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Milan is a city full of life and enthusiasts who can't wait to discover its specific emblems. Even in a city-break of only 2-3 days you can visit the capital of fashion and find out the reasons why millions of tourists fall in love with this city every year. We offer you some hints: splendid architecture, famous fashion and art houses. Find out which are the main unmissable tourist attractions that you can visit during a 3-day vacation in Milan.

Useful information


From Milan Bergamo Airport you can get to the city by bus for 6-10 euros/adult and you can buy tickets on the website from Terravision. The buses run every 30 minutes and you will reach the city in about 1 hour because the city is 45 km away.

Milan Malpensa Airport it is approximately the same distance from the city (40 km). You can arrive by train - Malpensa Express and Trenitalia in 50 minutes for approximately 8-13 euros/adult. Trains run every 20-40 minutes and you can buy tickets from the machines in the station. Another option is the bus, which will take you about an hour and for which you will pay between 8-14 euros/adult. The first bus leaves for Milan at 6 in the morning, and the last at 00:30.

What do you use to get around Milan?

Milan is a city with quite high traffic on the streets. So the fastest way to get from one place to another is the subway. Lines M1, M2, M3 and M5 reach almost all tourist attractions, as well as in areas far from the center. You buy the tickets from the newspaper kiosks or from the ticket machines located underground, before entering the subway. A single ticket costs approx. 2 euros and is valid for 90 minutes once it has been validated at the gate to the subway. You can also opt for the card valid 24 hours after validation for only 4.50 euros.

Metros in the center of Milan generally run every 2-4 minutes, while in the peripheral areas you can wait even 20-30 minutes until a metro arrives at the station. Their program starts at 6 in the morning, and the last race takes place at approx. 00:30.

Milan City Card

If you want to save about 40 euros for 3 days of vacation in Milan, we recommend you to buy Milan City Card. It offers you free access to public transport (bus, tram, metro, discounts at attractions such as the Cathedral, museums and restaurants. You can purchase cards for 1 (11.50 euros), 2 (17.50 euros) or 3 days (19, 50 euros).You can buy the card online, confirm by e-mail and then pick it up at Malpensa Airport, Bergamo Airport or Central Station. You can also buy it directly from there. The discounts vary between 2-7 euros.


We recommend that you stay as close as possible to the city center, where the main attractions are located, or as close as possible to the metro stations. Thus, you will be able to easily reach the tourist attractions. Accommodations start from 80 euros per night, and some of them even have a balcony overlooking the city.

Located less than 1 km from Palazzo Reale and a 12-minute walk from Museo Del Novecento in the Milan City Center, ESTH Suite Apartment del Don 8 provides accommodation with free WiFi and a seating area.

Just 2 km from Milan Cathedral, Residenza Bocconi offers modern apartments with free Wi-Fi. It is 3.5 km from Milano Cadorna Train Station.

Spice Hotel Milano offers comfortable and convenient accommodation, less than 5 minutes' walk from Milan Central Station. Housed in a 19th-century building, the hotel has stylish, renovated interiors. With easy access to Milan's metro, trains, buses and airport transfer, Spice Hotel Milano couldn't be better placed for getting around the city. The dome is only 10 minutes away by metro.

Milan tourist attractions | City Break Milan

Day 1

The Duomo of Milan

To get to the Dome, the fastest way is the metro. You can buy tickets from the machine in the underground for about 2 euros/person. Keep the ticket because at the exit you will have to enter it at the exit gates. The Duomo station is actually called Duomo and as soon as you climb the stairs you will be surprised by its grandeur and beauty.

The Duomo in Milan is the emblem of the city of Milan, being the most visited objective. Even tourists who come on vacation to Italy in nearby cities often come by train to Milan specifically to visit this place. The building harmoniously combines different architectures: Gothic, Renaissance and Neo-Gothic. 135 towers, over 2000 statues and an impressive appearance amaze the tourists who arrive here. In addition to the absolutely graceful exterior, you can also visit the interior of the cathedral and you can reach the roof to admire the magnificent view of the city. Tickets start at 15 euros per person and you can buy them on your mobile from WEBSITE the cathedral. Allocate at least 1-2 hours for the visit to the Cathedral. With Milano Card you benefit from discounts between 10-30%.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

Built between 1865 and 1877, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan is the oldest active shopping center in Italy and for good reason. With its glass arches and intricate mosaic floors, the shopping gallery boasts a beautiful design that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. The Galleria hosts luxury shops, books and paintings, in addition to several restaurants, cafes, bars and even a hotel! It attracts thousands of visitors a year and is an important tourist destination of the city. Designed in 1861 by the Italian architect Giuseppe Mengoni, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele contains four distinct mosaic patterns on the floor. Each design depicts the coat of arms of the three capitals of the Kingdom of Italy (Rome, Firenze and Turin) and of course the Milan symbol. Representing Rome as a she-wolf together with Romulus and Remus; Florence is the lily; and Milan is a red cross on a white background. What about Turin? A small dancing bull or, in Italian, "torino".

Although no one knows how the tradition began, many people believe that touching the small Turin mosaic brings good luck. Legend has it that if you spin three times with your heel on a certain part of the bull between its two hind legs, it will bring you good luck. Today, the small dancing bull mosaic attracts hundreds of curious and superstitious visitors every day.

Teatro alla Scala

Walk around the Duomo and the gallery and at about 300 m you will see Teatro alla Scala. La Scala is among the famous cultural centers of the world, many well-known theater works having their debut here. Exhibitions, theater performances, opera, ballet and even a museum offer tourists coming on vacation to Milan numerous reasons to visit it. Prices start from 12 euros per person and increase depending on the activities you want to participate in and the rooms you want to visit. If you buy a Milano Card, you can benefit from discounts up to 30% at the theater.

Monumental Cemeteries

This is more than a cemetery, it is an open air museum. Here you can find the impressive tombs of some of Italy's leading people, but also other celebrities or influential people. The tombs are works of art, from Greek temples to obelisks, all of which demonstrate the financial power of Italian families.

Day 2

Sforza Castle

The Sforza Castle in Milan is one of the largest castles in all of Europe. Its construction began in the 14th century, but it was renovated by the best engineers and architects in the 15th century to obtain a refined building and among the most sumptuous. Frescoes, archeology museums and art inside turn the visit to the castle into one full of historical revelations for tourists. Tickets start at 3 euros per person and the castle is located approximately 1 km from the Cathedral and 4 km from the train station. You can get there in about 8-15 minutes by metro for 2 euros.

Sempione Park

Sempione Park is the "green" place of the city of Milan where you can relax admiring the sculptures and the Arc della Pace. And after a long day visiting the most popular attractions, it is the ideal place for moments of evening rest. It is located close to the Sforza Castle. While walking in this area, you can enjoy the architecture of the Arch, the building of one of the oldest zoo parks - Civic Aquarium of Milan (5 euros) or a Triennale Museum (16 euros). Of course, a visit inside the locations helps you discover even more of the city's culture.

Pinacoteca di Brera

It is among the most important art galleries in Italy, with paintings from the XIII-XVIII centuries. You can reserve the ticket right on WEBSITE gallery for 15 euros and you can use the card for three months as many times as you want. In addition, you have free access to the gallery's online media collection for one year. It is important to also make a reservation on the website because access can be limited to approximately 20 people.

Day 3

For the last day in Milan, we suggest you choose one, or even both, tourist objectives with which to end this city-break.

Alfa Romeo Museum

Located in Arese, you can reach the Alfa Romeo Museum by means of public transport, it depends on the area you are leaving from, but most routes include; metro, bus and train and the transport takes about an hour.

The Alfa Romeo Museum is located on the space occupied by the automobile factory that operated until 2002, after a long history in which the Museum was opened and then closed, since 2015 it is open again to the general public with an impressive collection. Even if you are not passionate about this field, we guarantee that visiting this museum is an experience. You can find more details here.

Naviglio Grande

The Naviglio Grande area is a small corner of Amsterdam, the Naviglio Grande is a canal in Lombardy, which connects the Ticino river near Tornavento to the Porta Ticinese dock, the former navigable canal is decorated on both sides with terraces and restaurants ready to welcome its visitors. For the complete experience, we recommend you to visit this area, especially in summer, when all the terraces are open for the enjoyment of tourists.

Gastronomy & Restaurants

What would a visit to Milan be without pasta, pizza, gelato and an Aperol? Because you cannot leave without tasting the Italian specialties, we have prepared some recommendations for you below.

In the evening you can taste the tastiest pasta at Miscusi Stazione Centrale near the train station, with prices between 8-14 euros, where you can create your own pasta or pizza Spontaneous north of the Cathedral, next to Rinascente with prices between 5-9 euros for a very large slice of pizza. If you are in the center, we recommend it Giacomo Arengario with a view right over the Dome from a superb balcony (18-45 euros), Lodi House (5-25 euros) or Yes Queen (6-35 euros). We recommend that you book your table in advance, especially at the restaurants in the center, otherwise you can stand in line for even an hour.

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