Trieste, Italy – Travel guide & itinerary 4 days


A city break in a less crowded dream location? Choose a vacation in Trieste - feel the sea breeze and explore the history of the Italian city. I have prepared a travel guide for you to make your holiday preparation easier!

Transport and accommodation

How do you get from the airport directly to the heart of the city to enjoy this vacation in Italy to the fullest? By bus or train at prices starting from 4 euros per person. The train journey takes around 30 minutes, while the G51 bus will take you to the center in around 50 minutes. 

You can travel through Trieste very easily by bus, tickets costing 1.35 euros per person and valid for 60 minutes. You can buy tickets from tobacconists, bookstores or ticket machines located near the functional stations 24/7. You can also get them on the phone with mobile credit by sending a message to 4850850 with the text TST. This option is only possible if you have an Italian Vodafone or Wind Tre card. And the third option is to purchase a ticket at the same price directly from the Tpl Fvg application. (public transport application of the entire Friuli Venezia-Giulia region).

Unlike the most popular cities among Italian tourists, in Trieste you can find affordable accommodation in the city center. Prices at guesthouses and motels start from 40 euros per night, and for a 3-star hotel you have options from 75 euros per night. Whether you want accommodation with a special architecture in a historic building or a modern hotel, in Trieste you can easily find many types of accommodation. 

Pension 9 rooms – Boutique Rooms it is located right in the center of the city, just 100 m from Unitati Square. The rooms have a private bathroom, TV, Wifi and a view of the city's attractions, so here you can really admire the city as soon as you wake up! Each room has coffee and tea making facilities, and pets are welcome. All the rooms have a modern look, and the prices per night start from 80 euros. 

Itinerary for 4 days of City Break in Trieste 

Day 0 

  • Arrival in Trieste 
  • Check-in at the hotel 
  • Walking around 

If you arrive in the morning or even in the afternoon, we recommend you to explore a little the areas near the accommodation. Thus, you will be able to find out where the public transport stations are, which restaurants are nearby and which attractions are close to your accommodation. In addition, you can discover some lesser-known buildings that can impress you with their architecture. 

Day 1 

  • Unit Square 
  • Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi 
  • Dinner 

Depending on the area where you are staying, you can take bus number 8 to Piata Unitatii, there is a stop right there. If you are staying in the center, then you can reach the Unit Square on foot, because it is right in the center! 

Unit Square

Trieste City Hall building, Unity Square

It is a pleasant place where you can drink a coffee at one of the beautiful terraces in the surroundings, such as Caffe degli Specchand open from 8 in the morning with average prices. You can also try the delicious pastry products accompanied by the view of the market. 

The area is surrounded by buildings in special styles, such as The Government Palace with an Art Nouveau mosaic. You can admire the building Lloyd Triestino and the town hall, both built in eclectic architecture similar to the architecture of the Italian Renaissance. If you are passionate about photography, here you can take many beautiful pictures.  

Government Palace, Unity Square

Fountain of the 4 Continents

Another point of attraction located in the area of Pieta Unitatii is Fountain of the 4 Continents which includes 4 statues representing Europe, America, Africa and Asia.  

Fountain of the 4 Continents

Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi

In the afternoon, we recommend a visit to Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi. It is located only 170 m from the Fountain of the 4 Continents, going towards the port. Built at the end of the century. XVIII, its architecture is strikingly similar to that of the La Scala Theater in Milan.  

Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi

From October to June it is open from Tuesday to Saturday. You can watch concerts, plays and symphonies at fairly affordable prices (20-30 euros). If an event is coming up even on the days you are on vacation in Trieste, we recommend that you don't miss it because here the theater experience is elegant and refined: big red curtains, the room furnished in a classic style and impressive decorative objects. You can buy tickets from the ticket office at the entrance, and you can find details about the following works on the official website (link at the end).

We recommend you to have dinner at one of the restaurants near Pieta Unitatii, such as Chimera di Bacco. Prices vary between 8-25 euros per dish and you can enjoy seafood and dishes specific to the area. And if you want a location with good food but at more affordable prices, you can visit Ristorante Baracca E Burattini with prices between 4-15 euros per dish, where you can find pasta, salads, appetizers and antipasti.  

Day 2 

  • The Romanian Theatre 
  • Castle of San Giusto 

Have breakfast and get ready for a new day full of history!

The Romanian Theatre 

The Romanian Theatre it is also located in the city center, approximately 500 m from Unitati Square. Dating back to the times of the Roman Empire, it is located at the foot of the hill San Giusto and represents a small part of the former empire. The theater could accommodate 6000 visitors and its structure is still quite intact. You will be surprised by a place dating back thousands of years located in the heart of a fairly modern city! Access is free for visitors. 

The Romanian Theatre 

Castle of San Giusto

It is nearby, only 700 m away Castle of San Giusto. It dates back to the 15th century, and besides the beautiful road to the castle and the beautiful surroundings, you can visit a museum of local history and weapons. Sometimes there are also temporary exhibitions open to tourists. The ticket price is 4 euros per person, and the castle is open between 10-18. A great bridge, 3 bastions and a superb landscape over the city are just some of the castle's treasures.  

Castle of San Giusto

Day 3 

  • Victory Lighthouse 
  • Barcola Beach 

Get ready to venture a few km from the city center and discover new attractions!

Victory Lighthouse 

Take bus 44 that leaves every 20 minutes from Piazza Oberdan (in the Borgo Teresiano area) and head towards Victory Lighthouse. The trip will take about 10 minutes and you will have to get off at the tenth stop (Strada del Friuli 115 Faro Vittoria). From here you can see an absolutely gorgeous landscape over the sea and the city. You also have a small park around the lighthouse where you can sit down to fully enjoy the scenery. The lighthouse is among the tallest lighthouses in the world, with a height of 68 m. Access is free and you can climb the 230 stairs to be at one of the highest points in the city. 

Victory Lighthouse 

Barcola Beach

It is approximately 2 km away Barcola Beach where you can walk along the coast of the Adriatic Sea. You can get here by bus 6 or 36 in about 10-15 minutes. You have to walk about 600 m to the Viale Miramare 36 station, where the bus leaves. You will go through 3 stations, and you will have to get off at the fourth (Viale Miramare 271). Although the beach is not that big, the scenery is worth admiring and you can find refined restaurants right on the seashore. And depending on the month in which you came on vacation in Trieste, you can enjoy the sun and the clear sea while swimming! 

Barcola Beach

Day 4 

  • Miramare Castle 
  • Grotta Gigante 

Miramare Castle it is located approximately 8 km from the city center and you can get there by bus or taxi. The bus ride will take about 30 minutes and you have to take bus 6 from Via Battisti (Galleria Fenice) and go through 22 stops. You will have to get off at the SS 14 station. With the taxi you will pay between 30-40 euros and you will arrive in about 20 minutes. 

Miramare Castle it is by far the most beautiful place in the city area. It is located on a rock right on the shore of the Adriatic Sea and is built in neo-Gothic style. The majestic architecture and the turquoise blue of the sea turn it into a dream place, and the nearby park enlivens the atmosphere even more. Access costs 4 euros for adults, and those under 18 have free access. 

Miramare Castle 

Return to the city and take bus 42 towards Grotta Gigante from Piazza Oberdan. You will go through 35 stations and you will have to get off at the Borgo Grotta Gigante station. From there, you will have to walk about 500 m. A cave might not have been in your plan once you arrived on vacation in Italy, but this one is on the list of the largest caves in the world open to tourists. Impressive formations can be admired here and the cave can be visited by tourists at a distance of 860 m from the entrance. It is recommended to reserve tickets at least 24 hours in advance, access being 13 euros per adult.  

Grotta Gigante 

Day 5 

  • Departure from Trieste

Trieste is a welcoming city with tourists, you will notice that the locals will help you when needed without hesitation. The landscape over the Adriatic Sea, the hills and the delicious snacks will make you want to return as soon as possible to your vacation in Trieste. It is a quieter place compared to other popular destinations in Italy that is worth visiting at least once!




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