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Don't you want to slow down the fast pace you're used to and want to enjoy more of this life, which sometimes seems too short, because time is not enough for all the things we want to do in a day. Try to break away from the everyday, at least for a few days. Find the joy of the present and go to recharge your batteries in some special places, some villages that seem to have been plucked out of heaven, to do those activities that bring only joy to your soul.

Let's discover together some unique places that will send you to an archaic world, full of customs, where the past blends perfectly with the present. In the following we will show you some of the most beautiful places to stay in Viscri, Crit, Saschiz and Cloasterf. I don't think it needs to be mentioned that the best known village in the area is Viscri, also found in the patromonium UNESCO World, but the area cannot be complete without Crit, Saschiz and Cloasterf, three villages as beautiful and picturesque as Viscri, at a very short distance from each other. The area became popular, especially among foreign citizens, after Prince Charles, the current King of Great Britainbought a property in Viscri, becoming an ambassador of the village. Since then, tens of thousands of Romanian and foreign tourists have visited the area, leaving the usual comforts of the city to enjoy the unique experience of these picturesque places.


Whether you're a big gang or just coming with your better half, Viscri 32 is the perfect place for that childhood high. The accommodation offers you all the conditions for a perfect comfort. The story of the place is much more interesting. The house is a former barn from 1869, carefully refurbished, and in Sura Alba you can find an absolutely special restaurant, where you will find slow food dishes, prepared with natural ingredients and from local producers, according to grandparents' recipes. If you miss an authentic breakfast or want to have your coffee in the garden and enjoy the view and the silence, this is the perfect place. Prices start at around 400 lei per night including breakfast, and to find availability you need to book in advance.

For quiet and relaxing days we recommend this location situated in the heart of the village. During winter the house offers a traditional fireplace to enjoy a mulled wine or a hot chocolate with your loved ones. You will find here a special decor, traditional and authentic furniture, where time seems to stand still. It is a suitable home for a family or a small group of friends. Here you will find two bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom. The price starts from 750 lei per night for the whole holiday home.

The location is very close to the medieval fortified church which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage. Come and enjoy a traditional house with hand-painted furniture where you will find all the modern facilities with the aroma of a picturesque house where you will find a dowry that will last for generations. Every room in the house has a story, and for a night's accommodation you will pay around 460 lei for a room.


Rooms with old, traditional, authentic furniture, stoves still preserve the original atmosphere of times gone by. Come with your family or a few friends to experience an experience where time seems to be measured differently. Here you will have all the facilities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The location also has a beautiful garden and a covered terrace, only good to enjoy your coffee in peace. And if you are a lover of movement, the hosts will provide you with a bike rental service to discover the area even better. Prices start from 500 lei for a room with breakfast included.

A location where you go back in time, but you will also enjoy all the facilities of the present. Here you will find a lot of peace and quiet, just right to recharge your batteries. All the rooms of the guesthouse are renovated, while preserving the traditional Saxon style. On less warm days, the hosts will be waiting for you with heated terracotta stoves, just as your grandparents used to wait for you when you visited. The property also has a garden and terrace to enjoy the most beautiful views. Prices start from 400 lei per night including breakfast.


The perfect place to travel back in time. In the room you will find old, authentic pieces of furniture and the piano will definitely be the star of the house. Prices start from 250 lei per night with breakfast included and garden view for a room with 2 beds. Besides all the comforts you need here you will find tea and coffee making facilities in all rooms. And for a fairytale evening we recommend you to relax in the beautifully landscaped courtyard. 

A house over 100 years old, modernly renovated, which preserves the authenticity of the place. You will be greeted by an extremely generous courtyard with abundant greenery and beautiful flowers. The rooms are furnished in a rustic style and equipped with all modern facilities. Also here you will discover some absolutely fantastic tents to relax and forget about everyday worries. The price per night is 200 lei with garden view.

If you want to enjoy a modern place located in a picturesque village like Saschiz, then Flori Haus is the perfect recommendation. The location has 2 rooms located in the main house, and 3 other wooden cottages equipped with everything you need. The cottages have a room, a bathroom, a small terrace so that your mornings will be a fairy tale. What could be nicer than waking up and having your coffee in the middle of nature, surrounded by a special peace? And to make your experience complete, the property also has a gazebo. The price is 250 lei per night.


An absolutely wonderful location, with painted furniture, hand-stitched canvas and lace curtains, in a special place, seemingly forgotten by the world. The house has a generous courtyard with an impeccably manicured lawn and hammocks for your complete relaxation. The capacity of the house is 12 people in 5 rooms furnished in rustic style, each with its own bathroom. On the ground floor you will enjoy a living room where you can dine, and in the courtyard you can find a terrace with barbecue place. The price is about 600 lei for 2 persons for 2 nights.

A location that will lead you into the traditional Transylvanian atmosphere that will give you a completely authentic experience with handmade furniture and great attention to detail. Here you will also find an orchard that will send you to a fairytale land. The location has several cottages that you will find separately wherever you look, although they are in the same courtyard. We leave you a link to each one so you can make the perfect choice, whether you're travelling alone with your loved one, or with your gang or family. The accommodation will provide you with all the facilities you need, and to make your stay complete you can relax in one of the available hammocks. Dominic Boutique - Casa Mare / Dominic Boutique - Gardener's Cottage / Dominic Boutique - Workshop / Dominic Boutique, Little Barn , Cloasterf

Tourist spots

Peasant Fortress and Fortified Church in Viscri village

Due to its historical cultural value, the village centre and the fortified church were included in 1999 on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage

Rupea Fortress

Rupea Fortress (or Cohalm Fortress) is one of the oldest archaeological jewels on the territory of Romania (5,500-3,500 BC). The first attestation dates back to 1324 when the Saxons, rebelled against King Charles Robert of Hungary, took refuge inside the fortress.


If you are in the area, you should not miss the largest medieval fortress, located in UNESCO heritage where you will be able to visit the Vlad Dracul House where it is said to be the birthplace of Vlad Tepes, the Clock Tower and many other monasteries and churches such as the Roman Catholic Church and the Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral.

Cloasterf Fortified Church

The fortified ensemble of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church is among the most homogeneous in Transylvania. The construction period of the church was (1521-1524), under the direction of the master builder Ștefan Ungar from Sighișoara.

Fortified Church of Saschiz

The fortified church was built in 1493 in honour of King Stephen I of Hungary. The massive stone-built Gothic-style church is reinforced with 22 buttresses.

Walk through the village

Whichever village you choose to stay in, given the short distances between them, you can take a walk through all four. The atmosphere you'll find in these places, you won't find anywhere else.

We hope our recommendations will be to your liking and help you make the perfect choice for a carefree holiday, where you will discover that slow living is an art and a way of life that will help you to have a lifestyle in harmony with you.

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