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Stuttgart, the capital of Germany's Baden-Württemberg region, is a vibrant and modern city where past and present coexist in harmony. Stuttgart is a city full of culture and has a surprise in store for every tourist, from car lovers to architecture lovers. Surrounded by vineyards and greenery, this city is waiting for you to discover it.

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Accommodation - Where to stay in Stuttgart

Stuttgart is a metropolitan city set in an area surrounded by hills with vineyards, so you will not only enjoy the modern side of the city but also beautiful views.

For a few nights of accommodation, we offer you the following options:

  • Unger Hotel– Located in the heart of the city, 2 minutes from the train station, this 4-star hotel is an ideal choice. In addition to a bar open non-stop, it also offers tourists the option of renting bicycles. A night's accommodation with a hearty breakfast included starts from 85 euros per person.
  • Zur Weinsteige– It is a 4-star hotel located just 10 minutes' walk from Stuttgart's main attractions, and the good part is that for one night's accommodation the rates start from 65 euros per person. 
  • Abalone Hotel Ideal This 3-star hotel is perfectly positioned right in the city center and close to public transport. For one night's accommodation with breakfast, the rates start from 57 euros per person.

Tourist spotsWhat are you visiting in Stuttgart?

Schlossplatz & New Palace

Schlossplatz, or palace square, is in the city center just a few blocks from the main train station (Hauptbahnhof), making it a perfect first stop. Surrounding the square are restaurants and many historic buildings, including the New Palace. The New Palace was built by Duke Carl Eugen von Württemberg between 1744 and 1793. His goal was to turn Stuttgart into a second Versailles. Currently there are ministries and representative halls in the palace. It can only be visited as part of special tours.

Hohenheimer Gardens 

If you choose to visit the Hohenheimer Gardens you will see more than 8,000 species of plants, embedded in a 30-hectare park area that stretches around Hohenheim Castle.


Königstrasse is in the heart of the city and is known for the many shops that populate it, it is the longest pedestrian shopping street in Germany. If you are tired and need a break from shopping, you can stop in one of the countless restaurants or cafes, they can be found at every step.

Mercedes Museum

The city is home to many car manufacturers, including Mercedes and Porsche. The Mercedes Museum is a multi-story complex that houses over 125 years of automotive history. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 09:00 and 18:00, and the ticket price is 12 euros, details here. 

The Le Corbusier house

One of the creations of the famous architect known as Le Corbusier is located in Stuttgart. UNESCO has incorporated seventeen of its projects as part of the World Heritage Sites. 

Wilhelma Zoo-Botanical Garden

Wilhelma Stuttgart is a real must for animal and plant lovers. The zoological and botanical garden in the state capital of Baden-Württemberg is home to almost 1,100 different animal species and around 6,000 plant species from all climate zones. You can find details and tickets here.

Ludwigsburg Palace

12 km from Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg is home to the main royal palace of the House of Württemberg. With 450 rooms distributed around 18 buildings, it is one of the largest baroque palaces in Europe. You can find details here.

Landesmuseum Württemberg

One of Germany's largest cultural history museums can be found in the beautiful Old Castle in the heart of Stuttgart. Here you will be able to see from the oldest works of art known to mankind to Celtic art, Roman precious objects and sacred objects from the Middle Ages to the crown jewels of the kings of Württemberg. You can find details and tickets here.

Schloss Solitude Palace

Schloss Solitude is located on the outskirts of Stuttgart with a magnificent view of the surrounding area. The building was commissioned by Duke Carl Eugen and built between 1763 and 1769 as a hunting lodge and summer residence.

Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

The art museum itself consists of the glass cube above ground and exhibition areas that are partially underground. They are housed in completely renovated tunnels from the 1960s. You can find tickets and other details here.


As the oldest and largest church in Stuttgart, it has a central function in the region, not only spiritually but also musically. Numerous concerts regularly attract large and interested audiences. 

Sepulchral Chapel on Württemberg hill

Almost 200 years ago, the Sepulchral Chapel of King Wilhelm I of Württemberg was established as an eternal testament of love for his late young wife Katharina. Many people therefore consider it the most romantic location in the region – and this is not only true for lovers.

Stuttgart State Gallery

The new State Gallery in Stuttgart is a key work of postmodernism. The polarizing building was erected between 1979 and 1984 according to the designs of James Stirling, one of the main representatives of postmodern architecture. 

Stuttgart TV Tower

This tower rises 217 meters high on the southern edge of Stuttgart, in the Waldau local leisure and recreation area. Besides its real purpose as a transmission tower of the Südwestrundfunk (SWR), it is a popular destination for tourists, besides the panorama you can enjoy, the tower also has a restaurant that is an ideal location even for a romantic dinner. You can find details here.


Schillerplatz is a square in the center of Stuttgart. It was created in its current form in honor of Friedrich Schiller. A Schiller monument stands in the center of the square since 1839.

The Porsche Museum 

At the Porsche headquarters in Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart, the past meets the future. The Porsche Museum has been presenting the brand's history and fascination since 2009 in a modern and vibrant way. The Porsche Museum keeps tradition alive by reflecting the company's values in the present and carrying them into the future. The best way to get to the Porsche museum in Stuttgart is by public transport, such as buses, underground trains or S-Bahn trains, see train timetables and tickets here. 


The Killesbergbahn in the Höhenpark in Stuttgart Killesberg is the oldest park railway in Germany and has existed since 1939. The occasion at that time was the implementation of the Reich Garden Show. The railway was known as the Liliputbahn because it was based on real models.

Stuttgart Municipal Library

The new 9-story library building deliberately takes its cue from the block structure of the 7-story buildings designed in the area and rises as a large crystalline cube in the Mailänder Platz area. Dimensioning and positioning, detached from their urban context, are a symbol of the significance of the library as a new intellectual and cultural center.

State Museum of Natural History

The Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History is one of two state natural history museums in Baden-Württemberg. Together with the Karlsruhe State Museum of Natural History, it is one of the most important repositories for state-owned natural history collections.

Gastronomy & Restaurants 

If you are a foodie and like to taste a variety of dishes with local hints, Stuttgart is the dream place for you. Surrounded by vineyards and greenery, you'll find plenty of places serving incredible food and wine, from hot plates of beef to sausages and spätzle. 

  • Cube Restaurant – Surrounded by glass on all sides and offering fantastic views of downtown Stuttgart, the CUBE restaurant in the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart art gallery is a unique place to enjoy a meal in honor.
  • Valley – With 20 years of experience, this restaurant serves traditional as well as contemporary Italian cuisine.
  • Weinstube Kachelofen– Here you will find traditional dishes prepared with products from the local culture, served in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Stuttgart is a city full of surprises that can be visited in any season, if you choose this city for your next city-break you will not leave disappointed. 

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