Vacation in Stockholm, Sweden | Travel guide with 3-day itinerary

The capital of Sweden is definitely an ideal destination to visit during the summer when you need a city break. With temperatures of around 20 degrees and longer days, Stockholm will surprise you with the harmony between modern and its old architecture.

And obviously, the delicious Nordic dishes are one more reason to choose Stockholm. Do not forget that the official currency of Sweden is the Swedish krona (1 SEK = 0.45 RON = 0.091 EUR), so it is good to change your money before arriving in Sweden. In this travel guide you will find all the information you need for a perfect vacation!

How do you get to Stockholm?

To arrive from Stockholm-Skavsta Airport (to which you can find direct flights from Romania) located approx. 100 km away from the city, you have the following options:

  • Express bus: the price of a Flygbussarna express bus ticket to Stockholm starts from SEK 139 (13 euros)/person, and the trip will take approximately 1 hour and a half. These buses travel to and from the airport between 08:25-23:35. You will find the bus station outside the terminal, on the other side of the taxi line. You can buy tickets from the Flygbussarna information office in the airport, from the official website here or directly from the Flygbussarna application available on Android here or IOS here.
  • Taxi: the average price of a taxi ride is 130 euros, the distance being significant between the airport and the capital. But if you arrive at a late hour, have luggage or simply prefer comfort, it can be a convenient option. Taxis are available 24/7 in the taxi line outside the terminal. The trip will take approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

What do you use to get around Stockholm?

It is very easy to get from one location to another in Stockholm! You can opt for the public transport called SL which includes buses, trains, trams, metro and ferries. A single ticket is valid for 75 minutes, costs 3.40 euros and can be purchased at ticket machines or through the SL application available on Android here and IOS hereand. They must be validated upon boarding. You can also opt for valid tickets 24 hours (15 euros) or 72 hours (30 euros). Most public transport in Stockholm operates between 05:00 and 01:00, and night runs are often available on weekends.

Where are you staying in Stockholm?

As in any European capital, in Stockholm you can find accommodation at low prices, but also 4-5 star hotels. Prices for a 3-star hotel start from 70 euros/night, while for an apartment you will pay at least 75 euros. If you want exclusive accommodation in a 5-star hotel, you can find offers starting from 145 euros/night. Here you can find numerous offers that you can filter according to your preferences!

Here are some varied options that we recommend:

  • Hotel Langholmen of 3 stars is located at approx 2.5 km from the city center Stockholm and is located on the island with the same name of the hotel - Langholmen. Therefore, the view from here is a superb one. The rooms are equipped with their own bathroom, TV and WiFi, and guests can also benefit from a cafe open non-stop, the hotel's restaurant with Swedish specialties and a bar. The rooms are modernly equipped, and the nearest metro station is a 10-minute walk away. Is breakfast included. The price for an economy room starts from 80 euros/night - details here
  • Aparthotel Biz Apartment Gardet is located at 2.9 km from the center and offers guests options of studios and apartments of different sizes. A bus stop is directly opposite the hotel, so you can easily reach the city center. All rooms are equipped with private bathroom, private kitchenette, TV, WiFi and dishwasher. A common guest laundry is also available. The price of a small studio starts from 90 euros/night - details here
  • Clarion Hotel Amaranten of 4 stars it's just 1 km from the center, near a metro station. The hotel's furniture is modern, and guests can enjoy free access to the fitness room. Other facilities include a Scandinavian and international restaurant, as well as a 60s themed bar. The rooms are equipped with a private bathroom, minibar, TV and WiFi, and the guests have breakfast included. The price for a small double room starts from 105 euros/night - details here
  • Sheraton Stockholm Hotel of 5 stars is located at just 450 m from the city center and offers modern and luxurious rooms. The rooms are equipped with a private bathroom, WiFi, TV and air conditioning, and the guests have free access to the sauna and a fitness room open 24/7. The hotel has a restaurant with international and traditional specialties and a bar. Pets are accepted in the hotel! The price for a classic king room with 1 king-size bed (the most affordable) starts from 150 euros/night - details here.

Tourist card

The Stockholm tourist card: Go City All-Inclusive Pass gives you free access to 45 attractions, tours and other objectives. So, you can save up to 55% from the holiday budget compared to the separate purchase of tickets. You can buy tickets directly from here and you have the following options:

  • 1 day: 52 euros/adult, 24 euros/child between 6-15 years
  • 2 days: 86 euros/adult, 33 euros/child between 6-15 years
  • 3 days: 108 euros/adult, 43 euros/child between 6-15 years
  • 5 days: 140 euros/adult, 56 euros/child between 6-15 years.

Itinerary for 3 days

Day 1

Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm City Hall (Stockholm Stadshus) is one of the most important and illustrative buildings of the Swedish capital, so you must start your tour by visiting this place. The Nobel Prize banquet for physics, literature, chemistry, physiology, economic sciences and medicine is held here. And with an art nouveau architecture, at the top of its tower is the national emblem of the country - 3 Crowns.

The interior of Stockholm City Hall can only be visited with a tour guide. Tours cannot be booked in advance, so you will have to book one at the ticket office. The tours are available every day from 08:30 and until 11-15. You can find the availability for each day right on the website of the Stockholm City Hall - here.

The price of a ticket (including access and tourist guide) starts from 11 euros/adult, 10 euros/student or senior and 4.50 euros/young person between 7-19 years old. During the summer you can also visit the 106 m tower at the top of which are the 3 Crowns, from where you have an indescribable view of the entire city.

In front of the City Hall in Stockholm there is an absolutely gorgeous park with a direct view of the Soderstrom river and unique panoramas of the Old Center of the capital. The park can be visited between 8-20 (June-September) and 8-18 (October-May), and access is free. Stockholm City Hall and the park are located west of the city center, and buses 3, 111, 119, 125, 129, 133, 137, 141, 145, 149, 153, 157, 161, 167 and 183 pass nearby, at the station Stadshuset.

Old Town

The Old Center of the city is located on an island called Gamla Stan. To get here, walk about 450m east on the Stadshusbron bridge. From here you can already anticipate the wonderful experience that awaits you, because you can see a small part of the island and its tall monuments. Stop at Tegelbacken station and take one of the 3 or 53 buses to Henriksdalsberget (third stop). During the bus ride, don't forget to keep an eye on the Norrstrom river when you cross the Vasabron bridge. You will also be able to see the island of Helgeandsholmen where the building of the Parliament Palace is located.

Once you arrive on the island, you will be enchanted by the medieval alleys dating back to the 13th century, the paved streets and the archaic architecture. You will also be able to observe the strong influence of the architecture of northern Germany on the construction of the Old Center.

The Royal Palace in Stockholm

Continue walking through the Old Center towards the northeast and you will come across Riddarhuset – the House of the Swedish Nobility built in the 17th century in a classic architecture. Also on your walk to the Royal Palace, you will also see the small Stalbron bridge that connects Gamla Stan to the island of Helgeandsholmen, a perfect place for some photos, especially since the Parliament Palace is also nearby. Keep going towards the palace and you will reach Ittre Borgarrden - a square in front of the palace with small monuments where the changing of the guard takes place.

And now you are in front of one of the largest royal palaces in Europe! The palace is the official residence of the King of Sweden and has over 600 rooms. It was built in the 18th century in Baroque style and houses 5 museums. Some of the important halls of the palace are the Rikssalen (the Throne Hall where the silver throne of Queen Kristina is located), the Hall of the Order of Knights, the Museum of Antiquities of Gustav III, the Treasury and the Kronor Museum.

To visit the palace, you will need to purchase tickets at the entrance or on the website of the Royal Palace here of approx 15 euros/adult, 8 euros/student or young person between 7-17 years old. The palace is open daily between 10-16.

Royal Swedish Opera

Head 500 m north and cross the Norrbro bridge, reaching the small island of Helgeandsholmen. The setting here is magnificent – on the left side you will see the Riksplan Park, and on the right side the Stockholm Medieval Museum. Once you get off the bridge, head east and you'll reach the Royal Swedish Opera.

It was opened in the 19th century and is built in the art nouveau style. Theater and ballet performances have been held here since the 18th century, when the current building was replaced by another one built by order of King Gustav III. If you want to visit the interior, you can choose to attend a show or visit the building on a tour (only available on Saturdays, 12:30 p.m.). You can find details on the official website here.


Kungstradgarden is only 250 m east of the Opera House. They represent one of the oldest public parks in Stockholm. The name means "King's Garden", and between the 17th and 19th centuries, the Makalos Palace and a French-style garden were located here. After the palace caught fire, the park became the property of the city towards the end of the 19th century and was opened to the public.

With numerous terraces around, statues and events often held here, the place is full of life and perfect for an evening stroll. What is more surprising and perhaps unexpected is that one of the most famous metro stations is located here. It is located to the east of the park and was arranged in such a way as to capture the story of the former Makalos Palace, the French-style park and the surrounding statues, the predominant colors being red, white and green.

Day 2

Nordiska Museum

Discover the way of life of the Nordic peoples in the last 500 years in the Nordiska Museum - the largest cultural history museum in Sweden. It is a real emblem of the capital and even of the whole country, including a wide range of exhibitions focused on the history of the Nordic civilization. From Sweden's only indigenous people - the Sami people to exhibitions of fashion, textiles, interiors, furniture, art, jewelry, traditions and photographs - the museum itself is a real treasure that deserves a visit. There is also a souvenir shop here, as well as a traditional Swedish restaurant.

The Nordiska Museum is located 2.5 km from the city center. Take bus 76 from the Kungstradgarden station east of the center of the park for 2 stops and get off at Djurgardsbron. From here, cross the south bridge with the same name as the station and walk 500 m. You will pass the Karl X Gustavs Ryttarstaty monument and the Lusthusportens Park with a perfect romantic setting - an elegant blue gate at the entrance, acacias, flowers and paths small by the water. Near the end of the park, on the right, is the Nordiska Museum.

You can visit the museum daily between 10:00 and 17:00 and you can purchase tickets on the museum's website - here. Their price starts from 13 euros/adult and 11 euros/student or senior. Minors have free access. With over 1.5 million exhibits, it is a place that deserves to be spent at least 2 hours. With the Go City Pass, you have free access to the museum!

Vasa Museum

Only 290 m southwest of the Nordiska Museum is the Vasa Museum. Here is the best-preserved ship from the 17th century in the whole world and a truly unique treasure. About 98% of the ship is in its authentic form, and it is decorated with hundreds of wood carvings. The former warship has a length of 69 m and was sunk in 1628, and only in 1961 was it recovered. For about 50 years, they worked to restore it to its former glory.

Today, in the museum that houses her, there are also exhibitions on different themes, from the historical context to living life on board her. They even play a movie about the Vasa ship. In order not to forget this incredible place, you can also visit the museum's souvenir shop, and for a lunch break, opt for the restaurant in the museum.

You can visit the museum daily between 10:00-17:00 (September-May) or 08:30-18:00 (June-August). Ticket prices start from 15 euros/adult, and minors have free access. You can reserve tickets in advance here to avoid queues at the entrance. You have free access with the Go City Pass tourist card!

The Viking Museum

Continue your journey exploring Scandinavian culture at the Viking Museum located just 300 m south of the Vasa Museum. On your way, you will pass by Galarvarvskyrkogarden Cemetery. Once you arrive at the museum, you will discover the way of life of the Vikings, their specific dishes and you will be able to feel with your hand the weight of a real sword or helmet. The exhibition is interactive and you will even see a life-size model of a Viking, created using DNA recovered from centuries-old remains.

The museum is open between 11-17 (Monday-Friday) and 10-17 (Saturday-Sunday). Ticket prices start from 16 euros/adult, 14 euros/student or senior and 12 euros/child between 7-15 years. You can purchase them directly from here where you will find other details. Within the museum, you can also choose to have a meal at the Nordic restaurant.


And to end the day, visit Skansen - the oldest open-air museum in the whole world! 150 farms from different areas of Sweden were disassembled and transported here to preserve the charm of traditional life in the country. Many Swedish traditions are celebrated here, such as Midsummer (the festival at the beginning of summer and the fertility season), Walpurgis Night (a night in April in which a campfire is prepared and in which spring and a better future are celebrated) or Lucia (festival of light in December).

So, here you can explore the way of life of the Swedes from the 16th century until the first half of the 20th century. You can visit the location daily between 10-15 (Monday-Friday) and 10-16 (Saturday-Sunday). Prices start from 14 euros/adult, 12 euros/student or senior and 6 euros/child between 4-15 years. You can buy tickets directly from here. Also within the open-air museum there is a vivarium, a zoo for children, a science center and a souvenir shop.

Day 3

Boat ride on the waters of Stockholm

With so many islands and the Soderstrom river adding a special charm to the city, a boat trip is a must on this Stockholm vacation! Choose a 2-hour walk under the bridges of the capital and around the most important monuments. The prices for such a magnificent experience start from 28 euros/adult and 14 euros/child, including a tourist guide. You can purchase the activity directly from here. You have free access to this boat tour if you have the Go City Pass tourist card!

Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace is the best-preserved royal palace from the 17th century, the permanent residence of the royal family and one of the 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Swedish capital. Built in the French style, some of the remarkable places of the palace are the salons from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, the beautiful baroque gardens, the palace theater and the Chinese Pavilion.

To get to this fairytale place, take tram 19 or 17 from the T-Centralen station located in the center, north of the Centralbron bridge and east of Stockholm City Hall. The journey will take approximately 18 minutes and you will go through 11 stations, and you will have to get off at the Brommaplan station. From here, walk 3 minutes west to Bromma Bus Station. Take bus 176, 177, 301, 312 or 318 for 4 minutes (5 stops) to Drottningholm station, where you only have to walk 400 m to the west. Afterwards you will already see the huge building of the palace and part of its gardens.

Depending on the halls you want to visit, the ticket price starts from 12 euros/adult and 6 euros/student or child. You can find all the details and buy tickets from here. The palace is open daily between 10:00 and 16:00. With the Go City Pass tourist card, you can visit the palace theater for free.

The Globe – SkyView

End the last evening of your vacation in Sweden with a visit to the largest spherical building in the world, also called the Ericsson Globe! With a height of 130 m above sea level, it is one of the most modern landmarks in Stockholm and offers a unique panorama of the city. It is equipped with a restaurant, but also a souvenir shop.

Take subway 17 or 18 directly from the T-Centralen station where you got off after visiting the palace for 6 stops and get off at the seventh - Skarmarbrink T-ban. From here, you will have to walk about 10 minutes to the building. You will pass by Blasut Park, and from here you will already see the tall building. Do you have the Go City Pass card? You have free access!

2 gondolas go to the top every 10 minutes, and the entire visit to SkyView will last 30 minutes. The price of access tickets starts from 14 euros/adult and 10 euros/child between 5-12 years or senior. You can visit SkyView from Monday to Saturday between 10am and 4pm. You can buy the tickets directly from here.

What do you eat in Stockholm?

Named Swedish meatballs Kottbullar they are the favorites of the locals and are traditionally served with mashed potatoes or even spaghetti. Over time, 2 other garnishes were added to the recipe: cranberry jam and a sauce.

Falukorv is another popular dish in Sweden, consisting of a beef, pork or horse sausage. And the fermented herring named Surstromming it is a real delicacy, so it deserves to be tasted at the first opportunity! And for dessert, the cake the princess is among the most famous delicacies, consisting of a fluffy cake with raspberry jam, vanilla cream and whipped cream. Traditionally, it has a dome shape and is covered with a sweet layer of green marzipan.

Where do you eat in Stockholm?

Stockholm's Gastabud is a restaurant with a Swedish specialty located in the Old Center, southeast of the Royal Palace. From desserts, dishes with smoked fish or cheeses (between 9-28 euros/preparation), you will taste the traditional cuisine while admiring, at the same time, the beauty of the Old Center - details here

Operakallarens Bakficka is located in the south-western area of the Kungstradgarden Gardens and offers Swedish, European and Scandinavian dishes (between 3-35 euros/preparation), such as fish, steaks, tartar, Swedish meatballs, snacks, vegetarian options and international desserts - details here

Stadshuskallaren is a restaurant located inside the City Hall in Stockholm. Almost 100 years old and with an impressive decoration, here you can taste Swedish and European dishes (between 4-35 euros/preparation) - details here

You can find other restaurants on here and you can sort them according to location, the specifics of the kitchen and you can even see other people's opinions!

The charm of this northern city will make you fall in love with it! Stockholm surprises 2 million tourists annually, being on average in the top 15 most visited European destinations. For a 3-day city break in Stockholm, the recommended budget is at least 750 euros/2 people.

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