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History, culture, colour, gastronomy, intensity - Warsaw is the city that combines it all! Poland's capital boasts numerous attractions that attract a considerable number of tourists every year, as well as a unique atmosphere. And the Vistula river perfectly completes the scenery, adding a touch of romance!

How to get to Warsaw

To get from Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport to the capital (10 km away), you have the following 3 options:

  • Bus: buses 188 and 175 run to the city centre (4:30-23), but there are also other bus lines connecting the airport to other parts of Warsaw. The ticket costs about 1 euro/person and you can purchase them directly from the driver. You can find the bus stop at the arrivals terminal. The journey will take approximately 25 minutes;
  • Train: the S2 and S3 train lines reach the centre of Warsaw in just 20 minutes. They run between 6-23:30, and the ticket costs around 1 euro/person. You can buy your tickets at the airport information desk or at the ticket machines near the train line. The train station is located on the underground level of Terminal A. 
  • Taxi: the taxi ride to the centre takes 20 minutes and you can opt for Ele Taxi, iTaxi or MPT Taxi. They are available 24/7, and the average price of a ride is 8-10 euro. The station is right outside the arrivals terminal.

You can also find details on the airport's official website -

How to get around Warsaw

Public transport in Warsaw is very well organized and affordable, making it the most convenient way to get around the city. You can travel by bus, tram, metro or SKM city train. Tickets can be purchased at passenger service offices, authorized sales points, post offices and ticket machines. Tickets are valid for 20 minutes (approx. 0.80 euro), 75 minutes (approx. 1 euro), 90 minutes (approx. 1.2 euro), 1 day (3 euro), 1 day* (zone 1+zone 2-peripheral, 5 euro), 3 days (7 euro) or 3 days* (zone 1+zone 2-peripheral, 12 euro). 

Tickets must be validated in the vehicle (bus, tram or train), or before boarding (metro). You can also find details on 

If you come by car, it is important to know that almost all parking lots are paid, the average price being 1 euro/hour. 

Where to check in Warsaw

Accommodation in Warsaw is very affordable, so you can find hostels close to the centre even with prices from 35 euro/night for a double room. And for 3-4 star hotels, prices start from 50 euros. Here are our recommendations:

  • Reytan Hotels: this 3-star hotel is located approx. 2 km from the city centreand each room has WiFi, TV, air conditioning and private bathroom. The hotel is pet-friendly and there is a parking lot for guests. The price for a double room starts from 55 euro/night
  • Castle Inn: the hotel is right there in Old Town of the city, with view of the Royal Castle and St. John's Cathedral. The rooms have been decorated by Polish artists very elegantly, staying in this hotel is a unique experience. The rooms have WiFi, private bathroom and TV, and the price for a standard double room starts from 100 euros/night
  • Marszalkowska Studio: this studio in tourist regime is located just 700 m from the Old Centre and offers guests private kitchenette, private bathroom, washing machine, balcony, WiFi and TV. Prices for the studio start from 50 euros/night

Tourist card

The Warsaw Pass tourist card gives you free access to many attractions in Warsaw, as well as offers on other sights, city tours, restaurants and accommodation. Find details on and you can also purchase the card here. Prices start from 25 euro/1 day, 33 euro/2 days and 40 euro/3 days.

Warsaw Attractions - 3-day Itinerary

Day 0 

  • Arrival

Day 1

Old Center Square

Where easier to discover the authentic beauty of Warsaw than in Old Center Square? 17th century buildings with various decorative elements such as frescoes create a splendid setting! Also here in the winter a crib is assembled and the Warsaw Christmas Fair is held.

Walking around, you can admire the stunning architectures, have a coffee on a terrace or hunt down the offerings of the surrounding boutiques. You can reach the Old Centre by trams 4, 6, 13, 20, 23, 26 or 78 or by buses 160 or 190 which stop at Stare Miasto 2, located in the southern part of the Old Centre. From here you have to walk about 200 m to the Old Centre Square. If you come by car, you can find 4 parking places in the southern part of the Old Centre at a cost starting from 0,60 euro/hour. 

Royal Castle in Warsaw

For a foray into all that is Warsaw, Royal Castle is the perfect place! It is located in front of the Old Town Square. The residence of the Polish monarchs, built in the 13th century, is now open to the public as a museum exhibiting the history of the country. The rooms preserve the royal atmosphere, in vivid colour tones (especially red and gold), with stunning chandeliers and medieval artefacts. 

Tickets start from 8 euro/adultt if from 0,20 euro/person between 7-16 years old (with proof of age) and is purchased at the entrance. The castle is closed on Mondays, otherwise you can visit it between 10-18. You can find details on

Museum of the History of Polish Jews

About 1.5 km to the north is Museum of the History of Polish Jews (POLIN). Because Poland's history has a tragic side, but it must be known, the POLIN Museum realistically tells the story of the Jewish people in Poland, from their arrival in this country to the Holocaust. Even the location of the museum is significant, standing on the site of the former Warsaw Ghetto. 

The easiest way to get here is by walking from the Old Town Square. If you still come by car, the museum has its own parking lot, but with few spaces. Around the museum you will find 2 other car parks, which cost from 1 euro/hour. The museum is closed on Tuesdays, otherwise you can visit it between 10-18 and Saturdays between 10-20. Tickets start from 6 euro/adult and you can purchase them on the official website where you can find more information. You get free access if you have a Warsaw Pass!

Optional for the first day: Multimedia Fountain Park

End the first day of your holiday in Warsaw with a show of fountains, sounds and lights! Multimedia Fountain Park is just 500 m from the museum, and on Friday and Saturday evenings in May, June and July you can watch the absolutely amazing show.

Day 2

Saxon Garden

Saxon Garden dates back to the 18th century and is the largest public park in Warsaw. The garden is filled with Baroque sculptures and a 19th-century fountain, 250-year-old trees, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and a sundial from the 1800s. It's a beautiful place where you can enjoy the peace and splendour. 

From the Old Town, you can take tram 4 from Stare Miasto 02 to Krolewska 05 (just 300 m from the entrance to the gardens). If you come by car, you will find parking for about 1 euro/hour in the area of the Theatre Square. (north of the park)

Presidential Palace

Another imposing and worth visiting attraction is Presidential Palace. It was built in the 17th century in neo-classical style and today is one of the President's residences. The exterior is absolutely gorgeous, but the interior can only be visited by booking a guided tour, access is free. You can also find details on

The palace is less than 500 m from the eastern exit of the Saxon Gardens. However, if you drive, you will find paid parking east of the palace. The price is about 1,30 euro/hour. 

Palace of Culture and Science

The tallest building in Poland, Palace of Culture and Scienceit will probably look like a building in a big metropolis. The grandiose building has 42 floors where museums, cinemas, restaurants and companies operate. But the 30th floor is completely dedicated to tourists, with a terrace from where you can see the entire panorama of the city.

The Palace of Culture and Science is about 2 km from the Presidential Palace and can be reached by bus 128 or 175. Take one of the 2 buses from Lotnisko Chopina station to Centrum 06, and from there it's only 600 m to the palace. If you come by car, you can opt for the palace parking at a cost of approx. 1,50 euro/hour. 

To get to the 30th floor, where the superb terrace is located, you will have to purchase a ticket for approx. 5 euro/person from the official website You can visit the terrace any day between 9-20. Access is free for Warsaw Pass holders. 

Day 3

Frederic Chopin Museum

As a prominent personality in Poland, you will hear the name Frederic Chopin (as the airport is called) quite often. Frederic Chopin was an important musician, so a visit to the museum dedicated to him will introduce you to his world. Frederic Chopin Museum stands out for its modernity, using technology and offering a unique experience.

The museum is about 2 km south of the centre and can be reached by bus 128, 175, 503 or 518 from Pl. Zamkowy 1 to Ordynacka 01 station. From there, it's only a 4-minute walk to the museum. Parking is available in the northern part of the museum for about 0,80 euro/hour. The museum can be visited between 11-19 from Tuesday to Sunday. Tickets start from 4 euro/adult, and on Wednesdays, access is free. You can buy them on the official website You get free access with the Warsaw Pass!

Lazienski Park

Because Warsaw is also home to splendid parks, you really must visit Lazienki Parkthe largest in the city. You'll find statues, fountains, pavilions and beautifully landscaped gardens at every turn. At its centre is the Lazienki Palace, surrounded by the waters of a beautiful lake. 

It is 3 km south of the museum and you can reach it by bus 162 from Topiel 03 stop to Rozbrat 03 stop, 70 m from the park. There are many paid parking lots in the northern and eastern part of the park, but the free Czerniakowska parking lot is also in the northern part. The paid parking lots around the park start at about 1 euro/hour, but you will also find other parking lots with a fixed entrance fee of 4-5 euro. 

To visit the beautiful Lazienki Palace, you need to purchase tickets at certain offices in the park or directly from the ticket machines (find the locations on start from 8 euro/adult and from 0,20 euro/child under 7 years or student under 26 years. 

Wilanow Palace

Another palace worth visiting is Wilanow Palace, similar to Versailles. The palace is distinguished by its aristocratic Baroque façade and an interior focused on artistic details such as statues, paintings (Royal Portrait Gallery) and frescoes. Even the palace garden is special and worth spending an hour in.

It is located 7 km south of Lazienki Park and you can reach it by bus 116 from Lazienki Krolewskie 01 station (on the west side of the park) to Wilanow 07 station. From the station you have to walk less than 700 m to the palace. In the southern area you will find 2 car parks at a cost of approx. 1-2 euro/hour.

To visit both the garden and the palace, you will have to pay approximately 4 euro/adult. You can buy tickets on You can visit the palace between 10-16 hours (with the last entrance at 15 hours). 

Day 4

  • leaving

What to eat in Warsaw

Food in Poland is a true culinary art and you will find many delicacies. Among the dishes you really must try are Pierogi (Poland's national dish) which consists of cheese rolls, different kinds of meat and vegetables. But there is also a sweet version with jam, fruit or chocolate. Zapiekanka may seem like a reinterpretation of Italian bruschetta, and Chlodnik is a delicious beetroot soup.

Where to eat in Warsaw

Taste Polish food at Stara Kamienica in the area of the Frederic Chopin Museum (between 3-18 euro/prepared) or at the Bazyliszek Restauracja (between 4-20 euro/prepared) in the Old Centre. And if you want to have a coffee or a refreshing drink on the terrace with a beautiful setting in front of you, visit Karmnik in the Old Centre.

Warsaw is definitely a city worth visiting! With many unique cultural elements, but also with a warm and lively atmosphere, you will be able to enjoy everything it has to offer (and the list is not short at all) and you won't get tired of your days spent here! The recommended budget for a 3-day holiday in Warsaw is minimum 350-400 euro/2 adults





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