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Cappadocia offers some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world for those who choose to explore it. The rocks in the form of towers known as "chimneys" have an aspect taken out of a fairy tale. And the sunsets admired from here are unique, because there are numerous hot air balloons in the sky - an exceptional sight! Discover Cappadocia in this travel guide with a 2-day itinerary!

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Transfer – How do you get around Cappadocia?

Nevsehir Airport is located at approx. 40 km from the main city of the Cappadocia region, Goreme, and you can get here by express bus of Turkish Airlines or other transport companies. The price per person per ride is 8 euros and you must reserve the tickets in advance. Find details here and here. In general, they run between 5:30-23:30, and the trip lasts 40 minutes. Boarding takes place outside the arrivals terminal. Another option is the taxi, with an average cost of approx. 30 euros and a trip duration of 40 minutes. Taxis are available 24/7 and are also located outside the arrivals terminal.

If you arrive in Kayseri Airport (approx. 55 km from Goreme), you can opt for the bus (approx. 3 euros/person) or taxi (approx. 20 euros). There are several bus lines that circulate in the Cappadocia region, they operate between 06:30-23:30. Tickets are purchased from the driver, and the station is outside the arrivals terminal. Also here you will find the taxi line, the rides being available 24/7.

Most of the tourist attractions are around the city of Goreme, so you can choose to walk to many places. But when it comes to reaching other locations, you can opt for public transport. It is a cheap option (0.50-2 euros), and most buses have direct routes from one city to another. Unfortunately, however, many buses run from hour to hour, so it is good to organize in advance.

If you still don't want to depend on public transport and easily get anywhere, whenever you want, you can opt for renting a vehicle. Prices start from 25 euros/day per, but they can increase up to 100 euros, depending on the type of car you want and the number of available seats. You can find details about renting a car here.

Accommodation - Where to stay in Cappadocia

In Cappadocia you can enjoy accommodations like you've never experienced before on any vacation! You have many alternatives: from units located among the rock columns (from 40 euros/night) to luxurious cave-type suites (from 100 euros/night). Here are some options:

  • Cappadocia Caves Hotel: the hotel is located in Goreme and offers access to the outdoor pool, gardens and a superb terrace. Furthermore, Is breakfast included! Prices for this accommodation start from 45 euros/night for a standard double room.
  • Divan Cave House: the hotel of 4 stars from Goreme offers guests cave rooms furnished with traditional carpets, but in a luxurious way. The hotel has a restaurant with a Turkish specialty and a terrace with a splendid view of the city. Buffet breakfast is included, and the price in a fairy chimney type room starts from 90 euros/night.
  • Anatolian Houses Cave Hotel & SPA: the hotel in Goreme imbina luxury and architecture at a completely different level. With antique-looking decorations, rooms with stone walls but refined, gardens and indoor or outdoor pools, the hotel starts from 140 euros/night and promises a special experience to the guests.

2-day itinerary - What to visit in Cappadocia

Day 1

Cavusin village

Discover one of the oldest settlements in Cappadocia! Cavusin village it is located 5 km north of the city of Goreme and reveals buildings and monuments even from the 5th century. The Old Town hosts the Church of St. John the Baptist from the 10th century with biblical frescoes. Also here you can visit the cave-type dwellings and the potteries to learn more about the craft that began in the 2nd millennium BC, about ceramics and about red clay.

To get to Cavusin on your own, you can take the bus from Goreme between 8am and 6pm for a cost of less than 1 euro per person. Car circuses? You can find a paid parking lot, the rates being quite low, before entering the Old Town. But the best way to discover the history of the village, as well as the region, is to go to Cavusin with a tourist guide. Prices start from 50 euros/person and include visiting several sights north of Goreme, details can be found here.

The Fairy Chimneys

Only 1.5 km and a 20-minute walk away The Fairy Chimneys, probably the most famous attraction. These natural formations in the form of chimneys have drawn the attention of millions of tourists to Cappadocia. The appearance they have now is the result of a long process of millions of years due to volcanic eruptions. The picturesque scenario is part of UNESCO World Heritage and attracts many visitors to Turkey just to admire this beautiful landscape. In this area is also Valley of Pigeons, a wonderful point of interest overlooking one of the canyons of Cappadocia, where you can admire all these landscapes torn from the story.

Here you can also experience unique moments - a trip with a hot air balloon above the Fairy Horns, looking at the tinted sunset. Prices start from around 100 euros, but the moments spent are unique. You can also find details here.

Zelve Museum

Enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Hornilor Zanelor, you will arrive after about 1.5 km at Zelve open air museum. The history of this museum dates back to the 9th century and you can visit the caves with old paintings, a stone mosque, the Balikli Church and the Uzumlu Church. Both are carved in stone and are among the only churches with this aspect.

Day 2

The city of Uchisar

The town of Uchisar is only 5 km from Goreme and you can reach it by bus, and the ticket costs between 40 cents and 1 euro. Access to Uchisar Castle it still costs 3 euros, and the view that awaits you once you reach the top is absolutely incomparable, because you can see the famous valleys with chimneys. The old fortress is located on a high rock, being built of stone. Although there is nothing inside, its appearance is unlike anything you could see in Europe. You will find a free parking lot in the town of Uchisar if you come by car on Uçhisar Bld. Turgut Özal Cd. 50240 Uçhisar.


If you thought that a holiday in Cappadocia means a few caves and stone buildings, the underground city Derinkuyu it will surprise you. Entire underground cities have been built in Cappadocia, this one being among the most popular. It was built since the 17th-18th centuries to protect the inhabitants from invasions. Remains of altars, cellars and tunnels that connect the underground cities offer visitors a set of images on the history of the region. Access costs approximately 5 euros per person. You can also find details here.

The city is 35 km from Goreme and you can get there by bus. First you have to take the bus to Nevsehir (approx. 2 euros/person), and then you will have to take the bus to Derinkuyu (2-3 euros/person). The whole trip will take about 1 hour. Car circuses? You can find paid parking before entering the underground city for less than 1 euro/hour.

Gastronomy & Restaurants

What do you eat in Cappadocia

In Cappadocia you will find aromas specific to the region, again try kebabs is among the most famous. It consists of pieces of lamb meat with peppers, tomato sauce and other delicious ingredients in a jug, as it was once done. Chickpea stew with veal and dugu soup with a kind of bulgur, there are 2 other dishes worth trying in Cappadocia. And for dessert, try the delicious koftur - a combination of grape juice and a kind of syrup called molasses.

Where to eat in Cappadocia

  • TopDeck Cave Restaurant this rustic style restaurant with a small terrace offers you a Turkish experience at an average price.
  • Seki Restaurant if you are in Uchisar, you must go to the terrace with a direct view of the Old Town.

The main attractions of Cappadocia can be visited even in 2 days. For a dream vacation in Cappadocia, we recommend you visit the region between May and September. The weather will be pleasant to explore the area on foot, but also to go for a ride with a hot air balloon. For a 2-day vacation in Cappadocia, we recommend a minimum budget of 400-450 euros/2 people, including transportation. Remember that the national currency of Turkey is the Turkish lira. I have prepared some links below that can guide you to prepare your holiday in Cappadocia. Adventure awaits you!

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