Vacation in Prague, Czech Republic │ 3-day itinerary


Are you looking for peace, imposing architecture, splendid landscapes and maybe even a glass of craft beer after a long day? Prague is the answer you are looking for!

In this article we will present you an itinerary through which you can discover some of the most beautiful tourist sights in Prague, a program divided into 3 days.

How do you get to Prague?

If you choose to ride with public transport, you should know that it is not a direct day trip to the center, the total duration of the trip being approx. 50 minutes. Therefore, you will first need to take one of the buses 100, 119, 191, 907 (night bus) or 910 (night bus). The bus stops are at the exit from arrivals terminals 1 and 2. Tickets cost approx. 1.55 euros and can be purchased from ticket offices, automatic machines in stations, from the driver (where they are more expensive by approx. 0.25 euros) or directly from the PID Litacka application (available on Android and IOS). They are valid for 90 minutes and you can use them both in bus, as well as in the subway or tram. The night buses go to the center, but if you travel with the day buses, you will have to take the metro to the center. You can find details on the website Prague Airport

Taxis arrive in the center in just 35 minutes, so they are a more comfortable and fast option. The average price of a ride is approx. 30 euros, and the taxi lines are at the exits of the arrivals terminals.

How do you get around Prague?

Public transport from Prague (PID) is well established, so you will be able to move around the city quickly, easily and cheaply. You can choose to use the metro, bus, tram, ferry and suburban train lines, a single ticket being valid for all means of public transport. Remember that tickets must be validated before entering the subway or train, or inside a bus or tram. Prices start from 1.25 euros/1 trip of 30 minutes, 1.55 euros/1 trip of 90 minutes, 4.90 euros/validity of 24 hours and 13.45 euros/validity of 72 hours. Children under 6 and adults over 70 have free access to public transport. You can also find information on PID official website.

Another option is to you rent a vehicle. Prices start from 25 euros/day and you can choose different pick-up and drop-off addresses. Find details and offers here. Regardless of whether you choose to rent a car or come with your own vehicle, park only in parking spaces or on the sides of streets with orange parking signs. You can find details as well here. In general, the prices of parking spaces near the street vary between 2-4 euros/day.  

Where are you staying in Prague?

Accommodation prices in Prague are very affordable. You can even pay only 30 euros/night for a double room in areas close to the center or even with a view of the Vltava river. Here are some options with good prices and conditions:

  • Residence Bene: this 3-star hotel is located in the Old Center of the city, less than 100 m from the Old Center Square and less than 150 m from the metro and tram stations. The hotel has its own parking, and the rooms have a private bathroom, WiFi, TV and air conditioning. In addition, buffet breakfast is included. The price for a double room starts from 40 euros/night
  • Charles Bridge Palace: the 4-star hotel is located near the Vltava river and only 10 minutes' walk from the Old Town. The decor is elegant, and most rooms have a view of the Vlatva River. In addition, there is a hotel parking lot. Each room is equipped with private bathroom, minibar, WiFi and TV, and breakfast is included. The price of a double room starts from 60 euros/night
  • The Old Town Square & Parizska Apartments: the tourist apartment complex is located 70 m from the Old Center Square and promises an authentic Czech experience. The decor is inspired by old Prague, and each apartment and studio has its own kitchen, bathroom, balcony, air conditioning, TV, WiFi, dishwasher and coffee machine. There is even parking for guests. The price of an apartment with 1 double bed starts from 150 euros/night

Tourist card – Prague CoolPass

Do you want to visit as many attractions as possible in a short time? Opt for the Prague CoolPass and you can benefit from free access to certain attractions, discounts and others! Thus, you can save the vacation budget. Prague CoolPass offers free access to over 70 attractions, a historical bus tour of Prague, boat trip, discounts of up to 50% on other tourist spots FROM Prague or around the city and a detailed map. Packages are available for 1 day (50 euros/adult, 35 euros/child), 2 days (76 euros/adult, 55 euros/child), 3 days (87 euros/adult, 62 euros/child) and up to 7 days . You can find out more details here

Activities and tourist attractions in Prague - What to see in Prague

Day 1

Prague Castle

Start your vacation in Prague by visiting the most famous tourist attraction and a true pearl of the Czech Republic: Prague Castle. It was built in the 9th century and is actually a complex with several buildings. It is worth dedicating at least 2-3 hours to discover each of its treasures, many of which have free entry! Also, the changing of the guards show takes place daily at the gates of the castle, an amazing experience.

Access to the castle complex starts from 10 euros/adult and 5 euros/child between 6-16 years old, adults over 65 years old or students up to 26 years old. Tickets can be purchased at the entrance and you can find out more details at Prague Castle website

It is also in this complex St. Vitus Cathedral in Gothic style. Inside you will find an almost 700-year-old mosaic representing the Holy Trinity, but also the tomb of several kings and saints. Also here you can enjoy the beauty of the city from the almost 100 m tower of the church. The entrance ticket to the castle also includes access to this cathedral.

You can visit the complex daily between 6-10 pm. And to get here, you can take tram 22 or 23, or metro line A. Circuses with your own or rented vehicle? You can find 3 paid parking lots (approx. 7 euros/day) nearby: 2 in the southern part of the city, and 1 in the northern part. You can visit the complex for free with the Prague CoolPass.

Old Center Square

Once you have visited the Prague Castle - the so-called symbol of the city, discover Old Center Square located 4 km away! Depending on the weather, you can opt for a nice walk on Manes Bridge, or you can go one stop with trams 2 or 18, but you can also take bus 194 for 3 stops. If you drive, you can park in 1 of the 2 parking lots: Rudolfinum or Alsovo Nabrezi (approx. 2.45 euros/hour) after the Manes Bridge, just 600 m from the Old Center.

Here you can discover the beauty of the city itself, having a unique atmosphere in Europe! You can admire Astronomical clock, the third oldest public clock in the world. From hour to hour, a mechanism was devised that starts a whole parade of the 12 Apostles who follow Jesus, and the bell of the tower rings. The 12 zodiac signs can also be seen in the secondary dial.

Visit too Church of the Holy Virgin Mary in Tyn in Gothic style or St. Nicholas Church! And for the most beautiful photos, you have to go to Kinsky Palace which is now National Art Gallery. If you want to discover Asian art objects, you can visit the gallery for approx. 6.50 euros/adult and 3.50 euros/student under 26 years old or person between 6-18 years old. You can buy tickets directly at the entrance! And it is only 400 m away Powder Tower in Prague which represents a Gothic-style gate with a tower, being built in the 15th century.


At approx. 800 m away Clementine, a real architectural treasure of the capital. Today it is the National Library and there are over 6 million books representing a journey through the history of the city. And the decor of the halls will leave you breathless, with numerous details and baroque sculptures, as well as painted ceilings.

You can buy tickets from the official website. The ticket for 1 adult costs approx. 12.25 euros and approx. 8 euros/student under 26 years old. Children under 6 have free access. You can visit the location daily between 10-17:30, and Friday and Saturday between 10-18.

Day 2

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge it is the place where you can enjoy the Vltava river, on a medieval construction that will take you back several hundred years. The evening is the best time when you can admire the 2 imposing gates at the ends of the bridge, the lanterns and the statues, in a romantic setting.

It is located only 600 m from the Old Center Square, and an equally pleasant way to admire the bridge, the river and the city itself is through a boat trip. A 50-minute journey costs approx. 16 euros/adult and 10 euros/child. You can find out more details here.

Once you feel that you have admired the view enough, head towards The Dancing House located 2 km south. You can get there with tram 17 (2 stops) in less than 10 minutes, and from the Jiraskovo station you only have to walk 100 m to the attraction. If you come by car, you will find a parking lot nearby with a cost of 2-3 euros/hour.

The house that dances

The Dancing House is itself a hotel that has attracted the attention of the whole world, having a very interesting aspect. Only the top floor is open to the public who are not staying here, but it is worth going up to take advantage of the special landscape over the city. In addition, there is also a cafe!

Continue to go south another 2 km and you will reach Vysehrad! You can take trams 14, 18 or 24 to the Ostrcilovo station, from where you only have to walk 150 m to the tourist attraction. Do you drive your vehicle? In the southern area there is the Jedlickuv Ustav parking lot with a rate of approx. 1 euro/hour.


Vysehrad includes fortresses built in the 10th century on the banks of the Vltava river, located in the hill area. Decorated in Gothic, Neo-Gothic, Baroque and Romanesque styles, it is said that here is the oldest Seat of the Czech Princes. The park in the complex has important sculptures and monuments, such as Church of Saints Peter and Paul in neo-gothic style or Slavonic National Cemetery. In addition, the view from here is absolutely gorgeous! Access is free in the complex, and to visit certain exhibitions you will have to pay between 2-3 euros/person. If you have the Prague CoolPass, you have free access to the gallery and the dungeon.

Day 3

The Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter is a significant place in the history of the Czech Republic and is located 400 m north of the Old Center Square. The story of the neighborhood began in the 13th century and the almost intact buildings are cultural proof of the history of the Jews in Prague. Here are 6 Synagogues, the Jewish Cemetery, the Hall of Ceremonies and other important monuments. Therefore, the streets have their own stories that are worth discovering.

It is also here The Jewish Museum which includes over 40,000 artifacts and over 100,000 books of the Jewish community. Tickets in the neighborhood start from 20 euros/person, but can increase depending on certain objectives you want to visit. Find details here. With Prague CoolPass, you have free access to almost all monuments in the neighborhood!

Karlstejn Castle

After a few hours in which you discover the history of the location, we recommend you to visit Karlstejn Castle located at approx. 30 km from the Old Center. You can reach the village of Karlstejn with S-Bahn 7 from the Central Station in 45 minutes. If you come by car, you will have to park it in the village of Karlstejn, because it is not allowed to park vehicles higher up. You can park the car for approx. 4 euros/day in the village. The castle is located on a hill approx. 1.5 km distance and you can reach it either on foot in 15 minutes or by taxi for approx. 20 euro.

The castle was built in the 14th century in Gothic style and will take you back to princess stories. Ticket prices start at 10 euros/adult, 8 euros/person between 18-24 years old and 4 euros/child between 6-17 years old. Children under 6 have free access. You can buy tickets directly from Karlstejn Castle website. You have 25% discount with Prague CoolPass!

What do you eat in Prague?

And when it comes to food, Prague has a lot to offer, so be prepared to try original dishes. Bramboraky it looks like a pancake, but it's actually a fried potato cake. Svickova is a complex traditional dish of beef in vegetable sauce, often served with jam. And for dessert, try it Ovocne Knedliky, the famous dumplings with fruit (often plums, strawberries or apricots). And try at least once one of the 500 types of beer here. And if you are more daring, taste the aromatic honey liqueur.

Where do you eat in Prague?

With a kitchen with so many tasty dishes, you must try Czech food at Pod Restaurant  (prices between 5-26 euros/preparation) from its central area U Kroka (prices between 3-26 euros/preparation) located near Vysehrad. And where do you taste the best beer in Prague? At the Beer Museum Prague (yes, a pub-museum dedicated to Czech beer) that has over 30 types of Czech beer.

Prague is, therefore, truly the "Golden City" where you cannot get bored no matter how many days you spend. The historical buildings with amazing stories, the pieces of art, but also the Vltava river, create a quiet romantic atmosphere, perfect for vacation! Remember that the official currency is CZK, and we recommend that you exchange lei or euros into CZK before going to Prague! And for a 3-day citybreak for 2 people, the recommended minimum budget is 300-350 euros.

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