Tel Aviv, Israel Travel Guide | The city that never sleeps

Tel Aviv, the largest city in Israel, after Jerusalem, is a destination full of contrasts. New buildings, made of glass, in a place with buildings erected more than 2,000 years ago, wide beaches with fine sand and a flamboyant night life. Thanks to these diverse experiences, Tel Aviv is a destination that attracts over three million tourists annually. An ideal destination if you want to discover a lively, modern, cosmopolitan city that offers many entertainments.

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Accommodation Tel Aviv - Where to stay in Tel Aviv

Being such a touristic city, the accommodation alternatives are numerous, but the prices can sometimes become quite high. Below you will find some of our accommodation recommendations, located near the central area, which offer excellent services at reasonable prices. 

  • Montefiore 16 – Urban Boutique Hotel located in the central area, close to all points of interest, this hotel offers double rooms with a modern design. The rooms are equipped with free wifi, TV and Netflix, air conditioning and the price for one night is 140 euros.
  • Ness Hotel located just a 5-minute walk from the beach, this modern hotel offers double rooms at the price of 123 euros per night. Each room has a private bathroom, balcony and air conditioning, and in the hotel there is also a common kitchen to which you have access.
  • The O Pod Hotel this hotel is a unique experience. Here you can experience the concept of a capsule hotel where you will have access to a sleeping space full of privacy, but the bathroom and the rest of the spaces are shared. The price of one night's accommodation for a double capsule for two people is 74 euros.

Tel Aviv tourist attractions 

Tel Aviv Art Museum

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art was founded in 1932, this museum contains pieces by famous artists such as Cezanne, Dali, Monet, Klimt, Pollock or Roy Lichtenstein. The temporary collections include exhibitions of buttons, illustrations, black and white photographs, but also a collection with over 100 editions of the book Alice in Wonderland. The price of a ticket is 45 NIS, and you can find more details about the program here.

Sarona Market

A sensory experience from all points of view, this market is the ideal place to visit if you want to try traditional dishes cooked with authentic ingredients. Here you will also find delicious cheeses, spices, dried fruits, various teas and types of coffee and many other delicious dishes to try and take home.

ANU Museum

A museum of Jewish history from the last 5000 years. Here you will find temporary and permanent exhibitions that tell the overwhelming stories of well-known and lesser-known Jews. Here you will be able to better understand their history, you will see various exhibits discovered by researchers and archaeologists and you will leave with a lot of new information. The museum is interactive and modern and the price of a ticket for adults is 52 NIS, you can find more details here.

Eretz Museum

The Eretz Museum is a diverse museum with vast collections from various fields. Here you will be able to admire temporary and permanent exhibitions with themes such as numismatics, ceramics, glass objects, Jewish history, the history of science, you will even find a planetarium and a lot of information about the ethno-Greek side. The Eretz Museum hosts the ancient site of Tel Qasile with vestiges from the beginning of the Iron Age until the period of Arab domination. The price of a ticket is 52 NIS, and you can find more details here.

Yarkon Park

An oasis of peace, this park crossed by the Yarkon River is an ideal place for a relaxing afternoon. Here you will be able to walk, you will be able to admire the beauty of nature and you will be able to do various unique activities with your loved ones. You can stop for a snack or a picnic, there are various playgrounds for the little ones, two mini zoos, a botanical garden and water bikes. Time in this place will surely fly extremely fast.

Old Tel Aviv Port

The port was originally built in 1936, but over time the area has transformed, becoming today one of the most popular spots in the city. An area that has a little bit of everything from cafes to sensational restaurants, shops or boutiques with souvenirs, here you can walk and admire the beautiful view.

Rabbi Square

The largest public square in Tel Aviv was renamed in 1995 after the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. The market is full of energy, a vibrant place where you will find numerous points to stop to admire the surroundings. Here you will also find an artificial lake decorated with many species of plants and fish, a beautiful place that adds freshness to the market.

Habima Square

A central square that hosts many cultural events every year. Also called the Orchestra Square, here you will find numerous cultural institutions of the city such as the Habima Theater or the Palace of Culture. Located at the intersection of two busy boulevards in the city, this market is a dynamic place where you can stop for a coffee to feel the pulse of the city.

Jaffa flea market 

The flea market is a really interesting place where with a little patience you will find real treasures. If you want unique souvenirs or are passionate about antiques, this place will definitely win you over. The market is open from Sunday to Thursday between 9am and 2pm.

The clock tower

The Clock Tower is one of the seven clock towers built in Palestine during the Ottoman period. The tower is located in the middle of Yefet street at the northern entrance of the city. The building is made of limestone and includes two clocks and a plaque commemorating the Israelis who died in battle during the Arab-Israeli war of 1948-1949.

Saint Peter's Church

A special church located in the historical part of the city of Jaffa, now part of Tel Aviv. Its history is interesting, built in 1645 during the Ottoman period, the church was destroyed and rebuilt twice between 1888 and 1903. Inside you will be able to admire pieces of art, stained glass and old religious objects. The church is open daily and access is free.

Moon Park

Luna Park is a theme park where you will find numerous attractions. From merry-go-rounds to slides and roller coasters, this place is full of positive energy and adrenaline. A place that both adults and children will love, a few hours here will disconnect you from everyday life. The price of a ticket for adults is 125 NIS, and you can find more details here.

Ramat Gan safari

This natural park is the main zoo in the Middle East. Here you will be able to admire over 1600 species of animals that live in a space of over 250 acres, unique in the world. The animals are extremely well cared for, they are free, they can walk and the visitors can have an African safari type experience where they will have the chance to interact and learn new things. The price of a ticket for adults is 57 NIS, this experience is definitely an unforgettable one.

The neighborhood and the Jaffa Port

A neighborhood located in one of the oldest ports in the world, which was alternately under Muslim, Christian, Egyptian and now Israeli domination. A part of the ancient city of Jaffa and some mosaics from antiquity have been preserved to this day. It is a place full of history, located in the southern part of the city and on which many civilizations of the world have left their mark. Today it is one of the most chic areas where you can find houses with a special architecture, shops, cafes and flea markets. Also nearby you can find numerous museums and tourist attractions. We recommend you to take a walk in this area and discover its charm. In the evening you can have dinner at one of the restaurants in the port where you will feel the vibrant atmosphere of the city and enjoy its beauty.

Carmel Market

Carmel Market is an experience in itself. Countless colors, aromas that invite you to taste each one. A sensory experience, this market is full of spices, candied or dried fruits, vegetables, fruits, freshly baked bread with a heady smell, sweets, hazelnuts and nuts. This place has become a symbol of the city and is an unmissable objective.

Neve Tzedek

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Tel Aviv dating back to 1887, has now become a trendy, vibrant area full of young people. With cobbled streets, houses with oriental architecture, shops and chic cafes, this area is waiting to be discovered. Here you will find numerous shops with local products, handicrafts and special souvenirs.

Aviv Beach

A beach located near Carmel Market that is easily accessible and offers generous parking spaces. With fine sand and an energetic atmosphere, this is the ideal place if you want a fun-filled day at the beach.

Gordon Beach

One of the most famous beaches in the city, Gordon Beach is an extremely lively and crowded place. Located in a central location near the Sheraton hotel, here you will find everything you can imagine from restaurants with traditional food, deckchairs to relax on or even spaces where you can play volleyball.

Frishman Beach

An ideal beach for families, located in the central area with fine sand and clear water. Here you will have a relaxing and peaceful day. In the vicinity of the beach you can find restaurants, shops, and if you don't want to sit all day on a deckchair on the beach, there are areas where you can play volleyball or take a walk.

Machaneh Yehudah Market

A market where you will find local products full of flavors that invite you to taste each one. A sensory experience, here you will find fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, meat and other local delicacies. If you want to try traditional food, here you will see many boutiques with falafel, baklava or halva prepared according to authentic recipes.

Menachem Park

A quiet place located in the Jaffa neighborhood. You can stop here for a few minutes to relax and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you want, you can organize a quick picnic with your loved ones while you enjoy the sun and the fresh air.

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem is the official memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, established in 1953. Yad Vashem is located on the western slope of Mount Herzl. The memorial, which covers an area of 44.5 hectares, is itself a complex that includes the Holocaust History Museum, memorial sites, such as the Children's Memorial and the Hall of Remembrance. A place full of history, with a strong emotional charge in which you will learn a lot of new information. Entrance is free, but you must make a reservation in advance, you can find more details here.

A Gedi

A natural park located about an hour and a half from Tel Aviv. An ideal destination if you love hiking, here you can walk, you can admire the beauty of nature, the waterfalls, the rich and diverse vegetation. Such an exit will charge you with positive energy. You can book a one-day tour, prices start from 60 euros and you can find more details here.

Holon Museum

A design-themed museum, an ideal place for lovers of beauty. Opened in 2010, this museum quickly became one of the most famous museums in Tel Aviv. The building in which the museum is located was designed by the famous architect Ron Arad. Here you will find interactive exhibitions where you will be able to admire original design pieces and techniques, it is an ideal place to find inspiration and relax. The price of a ticket for adults is 35 NIS, and you can find more details here.

Shimon Peres Park

A park that covers an area of 120 hectares, an ideal place to walk and relax. Here you will find many activities, you can go for a ride on hydrobikes, you can eat at one of the restaurants on the premises or you can stop for a picnic, there is even a space with lego specially set up for the little ones. The park is open daily until 11 pm.

Day trip to Jerusalem 

If you want to visit the Holy City and discover this place full of history, you can book a day trip from Tel Aviv. In this guided tour you will have the chance to discover the beauties of Jerusalem, the churches and the holy places. Prices start from 100 euros per person, all facilities including transport are included in this price, and you can find more details here.

Gastronomy & Restaurants

Oriental gastronomy is fresh, diverse, light and delicious. Focused mainly on cold and refreshing salads perfect for the warm season, but also on meat cooked on hot coals seasoned with various spices full of unique flavors. What you need to know is that in Tel Aviv they eat Kosher, that is, according to Jewish rules. The meat of ruminant animals, which have cloven hoofs, as well as the meat of domestic birds is allowed. Therefore, cattle, goats, and sheep are allowed and animals such as pigs or rabbits are prohibited. Below we recommend some dishes that you must try if you visit Tel Aviv.

  • Ptitim a kind of floury pasta like small grains of rice, which are often served with seafood. A dish full of flavor and extremely delicious.
  • Couscous salad a hearty salad based on couscous, fresh vegetables and mint. You must try this dish on a hot summer day, it is extremely refreshing and tasty.
  • Eggplant with tahini a common appetizer whose ingredients are ripe eggplants, tahini, nuts and pomegranate syrup. It is served with hot sticks and it is an explosion of taste.
  • Falafel a staple snack, falafel is a fried patty made from chickpeas or fava beans and a blend of delicate spices. Perfect for a quick snack, it can be enjoyed with a tahini sauce and a hot stick.
  • Humus served as an aperitif or as a snack, this chickpea pasta with tahini and lemon juice is full of flavor and creaminess.
  • Kebab with quinoa and lentils although it may seem like an unusual combination, the well-seasoned meat blends perfectly with the texture of the other ingredients. This dish is full of unique flavors and absolutely delicious.
  • Lamb meat with tahini a local specialty, the tender lamb meat is perfectly combined with the delicacy of the tahini sauce, resulting in a special dish that is often served with well-browned vegetables.
  • Kanafeh a unique dessert prepared with a special technique that has as ingredients slices of sweet cheese wrapped in dough served with pistachios and a sweet syrup flavored with rose water or orange water.

Restaurants - Where to eat in Tel Aviv

  • Glasses Bar an extremely popular place among the locals with a dynamic atmosphere, full of life and with a diverse menu that also includes vegetarian alternatives. Here you will find delicious dishes such as falafel or hummus at reasonable prices.
  • Sabich Tsernikovski an ideal location for a quick meal, here you will find perhaps the most delicious kebab you have tried so far. The menu is varied, the ingredients are fresh and more than that there are vegetarian alternatives.
  • The bicycle a chic place with a welcoming atmosphere that offers a diverse and fresh menu. A popular place among the locals, here you will find special dishes, cooked with care, we recommend you to try the seafood because it is absolutely delicious.

Tel Aviv is a city full of new experiences waiting to be discovered at every step. Here you will find a little bit of everything from museums full of culture and history, to beaches where you can relax and clubs with a rich night life. 

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