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Italy is an endless source of perfect places for travel lovers, and one of its most precious treasures remains to be known alien. The romantic floating city of the Adriatic Sea awaits tourists in a romantic atmosphere, in the setting of unique buildings, picturesque boats and authentic pizzerias. A weekend here is a perfect getaway, regardless of the season, a true Italian dream come true!

Useful information


The city has two airports Marco Polo Airport which is 8 km from the city, and you will have more transport possibilities. With €8 you will be able to reach the city center in 20-40 minutes by bus 5 or bus ATVO (the latter being faster), and you can buy the ticket directly from the station. Something more original is the vaporetto (Alilaguna), a water bus, and although the ticket is a bit more expensive, €15, the experience is worth it!

from Treviso Airport, the most affordable way to get to Venice is by bus ATVO, the ticket costs approximately €12, and in 60 minutes you arrive in Venice.

Of course, if you don't want to get involved with public transport, you can always use one taxi, and the trip will cost you from €30.

What do you use to get around Venice?

Public transport in Venice is quite complete, because in addition to the classic bus lines, you can also choose to travel by vaporetto, ferries with stations in the canal areas. For the bus the fare is €1.50 for a trip of up to 75 minutes, while for the vaporetto the prices increase and a trip will cost you €9.50. But you can choose to make one tourist card, and you will be able to benefit from unlimited free trips. It costs €25 for one day, €35 for 2 days, €45 for 3 days and €65 for 7 days.

Of course, the other option is to use a taxi, but you should know that this is a slightly more expensive option. The initial rate is €3.20, to which between €1.60-2 is added for each km traveled.

Another option is to rent a car, for a rate starting from 20€ per day, but take into account the fact that the car can sometimes complicate your vacation, because it will not help you when you have to cross the water channels and you will be having to use public transport. In addition to this fact, the center of Venice is not accessible by car, for this reason, we recommend that visiting Venice be done on foot, in this way you do not miss any opportunity to walk through the medieval streets, while admiring the picturesque canals.

Where are you staying in Venice?

In the city you will find enough accommodation possibilities, in 3, 4, or even 5 star hotels, or perhaps apartments, most of which also offer you a view of the beautiful canals. Prices, however, can be a bit higher compared to other European cities, and a room for 2 people starts on average from €80 per night. If you will travel alone you can find cheaper offers, either in rooms for one person (from 40€), or even in shared rooms, for 8-12 people, where a bed costs from 20€. And Airbnb is a very good option in Venice, because you will find many offers worth considering.

Here are some recommendations that will not disappoint you:

It is a hotel right in the city center with affordable offers. The rooms have an elegant and historic air, which blends perfectly with the atmosphere of Venice, and a night here will cost 90€ for a room for 2 people, or only 50€ for a single room.

It is a very affordable option, a 2-star hotel near the central area, with simple rooms, but appreciated by visitors. A room for 2 people costs from €60 per night.

It offers tourists a truly luxurious experience that will make you feel like the center of attention. The 3-star hotel offers superb rooms that perfectly combine modernity with aristocracy. A night here, in a room for 2 people, starts from €100, a price in which you will even have breakfast included.

And if you're traveling in a slightly larger group and want the freedom of a place all your own, on Airbnb you will find perfect apartments.

Tourist card

For important offers and benefits you should consider purchasing a tourist card. VeneziaUnica City Pass offers several packages for tourists, and the most advantageous one costs €31.90 for those under 29, respectively €52.90 for people aged 30-64, offering free access to a long list of museums, churches and tourist attractions (about 30), along with other discounts and occasional benefits. You can find out more from official website (where you can also purchase the card)

And those from GetYourGuide offer tourists 4 interesting packages, which include a selection of tourist attractions preferred by visitors, and their prices vary, from €35 to €65.

What do you visit in Venice?

If you want to make the most of your time here, it's best to leave with a well-established plan of what you want to see. For this reason, we have prepared a suggested itinerary for the most interesting city-break in Venice, which you can follow.

As I already said, Venice is full of tourist spots, so get ready to start exploring as soon as you get here. And of course, the best place to start is the very central area, where you will find the most famous sights of the city.

Day 1

San Marco square

It is the most famous square in Venice, and it certainly deserves its reputation. Located on the grand canal, it will give you the opportunity to admire some of the most beautiful buildings you will ever see, with spectacular ornaments, and you will be able to tick off other tourist attractions that it hosts.

Saint Mark's Basilica

It will definitely catch your eye as you step into the market. In addition to its religious and historical importance (almost 1000 years old), the building is an architectural treasure with stunning ornamental details, from frescoes and paintings to sculptures, making it not only an iconic place for Venice, but for the whole of Italy. Where else do you put it that the entrance costs only €3 (schedule 9:30-17:15), but we warn you that the waiting time is very long at the entrance to the cathedral.

Campanile San Marco

Right next to the Basilica, a tall, imposing tower will attract your attention: the San Marco Campanile. If you want to enjoy a panorama that will take your breath away, don't miss the opportunity to climb this almost 100 m building, for only €8, between 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. between November and March, or 8: 30-21:00 between April and October.

Correr Museum

It is a museum of the city of Venice, located in St. Mark's Square and is part of the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia. The collection is housed in the Napoleonic Wing, an edifice built in the first half of the 19th century after the demolition of a church with the aim of extending the Procurations and being used as a space for ceremonies.

The Doge's Palace

And also in San Marco square you will find another medieval building, from the 9th century, where the dukes of Venice had their residence: the Doges' Palace, which nowadays functions as a museum. Even from the outside you will be enveloped by an aristocratic air, but be sure that the interior is not inferior either. The rooms are decorated with original details, in a splendor specific to the nobility. Set aside a good few hours to explore the entire building, from the Sala del Maggior Consiglio (Great Council Chamber) and Scala d'Oro (Golden Staircase) to Le Prigioni (Prison) and L'Armeria (Armory Hall). You can visit the palace daily between 9:00 and 19:00, and the entrance costs €30.

Bridge of Sighs

It was built in 1600 to join the interrogation rooms in the Doge's Palace with the prison, the palace being separated from it only by a canal. The bridge was, in fact, christened by the English poet Lord Byron in one of his 19th century poems: "I stood in Venice on the Bridge of Sighs, Palace on one side and dungeon on the other"

Grand Canal

And just a 7-minute walk through the beautiful Venetian streets is the perfect place to end your day, in the setting of the romantic Grand Canal. The Rialto Bridge will give you the opportunity to enjoy a truly unique sunset, surrounded by water, beautiful buildings and picturesque lights, and you will certainly not feel the time passing. In addition, in the area you will find many small shops where you can buy local souvenirs.

Day 2

Gallerie dell'Accademia

For a journey into the world of medieval art, you can start your second day in Venice right at the Gallerie dell'Accademia, a museum in the south of the city, whose foundations were laid by Napoleon himself. Famous paintings, statues and amazing works of art and artefacts will await you here. Tickets start at €12, and the schedule is from 8:15 to 19:15 daily, except Monday, when it is only open until 14:00.

The Peggy Guggenheim Museum

Just a 5 minute walk away you will find the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, one of the most famous places in the city, a modern art museum located right next to the Grand Canal. You will find here many unique works of art that will challenge all your senses. Entrance costs €16 and the museum is open from 10:00 to 18:00 (closed on Tuesdays).

Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute

Also in the area (a 3-minute walk) is another important attraction: Basilica Santa Maria della Salute. Although the building is not very large, its baroque architecture makes it unmistakable, and the interior is worthy of any accolades, be they artistic, historical or religious.

Teatro La Fenice

Then take a short ferry ride, and then walk for a few minutes to reach a place that will take you into the atmosphere of the aristocracy, Teatro La Fenice, the 18th century theater built in the Baroque style. The grandiose details, the golden settings, the medieval paintings and the idyllic lights create a stunning setting that will remain etched in your mind. You can visit the building for €11, but we recommend that you also take an interest in the shows that take place there during your visit, because the tickets are not overpriced and the experience is amazing.

Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo

And at the end of the day, don't miss the Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo (located 5 minutes from the theater), one of the most original buildings in the city. The main attraction of the palace is the spiral staircase that measures 26 meters, from where you will have the most beautiful views of Venice. The entrance costs €8, and the schedule is 09:30-17:30.

Day 3

Arsenal in Venice

Moving to the western part of the city, you can start your last day at the Venice Arsenal, a building complex dating back to around 1100. The place was the heart of Venice's naval industry for hundreds of years, and is now a most of it can be visited from Monday to Saturday, between 8:45-17:00, for only €5.

Acqua Alta Bookstore

10 minutes away is Libreria Acqua Alta, one of the most unique bookstores in the world. The place presents an original concept, in a vintage atmosphere, faded colors and… clutter. You can't leave Venice without rummaging through the books for a few tens of minutes, looking for one to bring home! It is open daily between 9:00 and 19:30.

Church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari

Then embark on a slightly longer walk (20 minutes) through the bohemian streets of Venice, and check off the last iconic religious place of Venice: the Church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari. The building is built in a pure Gothic style, and is the largest basilica in the city, and the entrance costs €5. Hours are 9:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday, and 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sunday.

And for one last activity that will remain imprinted in your mind, before you leave Venice you must definitely take a gondola ride through the romantic canals of the city, enjoying the landscapes and the specific atmosphere. You will find many places where you can buy a ride for prices starting at €30, and we recommend you take a look here.

Where do you eat in Venice?

Italian cuisine is already famous in every corner of the world, so there is no point in telling you about pizza, pasta, Mediterranean food, wines and beloved desserts by any man. It is certain that you will have to include in your trip as many stops as possible in restaurants and bars to enjoy the authentic tastes of the dishes, because we promise you that you will be amazed by the recipes that have been kept secret for hundreds of years.

Some places we can recommend you are Like Dolphin (with very affordable prices and traditional dishes), Osteria Fanal Del Codega (for dishes with seafood or fish, at prices starting at €12), and for a wide range of wines from which you can choose Winery all'Amarone.

So, Venice deserves your recognition and praise! The Italian city is a dream destination that everyone should check off at least once in their lifetime! Canals, water, narrow streets, authentic food, art and history have turned this city into a unique place, and you have to enjoy everything it has to offer!

In case you are thinking about a possible vacation in Venice, we will leave you a list of links to help you organize your trip:

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