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Situated in the Mediterranean Sea and made up of 3 small islands, this country can easily be visited in less than a week, which cannot be said of many countries in the world. It has an area of 316 km² between the 3 islands: Malta, Comino and Gozoand the big cities are Valletta and Rabat. Discover in this travel guide all the details for a dream holiday in Malta!


The capital of Valletta is about 10 km from the airport and you can choose between bus and taxis as means of transport. Express lines X1, X2, X3 and X4 run between 5-23:30 and the journey takes about 25 minutes. Tickets cost around 4 euros and can be purchased directly from the driver, from the ticket machine next to the station or from the information desk. The bus stop is outside the main terminal. Taxi journeys start from 17 euros to Valletta and go up to 40 euros to Malta's most remote towns.

What you drive through Malta

Because the islands are quite small, you can easily travel by public transport through Malta. Buses reach most tourist destinations and are relatively cheap compared to other European countries. They run between 5-23:30 and there are also night runs on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Tickets purchased from the driver gives you the possibility to travel to any destination and with any bus within 2 hours. Prices vary as follows: summer - 2 euro, winter - 1,50 euro, night - 3 euro. To get around Malta more easily, you can use the public transport apps:

Another savings option is Explore card (21 euro/adult and 15 euro/child) which gives free access to any bus for 7 days. Here you can find information on where you can buy the card - . The card is especially suitable for those who want to reach as many destinations of the island as possible. 

You can also choose to rent a car, a fairly cheap option. Prices start from 15 euro/day for both international and local companies. Find prices and details on .

Tourist Card - Malta Pass

Want to visit many of Malta's cultural or historical sights? Malta Pass gives you free access and discounts to many of the island's attractions, such as museums, palaces, tours, guides and more. You can buy a Malta Pass valid for 1 (30 euro), 2 (43 euro) or 3 days (53 euro). By choosing this tourist card, you save almost 50% of your budget. You can buy it directly on and can be delivered directly to the place where you are staying for a cost of 10 euros.

Accommodation Malta

The cities of Malta differ greatly when it comes to attractions and activities. For example, Valletta is a historic town with lots of cultural sights, while other towns are more suited to entertainment. Here's where to stay depending on the holiday you dream of:

  • Grand Harbour Hotel - this hotel in the center of the capital Valetta has affordable prices and good conditions compared to other accommodations with much higher prices. With sea view from the window, private bathroom, TV and Wifi, prices start from 125 euro/night. The location is perfect for a holiday where you discover Maltese culture:
  • Maritim Antonine Hotel & SPA - 4-star hotel in Mellieha is just a 12-minute walk from the beach and has a restaurant, spa and 3 swimming pools. In addition, the hotel offers free parking, and rooms have private bathrooms, TV, Wi-Fi and minibar. Prices per night start from 110 euro for a double room. This accommodation and the town of Mellieha itself are ideal for family holidaysbut also for those who want to discover beautiful northern beaches of the island:
  • St. Julian's Bay Hotel - The 3-star hotel is only 1 minute walk from the beach and is modernly furnished. Rooms have private bathroom, TV, Wifi and air conditioning, and prices start from 100 euro/night. The accommodation is less than 1 km from the centre, the town Saint Julian being suitable for tourists eager to fun and intense nightlife:
  • Xemx  - this guesthouse on island of Gozo of Malta is just 1 km from the beach. Its historic and peaceful surroundings are sure to please those who are eager for a holiday in wilderness areas if of adventure. The price per night for accommodation starts from 70 euro/double room with balcony, air conditioning, private bathroom, Wifi and TV:

Top beaches in Malta

Golden Bay Beach

Golden Bay Beach is probably the most popular beach in Malta. The surrounding steep hills shelter the beach with golden sand from the wind and create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The area is perfect for snorkelling and swimming, especially as the water is crystal clear. The scenery is even more beautiful when the sun goes down. 

There are many facilities for tourists, such as changing rooms, bathrooms, terraces, lifeguards and umbrellas or sunbeds (14 euro - 2 sunbeds + 1 umbrella). The beach is also equipped for people with disabilities. The area is particularly popular with families with children and couples looking for a relaxing break. However, in July and August the beach is generally quite crowded. 

Golden Bay is located near the city Ghajn Tuffieha on the north-west coast of Malta. If you come by car, there are plenty of free parking spaces next to the Radisson Hotel and near the main street. The beach is also very accessible by bus. From Valletta (the journey takes 1 hour) you can take bus 44 every 30 minutes between 6-21, and from St. Paul's Bay (the journey will take 20 minutes) you can take bus 223 every hour between 7:30-20:30. The town of Mellieha is about 5 km away and can be reached by bus 101 in 20 minutes. 

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon attracts many tourists to Malta because of its clear waters turquoise. Both for swimmers and snorkelers and for those new to swimming, the Blue Lagoon is simply dreamy. It is a pleasure to admire the scenery here, either from the boat or from the extremely fine almost white sand.

This Mediterranean paradise can get very crowded in summer, and by 12 noon you will most likely not find any sunbeds and umbrellas for rent (2 sunbeds+1 umbrella - 25 euro). There are no lifeguards here, as the area is slightly secluded. But you will find terraces and bathrooms.

The Blue Lagoon lies between the islands of Comino and Cominotto. If you are coming from the island of Malta, take the ferry from Cirkewwa (13 euro/adult, 7 euro/child under 10 years round trip, approx. 30 minutes -, and if you are coming from the island of Gozo, take the ferry from Mgarr (8 euro round trip, approx. 15 minutes - 


Ramla is the largest beach on the island of Gozo. Located in a valley full of vegetation and nature, the area is really picturesque. The fine sand has a slight reddish tinge, and going towards the rocks you will find pebbles. The light blue water is clean and its waves are linear. In addition, the water gradually widens, making it a perfect place to splash around with the little ones. 

Although the beach is more secluded, you will find changing rooms, bathrooms, snack and drink stands, lifeguards in summer and places where you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds. (2 sunbeds + 1 umbrella - 15 euro)

If you are on the island of Malta, you'll have to take the ferry from Cirkewwa to reach the island of Gozo at the port of Mgarr. You can even get there by car, the cost is about 15 euros for 1 car and 1 passenger + 5 euros for each extra passenger. The ticket per person (not necessarily with the vehicle) is about 5 euros, and the journey takes 30 minutes. 

Once in Mgarr harbour, you will have to take bus 322 to Ramla from where you have to walk about 500 m to the beach. If you go by car, you can find free parking on the street leading to the beach, but also parking closer to the beach for 2 euro (although it gets crowded quite quickly).

St. Peter's Pool

St. Peter's Pool is more like a natural swimming pool than a beach. To get into the water, you'll have to use the ladder available or jump off the rocks. The waters vary in shades of turquoise and azure, making this one of Malta's most beautiful spots.

There are no facilities for tourists here and no lifeguards. So, you'll need to bring some snacks and drinks from before if you want to spend several hours here. It's among the favourite spots for tourists keen to swim or snorkel, as the water is calm and clear.

St. Peter's Pool is located in the south-eastern part of Malta, near the village of Marsaxlokk. If you are coming from Valletta or St. Julian's Bay, take bus 81 and get off at Abdosir - the nearest stop to the beach. From here it's a 30-minute walk or you can take a taxi for about 10 euros. If you come by car, you can easily find plenty of parking spaces along the street and near the rocks. 


Mellieha is the longest beach in Malta and among the most visited. The fine sand and knee-deep water even after walking 50m make it the ideal beach for holidays with children. Being a long beach, even when there are many tourists in the area, the beach won't seem so crowded.

Here you will find numerous facilities such as bathrooms, restaurants, changing rooms, umbrella and sun lounger rental (2 sun loungers + 1 umbrella - 12 euro), water sports equipment and lifeguards. The beach is also equipped for people with disabilities.

From Valletta you can reach Ghadira by bus 49 or 250 in 50 minutes, from where you have to walk 300 m to the beach. From St. Julian's the journey will also take 50 minutes, but you will have to take bus 222 and get off at the Ghadira stop. If you drive, you'll find a free parking area very close to the beach, but it gets crowded by midday quickly.

What to visit in Malta - Attractions Malta

Dome of Mosta

Dome of Mosta was built in 1865 in neoclassical style. It is among the most famous churches in Malta and a place of significance for the locals. The dome is considered to be the site of a miracle: an aerial bomb fell into the church, but it did not explode and no parishioners died. 

The dome can be visited between 9:30-17 Monday to Friday, between 9:30-16:30 on Saturdays and between 12-16 on Sundays. To visit the Sacristy and the wartime shelters, you will need to purchase a €3/person ticket at the information desk.

Mosta is 13 km (20 minutes) from Valletta and can be reached by bus 44. From Mellieha you can get there by bus 41, 42 or 44 in 40 minutes. If you are coming from St. Julian, take bus 202 and you will arrive in 25 minutes. Those visiting Malta by car can easily find free parking around the Dome and nearby on the roadside.

Ta' Pinu

Ta' Pinu is a basilica in Gozo built in neo-romanesque style in 1920. It is considered to be a miracle worker because it is said that the wishes of those who come here and pray are granted. Besides miracles, its architecture and landscape are absolutely wonderful, even perfect for photography enthusiasts. 

Admission is free and it is recommended that visitors do not wear shorts and women wear blouses that cover the shoulders - as a sign of respect. You can visit Ta' Pinu from Monday to Sunday between 6:30-12:15 and 15:30-19. 

Ta' Pinu is in the northern part of Gozo, and once you arrive by ferry in Mgarr Harbour, you will have to take the 301 or 303 bus to Victoria Bay. From Victoria Bay 3, take bus 308 and get off at Pinu, from where you have to walk about 150m to the basilica. The basilica has a free car park which has about 100 spaces.


This old town The small town was until 1570 the capital of Malta. The old town is home to impressive palaces, churches and corners worth visiting. It combines medieval and baroque architecture in a very interesting way. Here you can spend a few hours or even a whole day discovering the island's culture.

The Mdina Gate at the entrance to the city is probably the most famous attraction because it was here that a small part of the Game of Thrones series was filmed. And right next to the gate, outside Mdina, other scenes from the show were filmed in the so-called Rabat village. 

Access is free in Mdina as it is a town still inhabited by about 300 people. You cannot enter Mdina by car, but you can find parking places about 200 m from Mdina Gate. The old town is 13 km from Valletta and you can get there by bus 51, 52 or 53 in 25-30 minutes. From St. Julian's the journey takes 40 minutes by bus 202. The Malta Pass gives you free access to screenings that show the old Maltese way of life.

Barrakka Garden

Barrakka Garden is probably among the favourite places for tourists when visiting Malta. Here you can discover the most beautiful views of the island. With impressive monuments, fountains and exotic plants, it is a place you can't miss if you come to Malta.

Access to the gardens divided into Upper Barrakka Garden and Lower Barrakka Garden is free and you can visit them between 7-22. They are about 500 m away in the capital city of Valletta. You can find paid parking on the roadside all around.


Ggantija includes megalithic temples FROM Neolithic era and are even older than the pyramids of Egypt, dating back to 3600 BC. The name of the place suggests that the temples were built by giants. The site is impressive and worth a visit, especially for history buffs or Maltese culture enthusiasts, but not only.

The temples can be visited daily between 9-16:30 and tickets can be purchased on the official website - (10 euro/adult, 8 euro/child between 12-17 years, 6 euro/child between 6-11 years). With the Malta Pass, access is free. Ggantija is on the island of Gozo, and once at Mgarr Harbour you can take bus 322 to Imqades, just near the entrance to the temples. The journey will take 30 minutes. Parking near the temples is free for those travelling by car. 

Hal Saflieni's hypogeum

Hal Saflieni's hypogeum is very close to the capital, in the town of Paola, in the south-east of the island. This jewel of prehistory is the only known and most important prehistoric underground temple. It is declared World Heritage by Unesco and was discovered by accident in 1902. It has 3 floors and several different rooms.

The hypogeum can be visited daily between 9-17, and tickets can be purchased at (35 euro/adult, 20 euro/child between 12-17 years, 15 euro/child between 6-11 years). Parking is hard to find in the area as spaces fill up quickly, so book at least 15-20 minutes in advance. To get to the Hipogeu by public transport, take bus 93 or 92 from Valletta (20 minutes), 120 from St. Julian's (40 minutes) or 44 from Mellieha to Valletta (45 minutes) from where you take 93 or 92 to the Hipogeu.

Tours in Malta

Choosing tours of a few hours or 1 day can be an easy way to reach many of Malta's sights, especially when it comes to more remote areas. On Tripadvisor you can find both boat trips to the islands of Gozo and Comino from 30 euro/person, but also jeep trips visiting the monuments of the island from 70 euro/person. Find more details directly on TripAdvisor where you can book the desired trip - .

If you choose the Malta Pass, you can choose 1 of the 2 very interesting included excursions: 1 day through Malta on the Hop-on Hop-off or 1 day on the island of Gozo on Hop-on Hop-off bus.

Recommendations for holidays in Malta with children

Malta is a suitable destination for almost any type of holiday. That's because you have a diverse range of activities, and there are plenty for children. 

Popeye Village It should definitely be on your bucket list if you're visiting Malta with your little ones. This is a theme park where Popeye the Sailor was filmed and it's sure to be a memorable trip for both the little ones and the adults! 

The park is open between 10-18 and the ticket costs 20 euro/person - . It is located in the Mellieha area, and from Valetta you can take bus 42 or 49 to Snajjin, from where you have to take bus 101 to Popeye. If you are already in Mellieha, take bus 101 directly. There is free parking near the park entrance. 

Malta National Aquarium is another interesting place where little ones can discover marine life in a fun way. It is open daily between 10-20, and tickets cost 15 euro/adult and 8 euro/child between 4-12 years - . Malta National Aquarium has 140 free outdoor parking spaces for visitors. 

Shopping in Malta

In terms of shopping, Malta is famous for jewellery, Maltese miniatures, cactus liqueur and outlet clothing. City of Sliema is the place where you will find many shops, markets and popular shopping streets such as Tigne Road. And in the capital city of Valletta you will find many interesting shops, especially on Republic Street. 

Nightlife in Malta

St. Julian's Bay is the perfect city for those who come to Malta to have fun. Terraces, full clubs and outdoor parties you'll find here, especially in the Paceville area. Havana, Sky Club Malta and Shadow Club are among the most popular clubs in St. Julian's Bay.

What to eat in Malta

Due to the intense and varied relationship the archipelago has had with other countries throughout history, its cuisine is influenced by other interesting cuisines; fundamentally Italian (note the geographical proximity of both countries) and Anglo-Saxon (Malta has long been part of the English Empire).

Hobza aperitif - Tomato bread topped with a little olive oil usually accompanied by a slice of cheese typical of artisan production is among the most significant snacks. Curl is the Maltese version of hummus. It consists of a purple bean paste that is combined with garlic, parsley and crushed chilli peppers, and olive oil is added to it all. Supa Tal-Armla or "widows' soup" is not usually among the popular recommendations, but it is a vegetable soup served with typical Maltese cheeses and is extremely tasty.

Where to eat in Malta

Valletta Capital and St. Julian (only 10 km apart) have many types of restaurants, and prices are generally quite high. Sciacca Restaurant is Steakhouse style and prices between 4-50 euro, it is very popular with tourists and available in both towns. Legligin in Valletta offers Maltese dishes and some Maltese drinks at prices between 10-40 euro. And in Mellieha you will find a variety of restaurants, such as One80 Kitchen & Lounge with traditional Maltese dishes (5-70 euro) or Mithna with Mediterranean dishes (5-35 euro).

Malta is a gorgeous destination that is really worth going to at least once! Its impressive cultural & historical sights, fine beaches and the varied activities you can do on the island are just a few of the reasons why you need to get here. Malta can be quite expensive, as it is an island after all. We recommend a budget of at least €750 for 5 days/2 people, with 5 days being the minimum you need to get to most of the attractions. 




Tourist Card - Malta Pass

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