Where do we shop in ROME | The most prestigious stores


Besides the historical atmosphere, the romantic air and the culinary richness, Rome offers a diverse range of shopping. Let's not forget, however, that it is the capital of a country famous the world over for fashion.

Whether you have a limited budget and don't spend a lot of money on clothes or you are targeting the products of international and renowned designers, Rome can offer you choices for all budgets and tastes.

Streets for shopping Rome

The place where all the brand-name shops, even the most prestigious ones, can be found in abundance is the street Via del Corso. The street starts from Piazza del Popolo and ends at Piazza Venezia.

For those with a more generous budget who prefer established designers, we also recommend going to on Via dei Condottiin parallel with Via del Corso. The street starts from Spanga Square and is the "home" of designer shops such as Armani, Prada, Versaca, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and much more. The place is also full of terraces and restaurants.

Another place with shops for all budgets is the boulevard Via Cola di Rienzo. Here you will find numerous outlets, more pocket-friendly shops such as Kiko Milano, Zara but also well-known brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Liu Jo, Tiffany&co.

Rome Outlets

In Rome you will also find many outlets, which are very popular among locals. The most famous is the Castel Romano Designer Outlet. It is a shopping centre where you will find over 110 shops of the best fashion brands from Italy and the world, fashion for women, men and children. The shopping centre is located outside the city. You can get here by bus directly from Rome central station (Termini).

Another well-known one is Valmontone Outlet Fashion District, which is also located outside the city. It is even bigger than Castel Romano. The only problem is that it is 50 km from the centre of Rome, and the best transport solution would be a rented car.

Shopping centres Rome

Returning to more budget-friendly shops, in Rome there are 2 shops from the well-known chain Primark. It is one of the best known and cheapest chains in Europe. If you want to shop low-cost English style, the two stores are located on the outskirts of Rome in Romaest Shopping Centre and Maximo Shopping Centre.

In terms of discounts, there are two official discount periods in Rome. One in winter, after New Year's Eve and the other in summer. The winter discount period starts immediately after New Year's Eve in January and lasts until February (from 5 January to 28 February). The summer sales period starts on 6 July and lasts exactly 6 weeks. This is also the most popular holiday period in Rome. So tourists from all over the world take advantage of the beautiful weather to discover the Italian capital and enjoy discounts on many brands.

Until the shopping session, you have a trip to plan, so don't miss our other Rome articles!

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