Vacation in Sofia, Bulgaria - Tourist attractions and travel guide!


Although many Romanians have already been in Bulgaria, Sofiato remain a town not very popular among visitors, even if it is only a stone's throw from us. The capital of Bulgaria it is, in fact, a city that offers unforgettable experiences to those who venture to spend a few days here. You'll find both Eastern and Western influences, so the city offers a wide range of attractions to suit all tastes.

What do you drive around Sofia with?

If you don't come to Sofia with your own car, you can use public transport: bus, tram or metro. There are 4 metro lines, and the ticket costs 4 lei and can be purchased from the jukeboxes or from the ticket offices in the stations. Once validated at the entrance to the platforms, the ticket is valid for 30 minutes. Tram or bus tickets cost 4 lei and the ticket must be validated once on board. The ticket is only valid for one journey.

A convenient option can be the purchase of a 1-day card that allows you to use any means of transport. It costs 10 lei and can be purchased at the ticket offices in the stations. Once received, it must be activated at the metro ticket office and after being scanned at the entrance to the platform. 

Sofia City Pass

Sofia City Pass offers you free access to all means of public transport in the capital and discounts between 5-50% in museums, galleries, certain shops or restaurants. The card costs approximately 50 lei and can be purchased from the Palatul National de Cultura, Serdika, St. Kliment Ohridski and the European Union or from the offices at terminals 1 or 2 of the airport. The card is valid for 72 hours.


Sofia hotels have prices starting from 80 lei per night for a room for 2 people, and if you want something with more facilities, 3-star hotels cost even 150 lei. Hotel Generaator Sofia it is located less than 900 m from the center and has prices starting from 140 lei per night for a double room with private bathroom, minibar and Wifi. You can find details on .

Sofia tourist attractions - What to visit in Sofia, Bulgaria

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral it is probably the most famous place in Sofia, becoming an emblem of the city. Located in the central area, its beauty will not let you miss it. The construction in neo-Byzantine style impresses with its size, colored domes, imposing marble, but also with its message, being for Bulgarians a symbol of national identity and freedom. Access is free, and taking photos inside is strictly prohibited. 

the Royal Palace

Another important building is the Royal Palace. It was built in 1873 and initially served as the residence of the prince, and later, of the king. Here you will be able to feel both the noble air, but you will also be able to enjoy 2 museums that operate here. The palace has been restored and is now the headquarters/host National Art Gallery (where you will pay approx. 15 lei for a ticket) and Ethnographic Museum (with over 50,000 items that reproduce the history and life of Bulgarians, and the price of a ticket is 8 lei). The interior design of the building is impressive, sprinkled with golden details, being even compared to the Palace of Versailles.

The ruins of the city of Serdika

For those passionate about history and antiquity, there is also an archaeological site from the Roman period in Sofia. More exactly the ruins of the city of Serdika, still very well preserved. Here you can observe the structures of ancient buildings and get an idea of life in that period.

National Theater "Ivan Vazov"

The "Ivan Vazov" National Theater was opened to the public in 1907 and is the oldest and largest theater in Bulgaria. It is built in neoclassical style and great actors of the country played and still play on its stage. The theater is located in the center, right in front of the City Park - Sofia's "green" oasis. 

You will most likely find performances that you can attend whenever you visit Sofia. Ticket prices vary between 10-250 lei/person, depending on where you want to watch the show. Tickets can be purchased from the official website -

Vitosha Boulevard

On Vitosha Boulevard you will find numerous shops of all kinds, as well as terraces or restaurants. Here you can observe the everyday life of the locals, being one of the most important streets in the country. It is a place where you can take some great photos and where you can relax, because next to the boulevard is the Park of the National Palace of Culture. In addition, there are some interesting sculptures here.

The National Palace of Culture

The National Palace of Culture is among the most important buildings in all of Bulgaria. The enormous building was built in 1981 on the occasion of the country's 1300th anniversary. Today, important concerts and exhibitions are held here. Being in the park that bears its name, the splendor of the building cannot be overlooked if you walk around the center. Concert tickets vary between 50-200 lei/person (you can buy them on ), and the experience is truly elegant. 

Boyana Church

Boyana Church it is part of the UNESCO site and preserves frescoes from 1259, thus presenting Bulgarian culture from medieval times. The eastern part of it was initially built in the 10th century, and in the 13th century the church was enlarged. Boyana is among the best preserved monuments from the medieval times in Eastern Europe. And for only 25 lei, you can discover his story too.

National Museum of History

The biggest museum in all of Bulgaria it opened in 1973 and holds over 700,000 cultural monuments. It presents the history of the country for approximately 8000 years, but only 10% of what it contains is accessible to the public in order to preserve the history safely. However, it is worth coming to this place because you will learn more about the country's culture. The ticket costs approximately 25 lei/adult, 10 lei for adults with children and 5 lei/child over 7 years old.

Prince Boris garden

Prince Boris garden it is among the most famous parks in Bulgaria and the oldest in the capital. The park hosts a hand-carved wooden house, a lake, a gorgeous rose garden and a fountain. In its northern area is the Vasil Levski National Stadium.

Church of St. Nedelia

Church of St. Nedelia it is located right in the center of the entire capital Sofia. It was built several times, demolished and rebuilt. With a well-preserved wooden carved iconostasis and wall paintings, the church is considered a place of value in Bulgaria. The ticket costs about 13 lei and you can buy it at the entrance.

Banya Bashi Mosque

Banya Bashi it is the only mosque in Sofia that still carries out its activities. Designed by the greatest Ottoman architect in 1576, the mosque brings vivid colors to the capital. The interior is absolutely spectacular because it is full of colorful shades, from marine blue to intense red. Access is free, and to enter, it is considered common sense to take off your shoes, and for women to cover their hair.

Boyana waterfall

Boyan it is among the most beautiful waterfalls around the capital. The serene landscape and the unique silence are interrupted only by the sound of splashing water. The hike to the waterfall will definitely be a pleasant one! Take tram 27 from Sveta Nedelya station, get off at Gotse Delchev station, take bus 64 to Boyalsko Hanche station and you have arrived at the starting point for the waterfall! From there you will have to walk about 2 km.

Museum of Illusions

Although it may seem like a rather surprising tourist objective, Museum of Illusions in Sofia it will amaze and entertain you! Art and scientific inventions combine with illusions in very interesting games and challenges. The ticket per adult starts from 53 lei, for pupils, students and seniors from 43 lei, and for children between 3 and 6 years from 20 lei. You can book tickets directly on the official website where you will find other details - .

Food - What we ate in Sofia

Bulgarian cuisine is similar in many ways to Romanian cuisine. We share the same oriental influence, and you will notice this in Lyutenitsa, a dish that is very similar to zacusca.

They are two slightly different dishes Creeping, a cold soup with yogurt, cucumber and garlic and Chushka Biurek, bell peppers stuffed with cheese and egg, fried. And if you're craving something sweet, you have to try the cake Garage. It is a dessert with nuts and chocolate cream.

Where do you eat in Sofia?

We recommend you to try Bulgarian food because you will realize that in certain circumstances it is slightly similar to Romanian food. But the differences will surprise you, because the taste is really delicious! Some of the traditional restaurants in Sofia are Hadjidraganovite Kashti (prices between 10-200 lei) and Taverna Izbata (prices between 12-100 lei).


Vitosha Boulevard is the perfect place to spend a few hours shopping, offering a large selection of shops, boutiques and eateries, in a city center setting that offers a pleasant view. The street offers an air of aristocracy that will enchant any tourist.

For a more authentic experience, Central Hall in Sofia it is one of the oldest commercial points, where you will be able to find souvenirs, objects and even food produced by the locals.

We hope, therefore, that now Sofia seems a much more attractive city, because deep down it hides many attractions that are worth discovering, regardless of whether you are looking for a corner of culture, history, nature or modernity!




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