Travel guide to the city of the famous port wine, Portugal! Itinerary 


The city porto, located right on the west coast with an opening to the Atlantic Ocean, is ideal for a different vacation in Portugal! Discover the wineries where you can taste the famous I come from Porto, Gothic & Romanesque architecture and the splendid beaches of the Atlantic. Vacation in Porto it is an ideal choice starting with April and until September.  


From the Porto Airport you can reach the city with the metro line E (the purple one) for about 2 euros. The metro line is on level -1 of the airport. In addition to the price of the metro ticket, you will also need to buy a ticket called Andante (approximately 0.60 euro) from the office in the airport, from the metro station or from the ticket machines at the entrance to the metro. This ticket is mandatory because there are several metro areas, in addition to those with the basic ticket for 2 euros. The metro leaves every 20-30 minutes and the journey takes about 30 minutes.  

Another option is the bus. The bus station is outside the airport and the company that operates the routes is STCP. The ticket costs approximately 2 euros and can be purchased from the driver. Buses 601 and 602 have stops in the city center as well. As with the subway, the trip will take about 30 minutes. 


The most affordable accommodations on Booking start from 40 euros, often with breakfast included. Do you want a more exclusive accommodation in Porto and as close as possible to the seashore? You can find villas and hotels with prices from 70 euros per night. AirBnb offers some unique accommodations that can turn your vacation in Portugal into one of the best experiences! Live the experience of staying on luxurious yachts with prices from 80 euros per night. 

We recommend you BF Apartments located approximately 600 m from the central area. For approximately 75 euros per night, you can stay in a studio, including a private bathroom, a room with a double bed, a private kitchenette, a coffee machine, air conditioning and a balcony with a view. In addition, the location is rated on Booking with a score of 9.2, being an ideal accommodation for couples in particular. 

Itinerary for a 3-day City Break in Porto 

Day 0

  • Arrival in Porto 
  • Check-in at the hotel 

Day 1 

  • Walk on the Dom Luis I Bridge 
  • On a boat trip on the Douro river 
  • Porto Cathedral 
  • Palace of the Bursa 

Start the day with the most popular attractions of the city! 

Dom Luis I Bridge – boat trip on the Douro River

Head towards Dom Luis I Bridge located in the San Bento metro station area (line D). The bridge is an emblem of the city of Porto, crossing Douro river and offering a superb view of the river and the architecture. In addition, access is free. For an even more beautiful panorama and an experience to remember, you can take a boat ride on the Douro river watching the important monuments right from the water. The prices for such a trip start from 15 euros per person for 50 minutes. On the website Douro cruises you can book the trip online. (link at the end) 

Porto Cathedral

It is located approximately 190 m from the Dom Luis I Bridge Porto Cathedral, one of the oldest buildings in the city. You can even climb the tower for a wonderful view of the city. Access to the cathedral is free, but to visit the monastery, the tower and the museum you will have to pay 3 euros/person >10 years. You can buy tickets online in advance from Tickets (link at the end), tickets by phone being accepted. The cathedral is open between 9-18 (April-October) or 9-17 (November-March). 

Palace of the Bursa

Palace of the Bursa it is located approximately 600 m from Porto Cathedral and was built in the 19th century in neoclassical style. Access costs 10 euros/person > 12 years, and the Palace is open for visits between 9am and 6pm. It is among the most important buildings in the north of Portugal and here is the famous Arab Hall with decorations inspired by the Palace of Granada, the Chamber of Nations, a splendid garden and other important halls with valuable objects. You can buy tickets at the entrance office. 

Day 2 

  • The Gardens of the Crystal Palace 
  • Molhe beach 
  • Matosinhos beach 

The gardens of the Crystal Palace

It is counted among the most beautiful locations in the city The Gardens of the Crystal Palace. They are located in the Massarelos area, approximately 1.5 km from the Stock Exchange Palace. Also with an impressive view of the Douro river, access to this superb place is free. Magnolias, sculptures and the mosaic of gardens that open up to you as you walk through them transform the location into an ideal one for couples. There is even a small waterfall for photography enthusiasts! The Crystal Palace whose gardens bear its name no longer exists, but has been replaced by a pavilion where concerts are often held.  

Molhe beach

Even if the weather is not sunny, we recommend you to visit the beaches Moth and Matosinhos for the beautiful scenery (to say the least). About 100 m from Gradini is the Palacio station where you have to take the 200 bus and go 18 stops, exactly 6 km (25 minutes - about 2 euros). Get off at Molhe station and from there you only have 400 m to Molhe beach. This has both a part with fine sand and a rocky area. In addition, there is also a small paved road to the ocean. 

Molhe beach

Matosinhos beach

Matosinhos beach it is located 3 km from Molhe and you can reach it by bus 500 also from Molhe station. You will have 8 stops to go, and the trip will last around 10 minutes. Once you get off at Matosinhos station, you only have 300 m to one of the biggest and most beautiful beaches in Portugal. The ocean breeze and the endless beach offer a gorgeous romantic setting. Since the waves here are quite big, you can even take surfing lessons for more adrenaline on vacation in Porto. Prices start from 30 euros per person for 1 hour and a half. 

Day 3 

  • Morro Garden 
  • Ferreia and Graham's Port Lodge wineries 

Morro Garden

Morro Garden it is located 600 m south of the Douro river. You can cross the Dom Luis I bridge enjoying a beautiful walk, and the garden will immediately catch your eye! The park perfectly captures the lively atmosphere of the city, being on a small hill. The place is perfect for pictures and access is free. 

Ferreia and Graham's Port Lodge wineries 

The country and even the city of Porto wine attract tourists not only for the beaches and architecture, but also to taste wine right from the main wineries! Less than 1 km to the west of the park are 2 of the most popular wineries in the area - Caves Ferreira open between 9-18 (17 euros – tasting and visit) and Graham's Port Lodge (18 euros – tasting and visit) open between 9-17. You can book tickets for Caves Ferreira on Portugal Wine Tourism website, and for Graham's Port Lodge on the official website. (links at the end) 

Day 4 

  • Departure from Porto 

Restaurant options and dishes 

Try the Portuguese cuisine focused on spices and cheeses! Francesinha is a favorite sandwich of the locals with steak, ham and cheese au gratin on top. It is often covered with an egg, being among the most common breakfasts. bacalhau they are croquettes with cod, deliciously prepared together with rice. Other dishes worth tasting are: tripas a moda do Porto (a kind of beef stew), alheira (Portuguese sausages) or pasteis de Chaves (moon-shaped puff pastry filled with minced beef). 

For the traditional breakfast, we recommend the restaurants Zenith (open between 9-19, prices between 5-15 euros) from the center and Miraporto (open between 8-2 in the morning, prices between 4-17 euros) from the southern area of the Dom Luis I Bridge.

For a tasty lunch, try the Portuguese food at Tapabento S. Bento (open between 12-15 and 19-22, closed Monday and Tuesday; prices between 3-18 euros) in the center or Terrain for healthy, vegetarian or vegan food (open between 10-19, prices between 3-19 euros) from the Matosinhos beach area.

Delicious and filling dinner? For Mediterranean cuisine, try the restaurant Ribeira Square (open between 12-14 and 19-22; prices between 3-25 euros) from the center, and if you're craving seafood and want a view of the ocean, try Molhe restaurant (open between 10-22; prices between 4-35 euros) from the Molhe beach area.  

For a vacation in dynamic Portugal where you can try new things, Porto is the ideal choice. The budget we recommend, which includes accommodation, transport, visiting attractions, surfing and of course, wine tasting, is a minimum of 550 euros for 2 people/3 nights. This Porto travel guide could not be complete without some links to help you prepare your vacation! You can find them below. 


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