Zakynthos Travel Guide - One of the most beautiful Greek Islands!


Discover Zakynthos Island, one of the most beautiful Greek islands, and spend an exotic stay! Zakynthos will take you to an idyllic and peaceful atmosphere, in a fascinating natural setting, among colourful beaches, imposing rocks and unique plants. Find in this travel guide all the information for a perfect stay!

What you travel with in Zakynthos

Public buses from Zakynthos reach almost all tourist destinations, precisely to facilitate the experience of visitors to the island. Ticket prices start at around 1 euro and increase depending on the destination you want to reach. Tickets can be purchased from the driver and must be validated. Another option is taxiThe starting price is approx. 3 euro and the cost per km is 1,65 euro. 

Eager to you rent a vehicle? It can be a comfortable and especially flexible option! Prices start from 30 euro/day and you can filter the options according to your expectations and book on.

Where to stay in Zakynthos

Although the island is not large and you can easily get from the northern to the southern corner in an hour by car (50 km), every resort on the island has a certain atmosphere. The most famous and popular resort is Laganas - often called party and entertainment capital on the island of Zakynthos. Prices at 3-star hotels even start at 35 euros/night, and at 4-star hotels you'll pay around 80-90 euros for a night. 

Unlike the lively atmosphere at any time of the day and night, the resort Tsilivi is suitable for family holidays or those where you prefer relaxation, being a quieter place. In this area, you will find many accommodation units offering apartments and rooms suitable for families (from 35 euro/night). And if you want a hotel accommodation, the price is similar, starting from 45 euro/night.

The city Zakynthos itself has both - relaxation and peace, but also fun. Hotel costs start at 50 euro/night, and apartments a little further from the centre and the beach can cost as little as 45 euro. However, we recommend staying as close to the beach as possible for the best experience!

So keep this in mind when deciding which resort to stay in. But whatever you choose, you can easily get from one destination to another, as all these resorts are in the south-eastern part of the island and within a relatively short distance. Here are some accommodation options in each of the 3 resorts:


  • Diana Hotels The 4-star hotel is only 250 m from the beach and about 600 m from the centre. The hotel has an outdoor rooftop pool, a spa with sauna and hot tub, and a gym. In addition, the hotel has a snack bar and guests have continental breakfast included. The hotel rooms have their own bathroom, minibar, terrace, balcony, air conditioning, WiFi and TV.
  • Palatino Hotel The 4-star hotel is located right on the seafront and about 800 m from the centre of Zakynthos. The hotel has a restaurant and bar. Rooms are equipped with balcony, private bathroom, air conditioning, TV and minibar.
  • Andriani Apartment is located 150 m from the centre of Zakynthos and 800 m from the beach. The apartment comprises 2 bedrooms, living room with 1 sofa bed, private kitchen, private bathroom, balcony, air conditioning, TV, WiFi and coffee machine.


  • Cactus Hotel The 3-star hotel is only 250 m from the beach and the centre! Featuring an outdoor pool and a cocktail bar, the hotel offers studio rooms and apartments. They are equipped with private kitchen, private bathroom, balcony, air conditioning, TV and WiFi.
  • Gloria Maris Hotel Suites and Villa The 4-star hotel is located directly on the beach and about 2.4 km from the centre of Laganas. The way the complex is laid out will take you back to exotic holidays in Thailand or the Caribbean, especially as the hotel has an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by tropical trees and with direct sea views. The hotel has its own restaurant and bar, and a buffet breakfast is included. Rooms have private bathrooms, balconies, TV, air conditioning and WiFi.


  • Premier Tsilivi is an apartment complex on the seafront and only 400 m from the city centre. It has apartments that can accommodate 4 adults each. The apartments are equipped with private kitchenette, private bathroom, balcony, TV and WiFi.
  • Abaton Luxury Resort is only 400 m from the beach and 700 m from the centre of Tsilivi. With a modern design, the accommodation features a garden and a restaurant. Rooms have a balcony, private bathroom, air conditioning, WiFi and TV.

You can find other accommodation in Zakynthos directly here, where you can filter them according to your needs!

The most beautiful beaches in Zakynthos

Navagio Beach

Navagio Beach is the most famous beach in Zakynthos and among the most famous in Greece. You will see it in many souvenirs or postcards because of its unique appearance! It is also the most impressive beach because of its white sand, the unmistakable light blue sea (due to the sulphurous caves around) and the setting in which it is located: between high and steep cliffs with a shipwreck right on the beach, hence its name. 

Because the small beach is quite secluded, there are no lifeguards, sunbeds, umbrellas or restaurants around. However, there are also boat vendors who come by to tempt tourists with all sorts of snacks. So it's good to have some refreshments and snacks with you.

Navagio beach is located in the north-eastern part of Zakynthos, about 35 km from Zakynthos resort, 33 km from Tsilivi and 35 km from Laganas. However, you can only get to the beach by boat, as it is between high cliffs from which you cannot get down to the beach. On GetYourGuide you will find boat tours to Navagio beach with prices starting from 25 euro/person, and the tours include a visit to the beautiful Blue Grote.

Gerakas Beach

Would you like to visit a beautiful, stretched beach that preserves its natural charm? Then Gerakas beach is sure to please you! It stretches for about 300 m and is often chosen by tourists eager to relax because of its clear, clean water, light golden sand and captivating natural views. 

In addition, the beach is a protected area, as Caretta-Caretta sea turtles endangered species lay their eggs here. Just before you reach the beach is the Zakynthos Sea Turtle Protection and Information Centre. 

Beautiful Gerakas beach is located in the south-east of the island, just 16 km from the resort of Zakynthos. The resorts of Laganas and Tsilivi are 21 km from Gerakas. You will find free parking once here! Being so close to the most southeastern point of the island, the area is quite secluded, but you will find some tavernas and restaurants about 400 m from the beach. On the beach you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas, prices start at 10 euro for 2 sunbeds and 1 umbrella. 

Porto Limnionas Beach

Port Limnonias is a beach different from the others in Zakynthos and from many others even on the Greek islands. It will even take you to the beaches of Mallorca and Tenerife! Although quite hidden and secluded, its uniqueness attracts more and more adventurers. The beach is situated along a coast, being rocky and sandless. But it's the perfect place for movie landscapes, snorkeling and diving!

Porto Limnonias is located 25 km from Zakynthos, right in the western part of the island. The resorts of Laganas and Tsilivi are only 22 km and 26 km away respectively. Being a remote area, there is only one taverna nearby. Fortunately, umbrellas and sun loungers are now available for rent, at a cost starting at 8 euros per day/2 sun loungers and 1 umbrella. The beach has a huge parking lot right next to it! 

Xigia Sulfur Beach

Xigia Sulfur is among the most impressive beaches in the north-eastern part of Zakynthos! As its name suggests, the water in the area contains high amounts of sulphur due to the many caves around. Bathing in this water is good for the skin, leaving it soft and velvety, but the scent is also quite distinctive. However, due to the sulphur, the water has a bright light blue hue that blends surprisingly well with the white of the sand.

Being nestled between the rocks, the scenery is breathtaking and the small stretch of beach will make you feel like you are on holiday in Thailand where you are surrounded by high mountains! You can also rent umbrellas or sunbeds for about 8 euros per day.

Just 21 km from Tsilivi, 23 km from Zakynthos and 27 km from Laganas, Xigia Sulfur Beach has its own parking lot 120 m from the beach. The cost is about 3.5 euros per day, whether you stay only 1 hour or 5 hours. 

Keri Beach

Mica Keri beach surprises with its beauty, its soothing atmosphere and the maritime pines that create shade throughout the day. Although the beach has small pebbles, once you enter the water, you will see that the sand is fine and the water is warm and especially clean. In the evening, the atmosphere is vibrant, especially as there are many tavernas around!

Keri Beach is located in the south-west of Zakynthos, Laganas resort being only 10 km away. Zakynthos is 18 km away and Tsilivi is about 20 km away. This is right in the village of the same name, so tourists and locals alike relax here. That's why you'll find plenty of terraces and restaurants nearby. You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas at prices starting from 5 euro/lounger. The beach has its own free parking lot on the south side.

What to visit in Zakynthos

Blue Caves(Blue Caves)

The northern coast of Zakynthos offers the most impressive attraction: Blue Caves. The bright shades of blue and turquoise reflect beautifully and the harmony of colours, especially inside the grottoes, will make you feel like you are in a magical fairytale. The caves have been formed by erosion over thousands of years, and today attract tens of thousands of tourists here for its charm and to dive in this dreamy place.

The Blue Caves are located 39 km from Laganas, 35 km from Zakynthos and 33 km from Tsilivi. But you can't drive here, as the caves are only accessible by water. So you can only get here by boat and you have several options. You can book a boat tour with prices starting from 25 euro/person, and the walk includes a trip to Navagio Beach! The tours last between 3-9 hours and you can discover the legends and secrets that circulate around the Blue Caves and Navagio Beach.

Another option is to rent a boat yourself if you have the necessary skills. Costs start from 140 euro/day and you can find more details on Surely such an experience on holiday in Zakynthos with friends or family will be memorable! 

Bochali Castle

Bochali Castle is located in the centre of Zakynthos and is an important landmark of the town. It was built in the 15th century with the conquest of the island by the Venetians. Due to battles with the Turks, invasions and strong earthquakes, it has been repaired and restored several times. Today, it is a place full of history visited by tourists eager to discover the island's culture and admire the indescribable views.

The price for the ticket to the castle starts at 4 euros per person, and the magnificent view over the island is priceless! The castle can be visited on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 08:30-15:30.

Monastery of Anaphnitria

The Anafonitria Monastery was built in the 15th century, when the Venetians occupied the island. The patron saint of Zakynthos, Agios Dionysios, became a monk and retired to this monastery in the 16th century, making it an important historical and religious landmark of the island.

The monastery is located in the north-western part of the island, 27 km from Tsilivi, 30 km from Zakynthos and 29 km from Laganas. When you visit Navagio beach, make a trip to this monastery which is only 5 km away. Its superb architecture will amaze you! You can visit it daily between 9-14.

Activities & Excursions in Zakynthos

1 day trip to Zakynthos: caves, swimming and turtles

Explore Zakynthos on a 5-hour guided tour and discover its beauties! The tour starts with pick up from your accommodation and you will head straight to the southern beach. Kalamaki with warm waters, golden sand and part of the Marine National Park. Also here are endangered turtles. 

Kalamaki Beach

Continue your journey to Laganas beach from where you'll go to Keri Caves in a glass-bottomed boat to admire the crystal clear waters. In addition, you'll see white sandy beaches, wooded hills, arched cliffs and even pass by the famous rock arch called Kamara. Before entering the caves, you can swim in the beautiful waters. 

Turtle Island

You'll also end up on Marathonisi Island, also called Turtle Islandan oasis with exotic influences and full of nature's greenery. Here you have the chance to swim in clean waters and snorkel. 

Cameo Island

Later, you will also discover Cameo Island with idyllic views. To end the trip perfectly, also pay a visit to the Olive Oil Museum in Lithakia, exploring the history and how olive oil is made. You also get a tasting of traditional olive oils, homemade bread and you'll leave with samples of soap, body cream, face or olive oil soap. 

Does this trip catch your eye? You can learn so much about the history and culture of Zakynthos. direct from an expert, and at the same time, visit unique locations and dream beaches! You can find more details here! Prices start from 55 euro/adult and 30 euro/child between 4-11 years.

Sunset tour to Agalas and Damiano Caves

Enjoy the beauty of the island in a 4-hour tour! Start with the race to Cameo Island - the small paradise connected to the island of Zakynthos by a 100 m bridge with superb crystal clear and even turtle waters! Continue to the village of Keri where the sea seems to merge with the mountains. 

Continue to the picturesque village of Agalas with colourful buildings and Damianos Caves! Here you will find the Legend of the Dragon directly from the guide. And to end the evening perfectly, admire the sunset view over the sea from a dreamy spot!

Live such an experience and book the tour! Prices start from 45 euro/person.

Off-Road Buggy Adventure in Zakynthos

Add some adrenaline to your holiday and experience a 6-hour buggy adventure on off-road trails! After a briefing to understand how to safely use the equipment, you'll head to Marathias where you can take some splendid photos of Turtle Island. You will hike through the dense forests of Marathias!

You will reach the Agalas winery, and then Korakonisi where you take a 1 hour break to relax, swim or snorkel. Afterwards, enjoy a traditional Greek lunch at a farm under the shade of the trees in Louca - one of the oldest villages in Zakynthos. 

End the tour with a route to Loucha Valley and back to the starting point! You will be driving about 85 km in total, on off-road trails at 80%! Memories for life and great fun, don't you think? You can book your experience here! Costs start from 300 euro/2 participants.

Private trolleybus tour on the island of Zakynthos

Admire the charm of the island on a private trolley tour! You have the chance to admire the natural panoramas and your first stop will be at Xigia Beach - a natural "spa". You'll also reach the cliffs of Navagio Beach, which are absolutely gorgeous for watching the endless sea. 

Continue to Monastery of Anaphnitria where you explore its architecture and the magnificent artefacts housed in the monastery. You also enjoy a visit to the picturesque village of Exo Chora, after which you enjoy a traditional lunch. And how better to end the trip than with a wine tasting?

Experience unique sensations on this 8-hour tour and admire absolutely breathtaking landscapes! Prices start from 300 euro/group of 3 people!

You can find all the adventures and experiences available in Zakynthos herewhere you can also reserve them to create unforgettable memories in this divine place!

Recommendations for holidays with children

Askos Stone Park

Askos Stone Park is home to about 170,000 plants (mainly trees and shrubs) that have grown there naturally, i.e. without being planted by man. Hundreds of animals live here freely in their own habitat, mostly wild hawks, amphibians, insects, and many other mammals. It's a beautiful place where the little ones can discover the island's wildlife and nature in an extremely enjoyable way, while learning about them at the same time. 

The park covers 500 ha, but only 100 ha can be visited by tourists, the rest being used for the circulation of animals in the park, forage production and tree cultivation. In addition, there are many old stone structures in the park that harmonise the landscape and the connection with the environment. 

Prices start from 12 euro/adult and 8 euro/child, and tickets can be purchased directly at the park entrance. It can be visited from Monday to Sunday between 10:00-16:30. The park is located in Volimes, in the northern part of the island - 30 km from Zakynthos, 28 km from Tsilivi and 34 km from Laganas. When you visit the Blue Caves just 7 km away, take a run here too for a few magical hours in nature.

Zante Water Village


Zante Water Village is one of the largest water parks in Greece and is the perfect location for a day of family fun! It spans 30,000 square meters and, from small to large, everyone can enjoy 5 towers with slides, lazy river, pools, jacuzzis and jungle adventure playground.

In addition, you will find a restaurant, an ice cream parlour, snack bar and souvenir shops in the water park. In addition to having fun in the water, you can also have fun at the go-karting track, on the trampoline or on the mini golf course. The location has bathrooms, changing rooms, and umbrellas and sunbeds are included in the price. In addition, there is a dedicated car park with free access and a capacity of 600 vehicles.

Prices for 1 day of fun at Zante Water Village start from 22 euro/adult and 16 euro/child. If you want to spend only half a day here (after 14:30), the ticket costs 16 euro/adult and 10 euro/child. The park is open between 10-17 (May, June, October and September), 10-17:30 (July) or 10-18 (August). You can find out more details here. The park is located in Sarakinado, just 7 km from Zakynthos or Tsilivi and 10 km from Laganas.

What to eat in Zakynthos

Whether you're already a connoisseur of Greek dishes or not, they generally rely on seafood and fresh cold foods. Melitzanosalata (eggplant salad), taramosalata (roe salad) and tzatziki (sauce with Greek yogurt, garlic and cucumber) are spread on bread and are among the most famous appetizers of the Greek islands.

The main dishes specific to this area are giouvetsi, a lamb and pasta dish, as well as spetsofai which consists of a kind of stew with sausages and peppers. Both are absolutely delicious and worth trying for a tasty lunch! And of course you have to try the famous souvlaki (meat on skewers) or gyros.

And obviously, freshly caught fish, whether later fried or grilled, should be tasted: squid, red sea bream, dentex or octopus. Fish can be found in a variety of dishes, from salads to stews, but also as a specialty served on its own with lemon or sauces.  

In addition to oriental desserts slightly reinterpreted, kataifi and baklava, you have to try a dessert specific to Zakynthos! Fytoura is a kind of fried pudding covered with sugar that you will find at almost any tavern.

Where to eat in Zakynthos

  • Spartakos Taverna is a restaurant in Zakynthos resort overlooking the sea. It serves island-specific Greek, Mediterranean and seafood dishes. Prices range from 4-19 euro per dish.
  • Taverna Paradeisos in Tsilivi is directly on the beach and has a superb direct view of the sea and the beach. You can enjoy Greek, Mediterranean and seafood dishes for between 5-24 euros per dish.
  • Seaside Restaurant is located in Laganas and is situated on the town's beach. Directly from the restaurant you take just a few steps to the sun loungers, but even while enjoying Greek, healthy or Mediterranean dishes, you can admire the beauty of the sea waves. Prices range from 3-45 euro

You can find restaurants all over the island herewhere you can filter them by preferences and discover the opinions of visitors.

Zakynthos is a true paradise so close to us, so don't hesitate and put it on your list of must-visit summer destinations! It's a magical place with a peaceful atmosphere, fresh food and dreamy beaches. We recommend a minimum stay of 5 days to fully enjoy the island's charm. The minimum recommended budget for a 5-day stay is 1000 euros for 2 people.

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