Poreč, Croatia travel guide

Poreč is a lovely town located on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula in northern Croatia. This old and picturesque town is known for its historic buildings, narrow streets and beautiful beaches. The center of Poreč is one of the best-preserved examples of medieval architecture in Croatia. The paved and cobbled streets take you on labyrinthine roads through its famous old quarter, where you can enjoy a lot of cafes, restaurants and small shops. One of the most impressive tourist attractions in Poreč is the Euphrasian Church, which dates back to the 6th century and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is an exceptional example of late Byzantine architecture with impressive mosaics that have been exemplary restored. For beach lovers, Poreč has plenty of options, from crowded beaches to more secluded beaches. The beaches are surrounded by crystal clear waters and lush vegetation, offering excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities. In addition, the city of Poreč is located in the middle of a wine region known for its top quality wines. Poreč is a charming city with a unique combination of history, culture and natural beauty. This is a great place to explore if you want to discover the beauty of Croatia and the Istrian peninsula. In the following you will find a complete guide that includes accommodation recommendations, places with delicious food, tourist attractions and unique activities for an unforgettable vacation.

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Accommodation – Where are you staying in Poreč?

  • Hotel Valamar Diamant this four-star hotel is located a few steps from the beach and only a few minutes' walk from the center of the old town. The rooms are comfortable and modern, with a balcony and a view of the sea or the park. The hotel offers a variety of facilities including swimming pool, tennis and volleyball courts, sauna, fitness room and restaurant. The price of one night's accommodation starts from 123 euros per night, and breakfast is included.
  • Apartments Laguna Bellevue these apartments are just a few steps from the beach of Laguna Bellevue and 3 km from the center of the old town. The apartments are modern and spacious, with fully equipped kitchenettes and balconies or terraces with sea or garden views. The price of a night's accommodation in a studio for two people starts from 50 euros per night.
  • Hotel Porec this B&B is located in a quiet area, just a few minutes' walk from the old town center and the beach. The rooms are decorated in a modern style, with solid wood furniture and vibrant colors. The hotel has a terrace overlooking the sea, where you can enjoy breakfast or relax. The price of one night's accommodation starts from 123 euros per night, and breakfast is included. 

Porek tourist attractions - What to visit in Porek

Euphrasian Basilica

The church was built in the 6th century and is an impressive example of late Byzantine architecture. When you enter the interior of the church, you will be amazed by the beauty of the mosaics and its architectural details. You will see skillfully carved arches, capitals and columns and the ceiling decorated with frescoes. The Euphrasian Church has been restored in an exemplary manner so as to be as close as possible to its original appearance. When you look at the mosaics inside the church, you will see the vivid and bright colors that have kept their brilliance for over a millennium. In addition, the church is located in the historic center of Poreč, which means that after visiting it, you can walk through the narrow streets and admire the historical architecture of the city. It is a tourist attraction that you should not miss.

Aquapark Aquacolors 

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience in Poreč, you should not miss Aquapark Aquacolors. You will be greeted with colorful and lively decor that will instantly lift your mood. In the park, you'll find plenty of attractions and activities, including giant slides, wave pools and waterfalls. Each attraction is designed to be both fun and safe, meaning you'll be able to get the most out of each experience. For the little ones, there is a special play area and lots of special attractions so everyone has fun. You don't have to worry about drinks and food as there is a wide range of options including restaurants, cafes and bars. In addition, there are enough resting places and comfortable sunbeds, where you can relax and enjoy the Croatian sun. It is a perfect place to enjoy a day of fun and make wonderful memories with friends and family.

Jama – Grotta Baredine 

If you want to experience something really special in Poreč, you must visit Jama – Grotta Baredine. This impressive cave offers a unique opportunity to explore Croatia's underground wonders. When you enter the cave, you will be amazed by its natural beauty. You will see stalactites and stalagmites formed by millions of years of geological activity, which form a spectacular setting. You will also see crystal clear underground lakes and underground rivers that will impress you. During the guided tour, you will learn about the history of the cave and many interesting details, including the rich population of bats that live in the cave. In addition, the tours are led by professional guides who are well trained to provide information about every aspect of the cave and answer your questions. Also, in addition to the main tour, Jama – Grotta Baredine also offers a wide range of additional activities such as rock climbing for those looking for a more adventurous experience. And for those looking for something quieter, there is also a nature park around the cave, which is full of lush vegetation and walking trails.

OLD TOWN Wine Bar 

If you are a wine lover and seeker of unique experiences, you must visit Wine Bar OLD TOWN in Poreč. Located in the heart of the old town, this wine bar offers an impressive selection of quality wines in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The bar is decorated in a rustic and authentic style, which gives it a welcoming atmosphere full of character. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, providing detailed information about the wines they serve as well as suggestions to suit your personal tastes and preferences. The bar also offers quality snacks and aperitifs that go perfectly with the selected wines. You can choose from a wide range of cheeses, charcuterie and other local delicacies to complement your wine tasting experience. With a wide selection of wines, including local and international wines, as well as the unique experience of enjoying them in the heart of the old town, Wine Bar OLD TOWN is a tourist attraction not to be missed.

My nickname is Zelena Laguna 

If you want a quiet getaway by the sea in Poreč, you shouldn't miss Zelena Laguna. This coastal area offers a wide range of recreational activities, from beach and swimming to water sports and nature exploration. The beaches of Zelena Laguna are known for their fine sand and crystal clear waters, perfect for swimming and relaxing. In addition, the area is full of quiet and hidden beaches where you can relax and enjoy a whole day in the sun. For those looking for adventure, there is a wide range of water sports available, you can try diving, boating, kitesurfing or windsurfing and much more. These activities will help you discover the natural beauty of the area. Zelena Laguna also offers a wide range of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy local delicacies and refreshing drinks while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Granda Decumana Street 

If you want to discover the historical charm of Poreč, you must visit Granda Decumana street. This historic street is located in the heart of the old city and is full of history, culture and impressive architecture. With its stone pavement and historic buildings, Granda Decumana offers an authentic and picturesque atmosphere. As you walk you will be able to admire their medieval buildings and architecture, as well as numerous shops, restaurants and cafes. Among the most important attractions on Granda Decumana are the Church of Saint Euphemia, which is one of the most beautiful churches in Poreč, as well as the Episcopal Palace, one of the oldest and most important historical buildings in the city. In addition, Granda Decumana also hosts a number of cultural and artistic events throughout the year, such as music festivals, art exhibitions and craft fairs, which add additional charm to this historic street.

Blue Lagoon / Plava Laguna Beach  

If you want to relax and enjoy the beach and crystal clear water in Poreč, you must visit Blue Lagoon / Plava Laguna Beach. This is a popular tourist attraction located just a few kilometers from the city center and offers a unique beach and swimming experience. With crystal clear waters and fine sand, this is the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun. You can lie on the beach and bask in the warm rays of the sun, or walk through the water and enjoy the beauty of nature. The area also offers a wide range of recreational activities such as snorkeling, diving, water sports and more. In addition, on the beach you will find numerous bars and restaurants, where you can enjoy refreshing drinks and local delicacies. What makes this place special is its natural beauty and the tranquility that reigns around. If you are looking for a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is the perfect place for you.


If you want to experience the beauty of nature in Poreč, you must visit Brulo. This is a wonderful area located a few kilometers from the city center that offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities. With green forests and a flowing river, Brulo is a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. You can take a walk on the forest paths, admire the beauty of nature or relax by the river. The area also offers a wide range of recreational activities such as cycling, climbing, canoeing and more. With varied and well-marked trails, Brulo is the perfect place to spend a full day outdoors. If you are looking for a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is the perfect place for you.


Trg MARAFOR is a picturesque square in the old town of Poreč, one of the city's most popular tourist attractions. It is a lively place, full of life and colour, with beautiful old buildings, cafes and restaurants, which keep the authentic atmosphere of the old town. In the center of the square is an ancient column, known as the Marafor, which dates back to the 3rd century and is considered one of the most important historical objects in Poreč. Marafor was an important place during the Roman Empire and housed an important pagan temple dedicated to the gods Mars and Venus. Today, Trg MARAFOR is a popular place for tourists, locals and those who want to relax in a historic and picturesque setting. During the day, the square is full of life, and at night it becomes a popular place for outdoor events and performances. With a rich history and a wide range of options for relaxation and entertainment, this is a tourist attraction that should not be missed during a visit to Poreč.

St. Nicholas Island 

St. Nicholas Island is a popular tourist destination in Poreč, located near the Croatian coast and the Adriatic Sea. The island is known for its natural beauty, crystal clear waters and rich history, making it an ideal place for a day trip during a holiday in Poreč. The island is easily accessible by boats and ferries departing from Poreč, offering an impressive view of the coast and the city. On the island, you will be able to explore many beautiful beaches, from the crowded ones to the most secluded ones, which offer the opportunity to relax, swim and practice various water sports. One of the most important tourist attractions on the island is the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, which dates back to the 13th century and is considered one of the most important churches in the region. Here, visitors can admire medieval frescoes and other historical artifacts. The island also offers opportunities to explore nature, such as a walk on the trekking trail, which offers spectacular scenery.

Gastronomy & Restaurants 

Gastronomy in Poreč is a special experience for anyone who wants to explore Croatian culinary culture. Here you will be able to enjoy a variety of dishes, which are prepared with fresh and natural ingredients. One of the most popular dishes in Poreč is seafood, which is served in a variety of styles. From octopus to calamari and shrimp, you can enjoy delicious dishes, cooked in the Mediterranean style and served with a variety of sauces and spices.

Beef, pork and lamb are also popular choices for local dishes. One of the most popular dishes is pršut, top quality Croatian ham, served with cheese and fresh fruit. For those who want to try traditional Croatian dishes, try pljeskavica, a traditional beef and pork meatball served with fried potatoes and ajvar sauce. And don't forget to try the local truffles, which are found in the forests around Poreč and served with fresh pasta and delicious sauces. In addition, Poreč is also known for its high-quality wines, produced from grapes grown in the area. With such culinary diversity, Poreč is an ideal destination for foodies and those who want to experience Croatian culinary culture full of new and delicious tastes.

  • Konoba Aba is a traditional Croatian restaurant located in the center of Poreč. Here you can enjoy a variety of local dishes, such as fresh seafood, beef and pork cooked in traditional style, but also fresh vegetables with rich sauces. The ambiance of the restaurant is welcoming and comfortable, and the friendly and professional staff will ensure that you have a great dining experience.
  • tradizionale located in the old town area of Poreč, the Tradizione restaurant is known for its fresh seafood and Italian dishes. Here, you can enjoy fresh pasta, pizza and seafood dishes, prepared with top quality ingredients. The ambiance of the restaurant is elegant and romantic, and the outdoor terrace offers a picturesque view of the local harbor.
  • Miramare Restaurant is a gourmet restaurant located on the seafront, offering a spectacular view of Poreč Bay. The menu consists of fresh seafood, beef and vegetarian dishes, cooked with local and seasonal ingredients. In addition, the restaurant offers a wide selection of high quality wines as well as a selection of delicious desserts. The ambiance is sophisticated and elegant, and the dining experience is a special one.

Poreč is a tourist destination not to be missed, thanks to its beautiful beaches, impressive sights and delicious local gastronomy. The beaches near the city offer a perfect opportunity for relaxation and fun and the restaurants serve unique and delicious dishes. Poreč is a tourist destination that offers a variety of what you need, whether you are looking for relaxation or adventure and culture, Poreč is a perfect place for an unforgettable vacation.

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