Travel Guide Kosice, Slovakia | The second largest city in Slovakia!


A city full of surprises!

Kosice is the second largest multi-ethnic city in Slovakia. The city has a long and turbulent history, and its present is also dynamic. It was the most important city of the region for centuries and a center of trade, culture and education.

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In Kosice you will find more than a place to stay, this city that so beautifully combines the medieval atmosphere with the modern one has a long list of hotels for you. For a complete experience, we recommend one of the following:

  • Boutique Hotel Slavia this 3-star hotel is located just 230 meters from St. Elizabeth's Cathedral and features a terrace and a bar. The hotel's restaurant serves local dishes. The price of one night's accommodation starts from 46 euros per person and includes breakfast.
  • TeleDom Hotel if you want a central accommodation option, the 3-star TeleDom Hotel is the perfect choice, the hotel is only 200 meters from the city's main attractions. And for a night's accommodation for 2 people you will have to take out of your pocket only 77 euros.
  • Hotel Gloria Palac located in the historic center of the city, opposite the Aupark shopping center, the 3-star Hotel Gloria Palac offers a restaurant, a lobby bar and a café-bar. At the Gloria Palac Hotel restaurant you can enjoy Slovak and international cuisine. If you choose to book a night's accommodation here, prices start at just 35 euros per person with breakfast included.

Kosice tourist attractions - What to visit in Kosice

Central square

The central square in this Slovak city has a long almond shape and stretches for 1.2 kilometers from the Peace Marathon Square (Maratónu Mieru Namestie) to the Liberator Square (Osloboditelov Namestie). The square is adorned by a rainbow of colorful buildings on the parallel streets.

St. Elizabeth Cathedral

The most dominant building in the city is certainly the Gothic cathedral of St. Elizabeth. This building, quite isolated from the rest of the square, is the largest church in Slovakia. The construction of the church took place under royal supervision in several stages starting in 1380, while some claim that it is still not completed. 

Hlavna Ulica

The main street or Hlavna Ulica was originally a medieval square. Since those times, its spindle-shaped plan, which is typical for most towns in eastern Slovakia, has been preserved. Most of Kosice's most important historical attractions can be found here, along with 3 beautiful parks with fountains and of course the inevitable terraces and restaurants.

Saint Michael's Church

The church, which is located a short distance from St. Elizabeth's Cathedral, dates from the 14th century. It represents the culmination of the Gothic period and surprises with its stylish precision, intimacy and harmony. This is dedicated to the escort of souls to the other side, Archangel Michael. His statue depicting the judgment of dead souls is placed above the entrance to the chapel.

Jakabov Palace

The building was erected in 1899 in the pseudo-Gothic style, built from stones thrown from the Cathedral of St. Elisabeth in Kosice. It was named after the building's first owner, Arpad Jakab. In 1945 (April – May) the palace was the seat of the president of Czechoslovakia. In 1992 – 2000 the British Council had its headquarters in the building. Later the building was used for important social events. The palace is currently closed due to a property rights lawsuit.

Craft Alley

Alley of Crafts stands out for its cobblestones and period architecture. Beautiful small houses, amazing atmosphere and old crafts are waiting to be visited. This magical alley offers plenty of ways to spend your free time and learn a little about the craft or life that our ancestors lived.

Museum of Eastern Slovakia

The Museum of Eastern Slovakia is among the oldest and most important museums in Slovakia. Its exhibitions give visitors an insight into the history and nature of Eastern Slovakia. The museum has a number of unique exhibits and currently houses over 500,000 objects. It can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday. 

Gastronomy and restaurants

Slovakia, unlike France or Italy, may not be on the list of top destinations for those who enjoy food tourism. However, Slovakian cuisine, where sheep farming traditions combine with flavors typical of Hungary or Austria, has a surprising amount to offer – especially if you like meat.

Among the traditional dishes are:

  • Bryndzo Halushky gnocchi-like dumplings made from potato dough served with bryndza, a traditional, strongly flavored Slovak sheep's cheese originating from the mountainous regions of northern and central Slovakia. It is served in practically every restaurant that offers local cuisine, usually seasoned with fried bacon or fried onions. 
  • Roast goose this dish is accompanied by red cabbage and lokše, a kind of dry potato pancake (resembling a tortilla), smeared with goose fat. Lokše can also be served as a main course, filled with goose pate, or sweet, filled with poppy seeds and jam. 
  • soups or zupepy cannot be missing from a Slovak meal. The most commonly served soups are chicken (slepačí vývar), tomato (paradajková), vegetable (zeleninová) and various cream soups.


  • Rosto Steak House discover the most tender and flavorful steak in the city center in this elegant restaurant that also has a summer terrace and lounge. 
  • Central Pub&Restaurant is a newly opened restaurant in the city center, here you will find an elaborate menu of local and international cuisine.

Kosice is a compact city that can be easily discovered in just a few days. Therefore, it is an ideal destination for an unforgettable city break!

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