of the options most appreciated by tourists, located in the center, close to commercial areas, the main train station and tourist attractions. The rooms are modern, and the hotel has a bar and room service, all for €65 per night.
  • Grand Hotel Duomo offers those who step on its threshold an unforgettable experience! The 4-star hotel located right next to Piața Domului stands out for its beauty, carrying an aristocratic air. Among the many facilities, we must mention the restaurant on the roof, from where you will have the most beautiful views. A room here starts from €95, with breakfast included.

Pisa tourist attractions - What do you visit in Tuscany?

If you want to make the most of your time here, it's best to leave with a well-established plan for what tourist spots do you want to visit in Grind. For this I have prepared a proposal for you itinerary for 3 days spent here, after which you can guide yourself.

Day 1

Piazza dei Miracoli

We recommend that you reserve the first day of your vacation to explore Pisa, the most popular city in the province, with a remarkable historical load. Of course, the perfect place to start is the central square itself Piazza dei Miracoli, around which the other attractions are also located. Reserve a few minutes to explore the streets with buildings from other times and the authentic Italian atmosphere!

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The next stop is, of course, at the most popular tourist spot, but also a symbol of the city: Leaning Tower of Pisa, famous for its sloping position. Its construction began in the year 1173, its last floor being built in 1319. The tower can be visited up to the upper platform due to the fact that between 1990 and 2001 it was consolidated, and in 2008 the engineers announced that the attempt to stabilize the tower was a success and its tilt is stopped for another 200 years. You can find other details and tickets here.

Cathedral of Pisa

Next to it is Cathedral of Pisa, a niche dedicated to the Dormition of the Mother of God, made mostly of marble. Medieval religious institution, with remarkable Romanesque architecture, was built in the 11th century. The architecture combines both Byzantine and Islamic architectures, thus highlighting the importance of the province of Pisa as a port city in the past. The interior of the cathedral is decorated with fabulous mosaics and admirable frescoes, paintings and a 19th century organ. The interior can be visited daily between 10:00 and 19:00, and the ticket costs €5.

San Giovanni Baptistery

Also in the market you will find San Giovanni Baptistery, the largest baptistery in Italy, with a height of 54.9 meters, is an example of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Its construction began even before the construction of the tower, in the year 1153. Inside, there is a marble pulpit, which represents detailed biblical scenes. The stairs in the baptistery can be climbed, to have a spectacular view of the tower and the cathedral, but also of the Miracle Square, for €5, daily between 09:00 and 19:00,

Giardino Scotto

Then take the LAM rossa line bus to get to Giardino Scotto, an imprint of history turned into a soothing park. The ruins of the fortress will transport you back several centuries, and the lush plants create an Edenic setting. You can enter here daily between 09:00 and 18:00.

Arno River

And because the river Arno it creates a stunning landscape, seize the opportunity and set aside an evening to walk along promenade, discovering the old and brightly colored buildings of Tuscany, the churches, but also the picturesque views! Plus, the sunset on one of the bridges is sure to take your breath away, creating a peaceful and romantic setting, perfect for ending your day!

Day 2

Piazza del Anfiteatro

On the second day we invite you to take a trip to the city Lucca, located east of Pisa, and the journey takes only 40 minutes, with the E3 bus. The small town is a hidden treasure of Italy, where history, but also nature, has managed to preserve itself remarkably. How can you put it that it is over 2200 years old.

And of course, you can start exploring the city right from the center, from Piazza del Anfiteatro. The place is currently full of simple buildings typical of rural Italy, but a Roman amphitheater was once located in this place. Here you will also find several cafes and small restaurants, which we recommend you visit if you are looking for authentic dishes.

Guinigi Tower

And because famous towers are not only in Pisa, you will find them right next to the square Guinigi Tower, over 800 years old, which is 45 meters high. The tower combines Romanesque and Gothic architecture, and on its roof there is a small garden, which makes it even more unique, and you can even climb the 233 steps to reach the top.

Cathedral of St. Martini

In 5 minutes you will find it Cathedral of St. Martini, place of worship dating back more than 1000 years, being the main cathedral of the area. The interior is typical of the Gothic style, and the facade is notable for the large number of columns. You will also find a famous monument here: the labyrinth with Latin inscriptions on the floor of the cathedral, which is supposed to be older than the one in Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral.

Palazzo Pfanner

Another 5 minutes away is also Palazzo Pfanner, an aristocratic palace built in 1660, witness to the changes in Italy over the years. Its interior will make you feel like you're blue-blooded, amidst lush decor and artwork. And the palace garden is splendid, with fascinating plants, marble statues and medieval fountains. The price of a visit is 6.5€, the schedule being daily between 10:00 and 18:00.

Ponte della Maddalena

And your last stop is outside the city, 45 minutes away on the E4, E5 or E10 buses. You will arrive on the banks of the river Serchio, more precisely on Devil's Bridge (or Ponte della Maddalena), one of the most beautiful bridges in all of Italy. In addition to the beauty of the view, the bridge is also famous for the legend of its construction, according to which Saint Julian made a Pact with the Devil to complete the bridge, in return promising the life of the first person to cross it. However, once the construction was completed, St. Julian allegedly threw a piece of bread on the bridge to make a dog cross it, thereby breaking the pact. The place has been a source of inspiration for countless writers and artists over time, so it's worth spending a few tens of minutes here.

Day 3

Terazza Mascagni

You can end your vacation in the small town Livorno, the third port on the west coast of Italy, with an outlet to the Ligurian Sea. It is the perfect place where you can feel the sea breeze, not being able to miss some places to enjoy the water during your vacation. You will get here from Pisa by train, running several routes between the 2 cities, and the journey will only take 20 minutes.

Start with Terrazza Mascagni, a large terrace along which you can walk quietly, admiring the seascapes and the splendid panorama of the Tuscan Archipelago, while sitting on a huge chessboard popular in Italy.

The Aquarium of Livorno

It is right next to it The Aquarium of Livorno, which, although it is not a very large aquarium, manages to host the most important species of the Mediterranean Sea, even a shark. However, you should know that it is only open on Saturdays and Sundays, between 10:00 and 17:00, and the ticket costs €16 (or €12 if you buy it online, from official website)

Fortezza Vecchia

Go after 10 minutes on foot, then take bus 5 to reach another place loaded with historical valences: Fortezza Vecchia. The medieval fortress is the result of some constructions spread over several hundred years, and the oldest ruins date from the construction of a fort in the 11th century. The entire construction has three bastions (Ampolletta, Canaviglia and Capitana) and two main gates, but don't miss the Matilda Tower or the ruins of the ancient Roman fort.


And if you choose to schedule your trip in a warm month, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful BEACHES from the area, because the beaches of Italy do not compare to anything else. We recommend taking bus 5, then bus 10 (a journey that will take 40 minutes in total) to reach the resort area Calambrone, where you will find several beaches with fine sand and clear water. The prices here are quite affordable, and an umbrella and 2 sunbeds cost around €20. To return to Pisa, you can take bus 070 or 140, and then 010.

What do you eat in Tuscany?

Olive oil Monte Pisano, truffles San Miniatone or Pecorino cheese they are products specific to the province of Pisa, traditional products and highlighted in the same way as tasty dishes. canapes it is an appetizer that is respected at every meal, like Tuscan bread, without salt. "Poor man's food" or Panzanella, is also a common dish based on tomatoes, bread and onions. Obviously, pasta will not be missing from this list, being traditional The pappardelle. Seafood is also common in the province's gastronomy, with cod and clams being among the most important. Desserts are based on dried fruit and nuts or biscuits: Pinolata includes pine nuts, Bischeri cone cake it includes biscuits, chocolate and even oil and wine.

As for the places where you can stop, first of all we recommend you to choose places with Italian specifics, and often small restaurants are real hidden treasures, where you will find the authenticity of Italy, so don't shy away from them. Because you will spend most of your time in the city of Pisa, we also recommend a few places: I Comfortable Pigs is probably the most popular place with traditional appetizers, at very affordable prices, Antica Bottega di Pisa is perfect for those looking for seafood and fish, and at At Pulcinella Tavern you will find very good pizza.

The impressive history of Pisa and the architecture that combines several styles, along with the superb tourist spots and the original gastronomy are enough elements to convince you to return to the wonderful province of Tuscany! A few days here will make anyone fall in love with this area!

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