Viscri travel guide, the village made famous by King Charles III!


Once you get to Viscri you are enveloped in peace and you must feel it through every pore. The small Transylvanian village, made famous by King Charles III, has a special charm and an authenticity that is hard to part with. The colorful facades of the Saxon houses, the animals that walk freely in front of the gates, the locals going about their daily business and the dusty street of the village, all complete the experience at Viscri. This is precisely why the place is visited by thousands of tourists every year, and on weekends the village is full of guests. I have already crossed its threshold several times and I want to share with you some tips for a complete visit.

The exploration begins on the village path

It's the best way to start your visit to Viscri, believe me. The access of cars on the main street is prohibited, and at the edge of the village there is a large parking lot where you can leave your car. Don't be afraid that you have to walk, the walk itself is an experience. I'll tell you why. And exploring the village on foot takes 15-20 minutes, plus stops at tourist attractions.

The village path actually takes you behind the Saxon farms where you can admire the free running horses, sheep or cows. Listen for a moment to the humming of the birds, it's so pleasant! I also stopped, during one of my visits, next to the horses that come to the fence and I spread some grass to them. From place to place there are signs that guide you where to go.

Fortified church

It is one of the main objectives. The old church, built in the 13th century, can be visited, and a ticket costs 12 lei for adults and 6 lei for children, pupils or students. From its tower you can admire the green hills full of flowers.

From here, you can continue walk on the village street, where, on one side and on the other, the colorful facades of the Saxon roads that give the place charm come to light. They are famous and appreciated because they have lasted over time and have been preserved.

Home of King Charles III

Everyone who gets here ticks off a visit to The Blue House from number 163, property bought by King Charles in 2006 and restored. The ticket costs 15 lei, and local NGOs are supported from the income. Here you can see various exhibitions and learn the story of the place from the property managers. King Charles' bedroom can also be visited, which will amaze you with its simplicity and the preservation of all the traditional elements, the old furniture and the terracotta stove.

Eat at local food spots

The locals have set up spaces in their courtyards where you can have a meal and they prepare dishes for guests with local products with ingredients from their own gardens.

Accommodation recommendations

Enjoy! 🙂

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